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Mickey Bey SD 12 Miguel Vazquez live round-by-round updates

Sep has a live round-by-round update of Saturday’s lightweight bout during which Mickey Bey dethroned Miguel Vazquez as IBF beltholder by split-decision at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

THE RING’s No. 1-rated 135-pounder with a style atypical of the Mexican warrior tradition,Vazquez (34-4, 13 knockouts) lost in the seventh defense of his belt to Bey (21-1-1, 10 KOs).

Vazquez was riding a 13-fight winning streak that included only three knockouts, having previously suffered his last defeat by unanimous decision to current junior middleweight contender Saul Alvarez in June 2008. Vazquez had also lost his professional debut to Alvarez by split decision in January 2006 and fell by unanimous decision to two-division titlewinner Tim Bradley in July 2007.

Bey was coming off a unanimous decision over Alan Herrera in May that followed a third round stoppage of Carlos Cardenas in December. The wins helped Bey rebound from a 10th round stoppage loss to John Molina in July 2013.

Vazquez and Bey re-hydrated at 148 and 142 pounds after weighing in at 135, and 134.5, , respectively,

In the fight, Vazquez had an advantage in overall punches landed, 89-to-81, but trailed Bey in jabs, 39-to-38. Vazquez landed more power shots, 51–to-42.

The Showtime Pay-Per-View broadcast will begin at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.


Vazquez vs. Bey

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Referee: Tony Weeks

Judges: Robert Hoyle and Julie Lederman have it for Bey, 119-109, and, 115-113, respectively. Adalaide Byrd has it for Vazquez, 115-113



Round 1: Fighters at ring centger, Vazquez comes out jabbing, circling. Both jabbing. Vazquez has landed at least once off the jab. Probing round. Vazquez lands insidy e off a counter hook. Triple-jab attempt by Bey falls short. Light jab lands for Vazquez. Left hook lands for Vazquez and another. Vazquez sticks the jab just prior to the bell. Vazquez, 10-9.

Round 2: Bey has got to close the gap. Bey lands one jab, but takes a jab and a right from Vazquez. Vazquez can fight this way all night. Vazquez lands a right over the top. Bey, a left. Body shot landed in there also by Vazquez. Pace favors Vazquez behind the jab. Bey simply letting Vazquez circlce and clinch. Double-jab by Vazquez. Counter Hook by Vazquez after a right. Double-jab by Bey, jab by Vazquez. Vazquez, 10-9; Vazquez, 20-18.

Round 3: More of the same from Vazquez, who takes a double-jab. Right to the body and clinch by Vazquez. Right by Vazquez counters the jab by Bey. Jab by Vazquez. Right and left by Vazquez, right by Bey. Double-jab by Bey. Left to the body by Bey. Hook by Bey. Bey’s picking up the action. Stiff jab by Bey. Another jab by Bey. Better round. They trade jabs. Double-jab by Bey. Bey, 10-9; Vazquez, 29-28.


Round 4: Bey seems to have his rhythm. Seems to have found a place for his jab. Vazquez pounds a right to the jaw during a clinch. Vazquez, bleeding form the nose, sneaks a jab. Right to the body by Vazquez. Jab by Vazquez. Triple-jab by Bey, but only two land. Jab by Bey lands. Right by Vazquez and a left, right by Bey. Left by Vazquez to the chest. Right by Vazquez over the jab. Jab by Vazquez again. Left hook by Bey lands solidly prior to the bell. Vazquez, 10-9; Vazquez, 39-37.

Round 5: Not much early in the round from either fighter. Hook to the body, right to the head by Vazquez. Jab by Bey. Another by Bey. Left uppercut and a right by Vazquez. Another right by Vazquez off the jab. Jab, jab, right by Vazquez. Hook by Bey. Clinch. Vazquez pounds the right to the body. Vazquez, 10-9; Vazquez, 49-46.

Round 6: Right, left early by Vazquez. Vazquez starting to press and leap in at times. Jab by Vazquez. Two body shots by Bey. Clinch. Two body shots during a clinch by Vazquez. Vazquez leaping in and landing two lefts. Bey trying by not landing jabs. Vazquez right lands during clinch, yet again. Two rights by Vazquez. Bey appears to be befuddled. Bey sneaks in a right prior to the bell. Vazquez, 10-9; Vazquez, 59-55.

Round 7: Bey has to get physical. Vazquez lands two body shots and a head shot all with the right during a clinch. Steve Farhood has it for Vazquez, 58-56. Vazquez continuing to get off first, although Bey lands a nice hook. Right by Vazquez. Lead right by Vazquez and a clinch. Jab by Vazquez. Clinch. Right to the head by Vazquez. Hook by Bey. Ugly fight. Bey misses four shots. Vazquez, 10-9; Vazquez, 69-64.

Round 8: Vazquez told to mix it up more by his corner. Bey has out-landed Bey, 57-44, so far, according to statistics through seven rounds. Farhood has it for Vazquez, 67-66. Short hook inside by Vazquez. Jab by Bey. Right by Bey. Double-jab by Bey, who has picked up the pace. Left hook by Vazquez may have shaken Bey. Jab by Vazquez. Vazquez, 10-9; Vazquez, 79-73.

Round 9: Floyd Mayweather Sr., Bey’s trainer, is frustrated with him. Farhood has it for Vazquez, 77-75. Right and a left by Vazquez. Bey having trouble getting off. Vazquez has out-landed Bey, 38-27, in power shots, if you can call them that. Jab by Bey, who is inconsistent. Jab by Bey. Right and a left by Bey sneak in just prior to the bell. Bey, 10-9; Vazquez, 88-83.

Round 10: Solid jab early by Vazquez, who is on the move. Another jab by Vazquez. They trade jabs. Paulie Malignaggi has Vazquez up by six points. Farhood has it for Vazquez, 87-84. Simply no significant action. Jab by Vazquez, and another. Jab by Vazquez. Bey not fighting with any urgency. Right by Vazquez before the bell. Vazquez, 10-9; Vazquez, 98-92.

Round 11: Right by Vazquez, left, right, left by Bey. All lightly land. Right to the head by Vazquez. Farhood has it for Vazquez, 97-93. Hook lands inside for Bey. Vazquez jabs the body and clinches. Right to the head, left to the chest by Bey. Double-jab by Bey. Grazing shots. They trade jabs, Bey lands a right. Bey lands a short jab and a right to the body. Bey, 10-9; Vazquez, 107-102

Round 12: Vazquez told to “throw the haymaker” in his corner. Good luck seeing that. Clubbing rights by Vazquez during a clinch. Hook by Bey. Right by Bey. Double-jab by Bey, one lands. Farhood has it for Vazquez, 107-102. Left hook by Vazquez on the re-start. Right by Vazquez. Bey lands a right, left and right inside. At least Bey’s trying this round. Too late. Jab lands for Bey just prior to the bell. Bey, 10-9; Vazquez, 116-112.