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Maidana: ‘I have 12 more rounds to finish the job’ vs. Mayweather


Although he acknowledges that he has “12 more rounds to finish the job” in Saturday’s welterweight rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr., Marcos Maidana is “definitely going to look for the knockout like I always do.”

Maidana (35-4, 31 knockouts) will face Mayweather (46-0, 26 KOs) on Showtime Pay-Per-View at the MGM Grand, site of THE RING number one-rated fighter’s majority decision over Maidana in May.

Maidana shared his thoughts on the bout with fans in the lobby of the MGM Grand shortly after his arrival on Tuesday afternoon. Mayweather-Maidana is taking place on Mexican Independence Day weekend.

“It feels great to be back here. I’m planning on winning on Saturday,” said Maidana, 31, whose scored a unanimous decision over previously unbeaten Adrien Broner for the WBA’s 147-pound belt in December before battling Mayweather.

“I’d like to dedicate my future victory to all my fans out there, especially to all my Latino fans. I have 12 more rounds to finish the job; that’s what I’m here for. I’m well-prepared and ready to show that Mayweather isn’t all that everyone thinks he is.”

In the first fight, Maidana landed 221 punches against Mayweather, 37, which is more than any other fighter in the undefeated boxer’s previous 45 bouts, according to CompuBox Stats. Maidana’s goal is to improve on that number on Saturday.

“When I first analyzed Mayweather I thought he would be too fast to hit but that wasn’t the case during the fight,” said Maidana. “I was able to hit him and keep him against the ropes and I plan on doing the same thing again. I’m definitely going to look for the knockout like I always do but I will take the victory any way I can.”


Note: Quotes taken from a release.