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Sergio Martinez to see physician before continuing boxing career


Sergio Martinez plans to be ringside for the Sept. 13 Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Marcos Maidana rematch in Las Vegas, and then undergo an examination by a New York-based physician two days later in order to determine his boxing future, adviser Sampson Lewkowicz informed on Monday.

Many expected Martinez to retire after he lost his middleweight championship to Miguel Cotto via 10th-round TKO last month.

“I feel like I owe it to my fans and to myself to show that it was just a bad night,” said Martinez, through quotes provided by Lewkowicz. “I can not leave boxing with a loss of this magnitude, thinking that I didn’t do enough for my fans and myself. I simply can not leave boxing with that kind of defeat.”

Martinez (51-3-2, 28 knockouts) has decided to continue his boxing career pending the results of a visit to the doctor, said Lewkowicz, referring to a planned full battery of head-to-toe testing by what he characterized as a top specialist in New York.

“After the conversation that I had with him, and it was a long one, I said that I would follow his lead to continue boxing but with only one condition: That he needs to get a second opinion to determine that he is fit to fight,” said Lewkowicz of Martinez, who wants to return against a top-10 contender in the near future.

“If someone like the best doctor in New York can certify that he’s okay to fight, then he’s okay to fight. If the doctor can say that what happened against Cotto was just a bad night, then I will be satisfied. Because fighters, they don’t always tell you the truth. So we want to find out from a doctor what happened and if he will have no more problems, physically. I will not support him fighting if he is not at 100 percent.”

Martinez, who turned 39 in February, was dropped three times in the first round by Cotto. In addition, Martinez had to rise from the canvas during each of his previous two unanimous decision victories over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in September 2012, and Martin Murray in April 2013 while also having suffered knee injuries, among others, as a result of those bouts.

“Sergio plans to go to support his countryman, Maidana, and to go to Mayweather fight,” said Lewkowicz of Martinez, who, like Maidana, is a native of Argentina. “After that, he has plans to go to an evaluation of his heatlh. He has an appointment to see the doctor on Sept. 15. We’ve had some conversation with the doctor, but it is not finalized.”