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Brandon Rios DQ 9 over Diego Chaves live round-by-round updates

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Aug has a live round-by-round update of Saturday night’s welterweight clash during which Brandon Rios won by ninth-round disqualification over Diego Chaves on HBO from The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

Rios (32-2-1, 23 knockouts), 28, is 2-2 in his past four fights and was coming off a unanimous decision loss to Manny Pacquiao in his welterweight debut in November.

Chaves (23-2, 19 KOs), 28, was fighting on American soil for only the third time against Rios but had scored knockouts in his past six victories.

Chaves debuted in Las Vegas with a six-round unanimous decision over Edvan Dos Santos Barros at the Hard Rock Hotel in March 2010 but was floored once each in the ninth and final rounds of a 10th round knockout loss to Keith Thurman in San Antonio in July 2013.

Chaves rebounded from the loss to Thurman with a third-round knockout of Juan Alberto Godoy in his last fight in February.

Chaves and Rios weighed in at 148 and 147 but rehydrated to 156 and 159, respectively.

Chaves had an advantage in overall punches landed, 145-to-140, although Rios had an advantage in power punches landed, 109-to-105.

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The HBO broadcast began at 9:45 p.m. ET/PT.


Rios vs. Chaves


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Referee: Vic Drakulich

Judges: Robert Hoyle, Patricia Morse Jarman, Jerry Roth

Ring announcer Michael Buffer: “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!!”



Round 1: Fighters at the center of the ring. Chaves moving forward, jabs and hooks off the jab. They’re firing away at the center of the ring. Both answering to the head and the body. Rios getting the better early. Chaves lands ro lefts to the body and a right to the head. Chaves doubles with hooks to the body. Rios pressuring Chaves to the ropes. Rios lands a right to the body. Chaves comes with a nice right uppercut. Jab and right by Chaves. Jab by Rios. Two jabs by Chaves and a right. Right and left by Rios. Jab and right to the body by Chaves. Right upprecut by Chaves. Right to the body an right uppercut. Chaves down, but it’s ruled a slip. Double-jab by Chaves. Left and two rights by Chaves and a hook by Chaves. Double-jab by Rios. Hard right at the bell by Rios. Chaves, 10-9


Round 2: Chaves out-landed Rios, 26-23, in the first round. Chaves lands a right early and then another. Right uppercut during a clinch by Rios. Three punch combination by Chaves, the first two to the head and the last to the body. Right by Chaves, left hook by Rios. Chaves the busier fighter, but Rios trying to bull him into the ropes and fire from there. Double-hook to the body and one to the head by Rios. double-jab by Chaves. Three uppercuts by Chaves. Hard body shots by Rios. Chaves begining to clinch. Four-punch combo by Chaves. Good exchange by both fighters. Chaves outlands Rios, 38-35, with 20 seconds left. Left hook and a jab and a right by Chaves. Rios lands twice in between, but Chaves ends the round with a right just prior to the bell. Chaves, 10-9; Chaves, 20-18



Round 3: Harold Lederman has it 19-19. Even exchange over the first 30 seconds, but a hard left by Rios forces Chaves to hold on. Chaves holding on. Warnded for holding by referee Vic Drakulich. Four jabs and a hook by Chaves. Chaves boxing and moving a bit, but gets caught on the ropes by an aggressive Rios. Rios forcing the action and landing from behind his jab and leaps in with a hook. Right uppercut by Rios, who takes a right as well. Jab, right and hook by Chaves. Chaves LOSES A POINT FOR HOLDING. Rios lands three jabs prior to the bell. Rios, 10-8; Even, 28-28


Round 4: Fighters landed evenly in the previous round according to compubox. Chaves still boxing well, but continuing to clinch. Chaves triple jabs and lands the right behind it. Two jabs and a right by Chaves and another jab. Chaves gets off well from a distance. Two more jabs and a right by Chaves. Same sequence by Chaves. Chaves winning the round by boxing. Hard hook off the jab and right hand by Chaves. Jab and hook by Chaves. Chaves, 10-9; Chaves, 38-37.

Round 5: Chaves ahead, 38-37, on Lederman’s card. Chaves continues to box as in the previous round. Rios lands a five punch combination that stuns Chaves. Chaves jabs and clinches. Rios lands three shots to the body and then another to the head. Chaves forced to the canvas by a roughhouse Rios. RIOS LOSES A POINT FOR ROUGHHOUSING. Rios lands three shots to the body, Chaves clinches. Chaves appears to be slowing down. Triple-jab by Chaves. Right uppercut and then a jab by Chaves. Good movement. Bolo punch lands a right for Chaves. Two jabs by Chaves, then, two jabs and a right by Rios. Hard right by Chaves. Two left hook and a right by Chaves. Chaves, 10-8; Chaves, 48-45


Round 6: Chaves has out-landed Chaves, 91-85, so far. Lederman has it 47-46 for Chaves. Chaves boxing well and moving side to side. Rios lands two decent rights and a nice jab. Right hand and a jab by Chaves, two body shots and a right by Rios. Fighters warned that they can be disqualified for their actions. Big right hand by Chaves and another by Chaves. A third right by Chaves. Jab, right, hook, all by Chaves. Right uppercut by Rios and a left to the body before that. Another hard right by Chaves. He’s found a home for that shot. Two jabs by Chaves. Jab and right hand by Chaves. Solid effort. Chaves, 10-9; Chaves, 58-54.



Round 7:Lederman has it for Chaves, 57-55. More of the same from Chaves. Left hook by Chaves that followed three shots to the body by Chaves. Chaves continues to jab and throw the right hand with success. Rios continues to fire to the body. Two right hands by Chaves, the first, to the ear. Rios beginning to win shots. Right and left to the body by Rios. Right and a left by Chaves, right by Rios. Two hooks to the head inside from Rios. Left and right by Chaves, three shots to the body by Rios. Chaves still has the edge in punches landed for the round according to compubox. Chaves, 10-9; Chaves, 68-63.

Round 8: Fighters have landed 126 punches each in the fight. Lederman has Chaves ahead, 66-65. Rios coming on in the round. Hard right by Rios has Chaves frustrated. DRAKULICH TAKES A POINT FROM CHAVES. Rios is energized and goes after Chaves to the body and then the head. Left hook and right to the body by Rios. Jab by Rios. Chaves giving ground more and punching less. Jab and hook by Rios moving forward. Right to the head, left to the body by Rios, but still is absorbing right hands. Decent jabs from Chaves. Right to the body, right to the head by Rios. Rios, 10-8; Chaves, 76-73

Round 9: Lederman has it for Rios, 76-75. CHAVES TAKES RIOS TO THE CANVAS. NO PENALTY! Double-jab by Chaves. Rios pounds the body. CHAVES DISQUALIFIED FOR HOLDING!!!!!