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Dougie’s Friday mailbag

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I know that the American boxing press are really high on Keith Thurman at the moment, as you mentioned in the Monday mailbag, Keith Thurman is in Dan Rafael’s top 10 welterweights, despite never beating a top 10 welterweight!

I noticed that you are very eager for Kell Brook to face Thurman but I don’t really see why he should. Brook took the crappy end of the stick and went to American as a massive underdog to face “the next big thing” in his own back yard. Brook prevailed.

Now Kell is looking at a wealth of fantastic opportunities in his boxing future. Amir Khan and Kell Brook could sell out Wembley – that is 90,000 people in their home country’s national stadium! Hell, Kell could even ride a London bus into the ring or borrow The Prince’s magic carpet! This isn’t a Danny Garcia-Rod Salka situation either. Khan is no scrub. He has a far better resume than Thurman and is coming off the best win of his career, against a fighter of the quality that Thurman has simply never faced. I know that you Americans like to talk about money so, simply put – Brook would earn a life changing amount of money from that fight, a future securing amount of money. I think that you would admit too that boxing needs these mega events for the good of the sport.

I just don’t see what Thurman brings to the table, except for hype based on less foundation than the hype that Porter was bringing last Saturday.

Beyond that, Kell can look at fights against Manny Pacquiao (he has the attributes to “Marquez” him) and Juan Manuel Marquez himself, both fights that would cement his name in British boxing history and earn him insane money. And those two guys, at this point in time, are far more achieved and simply better boxers than Thurman.

So please tell me again – Why should Brook face Thurman next? – Tom

He should face Thurman because the undefeated American talent is worthy of a title shot, is willing to travel to the UK to make the fight happen, and it would be a very entertaining boxing match (it’s definitely a better style matchup than Brook-Porter, and it could possibly be a shootout). (And let’s not forget that Brook mentioned Thurman’s name before Floyd Mayweather Jr. or Khan during his post-fight interview in Carson, Calif.)

However, Brook certainly doesn’t HAVE to face Thurman any time soon. As you (and I) noted, he has yet to face a fellow top-10 welterweight contender; and as you and thousands of other British fans have mentioned, the new IBF titleholder has bigger fish to fry. There’s no doubt that Khan has a longer resume and way more star power in the UK than Thurman. Nobody in his right mind would fault Brook for facing Khan (which his promoter Eddie Hearn says he would like to make next spring or summer at Wembley) before he took on a dangerous contender like Thurman.

I would also have no problem with Brook taking on a legend like Pacquiao or Marquez (although I think a showdown with the PacMan is a bit of a pipe dream). I would favor him to beat both aging future hall of famers.

I think Brook would beat Khan as well. So the Thurman fight can wait (or “marinate” as our good friend Bob Arum likes to say). If Brook beats Khan, he’ll be as big (or bigger than) Carl Froch in England, and if he can add Marquez’s scalp to his collection he’ll be added to a lot of those “all-important” pound-for-pound lists. In the meantime, maybe Thurman can build up his name stateside by taking on (and beating, of course) a few fellow 147-pound standouts, such as Devon Alexander and Robert Guerrero or even a semi-tested up-and-comer like Chris van Heerden.

If Brook and Thurman remain undefeated and fight in late 2015 or early 2016 their confrontation would no doubt be an eagerly anticipated event on both sides of the Pond.


Hey Dougie,

This is probably too late for your Monday mailbag but maybe it will make it in Friday. I just want to know your thoughts on Gabriel Rosado’s win over Bryan Vera and how do you feel about the BKB Boxing model? I like it and I think it can deliver more entertainment. Thanks Dougie. – Oscar, Ontario, Canada

I also like it and I think the new organization and format can be a success if they continue to put the right fighters (seasoned pro boxers who have aggressive styles and some name recognition to go with their willingness to duke it out) in their main events.

I liked the production value of the live event (which looked great inside the Mandalay Bay’s Event Center) and the TV broadcast and I thought “the pit,” the 2-minute rounds and five-to-seven-round limits produced what the promoters wanted: fast-paced infighting.

All BKB has to do is continue to put the right fights together, get licensed in more states (and other countries and jurisdictions where boxing and MMA are popular), and find a basic cable-TV partner and they will be well on their way to duplicating the rapid-growth and success the UFC had in the mid-2000s.



What a load of crap. Your articles are usually that but your answers to the questions about kell brook are downright embarrassing! For example you say brook would easily beat khan but yet you dont know what would happen if he faces thurman?!?! I have never laughed more at a comment about boxing in my life which i must congratulate you on. Why are you praising him when you were one of the many saying kell would get beat? After one fight and all of a sudden he would beat any welterweight star in your book! Such a narrow mind,its about time ring magazine fire your ass and get in someone who knows something about boxing! – Andy

Oh get a grip and stop acting like a little bitch, Andy.

Yeah, I picked Porter to win a close decision. I thought it would be a close distance fight (which it was – at least according to the English judge and the Sky TV commentators, who scored the bout a draw) and I thought the American defending titleholder would get the benefit of the doubt on the official scorecards. I was wrong. Brook won. I thought he deserved the decision and I’m very happy for him.

Anyone who has read my mailbags in recent years knows that I’ve been just as high on Brook as I have been on Thurman (probably higher). Quit spouting off like a typical nut-hugger cretin and do some damn research before you condemn a journalist/editor/commentator who’s been covering this sport since your sorry ass was probably still in elementary school. Google “Doug Fischer, Kell Brook, Youtube, mailbag” and see what you get. I’ve only had good things to say about Brook, you f___in’ pin head.

Yeah, I think he’d beat Khan. No disrespect to the former 140-pound titleholder, but the Bolton man has been in some wars and he’s been KTFO a few times. Thurman is fresh. No wear and tear. His chin is still suspect but the Florida native can crack a lot harder than Khan (probably harder than Brook). But Thurman can do more than punch. He’s a fast, fluid athlete with a versatile style (much like Brook).

So yeah, Brook-Thurman is a toss-up in my mind. That’s my opinion and you can kiss my Mulatto ass if you don’t like it. (While you’re at it you can kiss Thurman’s half-breed ass too, punk!)



Hey Mr Fischer,

I’m a boxing fan from Argentina, been reading your mailbags avidly for the last couple of years. I’ve been a boxing fan since childhood; my daddy introduced me into boxing with the Hagler fights, but the first one I remember clearly is Tyson-Spinks, and from then on until I was sixteen or so I never looked back, until my daughter was born. Having a baby takes a lot of time so I lapsed out for a couple of years, and when I discovered these mailbags of yours, it was a great way to catch up.

I’m also a huge comics fan, so I was happy to see you mentioning Alan Moore’s runs in Swamp Thing and Grant Morrison’s in Doom Patrol and Animal Man. I thought you were only interested in superhero stuff, glad to see you have also taken the time to read all the other weird stuff which goes well beyond the genre. You really should grab those Sandman trades you were recommended in the last mailbag; considering you have enjoyed all that Vertigo-ish stuff it will blow your mind.

And finally! My GGG question. You know his fight with Marco Antonio Rubio has been confirmed. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Rubio the WBC interim middleweight champion? Will that belt be on the line? Let’s say GGG wins (and he will probably be a huge favorite) and gets the belt, doesn’t that make him Cotto’s mandatory challenger for Junito’s WBC belt? It would be a very smart maneuver from Tom Loeffler and the rest of the GGG team, devilishly haymonesque in its nature.

Nothing else from my side. Keep up with the good work! I’ll keep reading. – Miguel

Thanks for reading the mailbag column and for writing in, Miguel. It’s always great to hear from boxing/comic book fan. There’s more crossover between the two passions than I thought existed a few years ago (the things you learn about folks through Twitter is amazing).

Your taste in comics and graphic novels suggests you’re a cerebral type, Miguel, and you are absolutely correct in your assumption that part of the reason Team GGG targeted Rubio is to nab the WBC’s interim belt. (The other reasons: Rubio is a consensus lower top-10 contender – rated by THE RING, ESPN and the TBRB – and being a Mexican national he made sense as the B-side for GGG’s Southern California debut.)

However, Golovkin’s management isn’t na├»ve. They know that winning the WBC interim title won’t guarantee their fighter a shot at RING/WBC champ Miguel Cotto. But they know it will help in getting some discussions started and if the Puerto Rican star opts for a bigger payday vs. Canelo Alvarez then GGG will be in line to face the winner, or at the very least he’ll get to fight the WBC’s highest rated contender (either Martin Murray or David Lemieux) for the vacant belt.

They want Golovkin to collect as many belts at 160 pounds before going big game hunting at 168 pounds.



What’s up Doug,

I have to say with Kell Brook’s upset win over Shawn Porter one very intriguing boxing match was overlooked. Well, I would have to say that it wasn’t an official boxing match but the two opponents are well known boxers, Gabriel Rosado and Bryan Vera. I read your last mailbag. You chose Vera over Rosado in this one which ended with Rosado winning by knockout. I have to say that I am a fan of Rosado and I think that he has the heart of a champion and is underrated. I seen his fight with J’leon Love which I think he was robbed of the ‘W’ and also his fight against Peter Quillin which I think he would have won had it not been for the cut over his left eye (I may be wrong, damn judges) but I think Rosado could be a champion someday. The kid went a couple rounds with Triple G without getting knocked down or even knocked out which not much of Triple G’s opponents can say, but he would have got knocked out if his corner didn’t stop the fight.

I hope that Rosado gets another fight soon and builds himself up instead of taking a shot at a title. In his last fight against one of the Charlo brothers I think he should have taken it to the Texan instead of trying to outbox him, but I’m rooting for the Philadelphian to make some noise.

I have to say that the Showtime co-main event and the main event sucked ass. Anthony Dirrell should have used his boxing from the start, if he would have done that maybe he would have stopped Sakio Bika, and to me it looked like Bika is at the end of his career. Omar Figueroa and Daniel Estrada was the best fight of the night. Estrada was doing purdy good until he got caught with that right. I was going for Estrada. I can’t stand Texas. The only thing I like about Texas is the women and the BBQ.

After Brook won, there is a little talk about Juan Manuel Marquez and Kell Brook. Do you think that Brook is ready to take on an elite fighter like Marquez? – Matthew Dolan, Fort McDowell, AZ

Do I think Brook is ready to take on an elite fighter who is 40 years old and fighting at least two weight classes above where he should be? Hell yes. I love Brook in that fight.

Come on, man, don’t hate on Texas. That’s a boxing state right there. Every major city in Texas is a hotbed or a potential hotbed for boxing. San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and Austin are the s__t. And I hope to cover a boxing card in El Paso one day. (However, the state should be commended for its women – “big boned” as they are – and its BBQ. When Chris Arreola dies, his soul won’t go to heaven, it will go straight to Texas.)

I agree that Figueroa-Estrada was the best fight on last week’s Showtime tripleheader. Tough break for Estrada but maybe he can get another shot at the WBC title once Figgy vacates it to campaign at 140 pounds (of course, he’ll have to take on Jorge Linares’ talented ass, but hey, it’s another opportunity).

I also agree that Dirrell could have made things much easier had he boxed a controlled fight from the outside from the get-go against Bika. But then despite his talent, something has always been missing from Dirrell. He shows flashes of brilliance during his fights but he doesn’t exhibit complete game or consistency.

Rosado surprised me against Vera. I thought both guys were a little shopworn going into the fight, but Rosado looked sharp, fresh and strong fighting at 160 pounds. He should have never dropped back down to 154 pounds to fight Jermell Charlo. He was probably drained for that fight. And, of course, styles make fights. Rosado can do a lot more with a guy coming straight at him than a fast, rangy stick-and-move boxer like Charlo.

I think Rosado’s best bet is to stay in the BKB and defend that organization’s middleweight belt until a big money bout in the regular boxing world presents itself. Hey, I wouldn’t count “King Gabe” out against the Sam Soliman-Jermain Taylor winner. (I’d favor him by KO if they fought under BKB rules, LOL!)



Hi Dougie,

First time writer but love the mailbag every Monday and Friday. Still on a high from staying up to watch Kell Brook superbly gut out a result against Porter. Not a fight for the purest but Jesus it had me entertained all 12 rounds.

I actually had it a draw but delighted for Kell. What were your thoughts on two US judges scoring it for Kell? The potential fights for him are awesome. Thurman will be a barnstormer and next year’s UK mega fight: Brook v Khan. I fancy Brook to destroy him.

Did you manage to see Campbell and Smith? I know who they fought were not great, but both these lads have the potential to be multi weight champions in the future.

The future looks bright for the UK so folks you better baton down the hatches, the Brits are coming!

Any rumours on Froch v Chavez? Hopefully it happens and Vegas here we come.

Mythical match ups for you:

Hearns v Froch (170 pounds and imagine the Hearns that beat Virgil Hill)

Benn v Duran

Eubank v Ward

Calzaghe v Leonard

Keep up the great work

Cheers. – Scott from Nottingham

I haven’t heard anything positive regarding the Froch-Chavez negotiations. Sorry, mate, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the two sides can work something out. That’s the only potential mega-fight in Las Vegas that I’m looking forward to.

I’m sorry to say that I did not catch Luke Campbell’s US debut last Saturday (Callum Smith didn’t fight). My wife woke up feeling sick the day of the fight card, so I didn’t leave home as early as I had anticipated. (And even if I had, I’m not sure I would have sat out in the ridiculously hot sun to watch the mismatches. I would have been delirious from heat by the time the international broadcast began if I’d watched half of the undercard – ask the guys from Sky TV, that sun was seriously oppressive).

Anyway, I know that Campbell and Smith are real prospects and I hope to be ringside when both are ready to take on some real competition.

I don’t think Brook will destroy Khan if and when they meet. He’s not a seek-and-destroy type fighter. He takes his time and he boxes, which is one of his attributes (especially against top talents). I like Brook over the distance or by late TKO, but I think it will be very competitive.

I didn’t agree with the wide scorecards of Max DeLuca and Adalide Byrd but I respect their opinions. Both are veteran judges with strong track records. Many respected members of press row agreed with their tallies (and many agreed with the draw verdict of Dave Parris).

Your mythical matchups:

Hearns v Froch (170 pounds and imagine the Hearns that beat Virgil Hill) – I think Herans would start fast and strong, maybe score an early knockdown, but get he’d stung mid-way through the fight and struggle down the stretch to a close, maybe split decision, in an entertaining fight. The fight might kind of go the way his super middleweight bout vs. James Kinchen went.

Benn v Duran – At middleweight, “the Dark Destroyer” had the kind of impetuous style, world-class speed and punching power to blitz the Panamanian legend the way Tommy Hearns did at 154 pounds. The Benn that took out Iran Barkley in one round was a dangerous S.O.B. and would have been a live dog vs. Duran. However, Benn was not as rangy or technically sharp as the Hitman was, and I think his wild attack would leave openings for the master counter-puncher to work his brutal craft. I think it would have been a good scrap for three or four rounds but once Benn began to fade (with the help of many well-placed body shots from the ultra-veteran), which often happened at middleweight, I think Duran would take over and punish him en route to a late stoppage. At super middleweight, which was too heavy for Duran, I would strongly favor Benn by decision, maybe by late TKO.

Eubank v Ward – Eubank’s awkward style, sneaky speed and power, and iron will and chin would have made him a difficult challenge for Ward, but I favor the American’s footwork, fundamentals and consistency over the distance. I think Ward would win a very careful, and somewhat uneventful, close decision.

Calzaghe v Leonard – I love SRL but he was at his limit at middleweight; at 168 pounds a busy, athletic, versatile southpaw like Calzaghe would have been too much for him. Calzaghe by competitive but clear decision.


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