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Maidana adviser says rematch with Mayweather ‘would be a war’


Marcos Maidana should be busier with his jab, more accurate with his right hand and come in "a little lighter" than his in-the-ring weight of 165 pounds should he be selected for a Sept. 13 rematch with RING, WBC and WBA welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. at The MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Maidana's adviser, Sebastian Contursi, suggested during an interview with on Tuesday.

Contursi also lamented the fact that Mayweather (46-0, 26 knockouts) and his father and trainer, Floyd Mayweather Sr., complained of roughhouse tactics from Maidana (35-4, 31 KOs), whose trainer, Robert Garcia, was shown encouraging the Argentine slugger to "play dirty" during the All-Access: Mayweather vs. Maidana Epilogue episode that aired on Showtime a week after Mayweather's majority decision victory on May 3.

Click here for a video of All-Access: Mayweather vs. Maidana Epilogue

"I think there was too much complaining from Floyd, and I was a little bit surprised about that. I think that as a fighter, he felt that he did not look good, so that he had to make up for that by focusing on those sorts of things," Contursi said of Mayweather.

"I think that it would have been more fair from him to just admit that it was a competitive fight, and that's all, and not to complain. That's how I feel. I feel that Floyd Mayweather is a warrior, because he can take punches, and, for me, Floyd Mayweather is one of the best of the last 30 years, no question about it. But if he is a warrior, he shouldn't complain."

At one point during the bout, Maidana is shown delivering a low blow and nearly landing a left knee to the groin. When Mayweather complained to Tony Weeks, Garcia's assistant, Alex Ariza, told Garcia, "the ref is listening to Floyd."

Mayweather credited Maidana with being "a tough, rugged dude" during the post-fight press conference, even as he derided the puncher for being "more like a WWE wrestler" than a boxer and dictating "the toughest wrestling match" he had ever been a part of.

"We were a bit disappointed about the comments that he and his father made about Maidana," said Contursi, adding that he felt Mayweather employed equally malicious tactics. "I mean, we could have focused, also, on Floyd Mayweather's elbows, and on the way that he used his forearms during the fight."

During his previous fight in December, Maidana scored knockdowns in the second and eighth rounds of a unanimous decision victory over previously unbeaten Adrien Broner. Maidana landed 221 punches against Mayweather, more than any other fighter in his past 38 bouts, according to Compubox Stats.

"If we get to fight Mayweather again, there are a few adjustments that would be required from Marcos. I think that he should use his jab much more, and I think that Marcos could use, much less, that same wild right hand. Marcos repeatedly threw that punch, and I'm certain that after a while, Floyd was able to read that right hand coming, easily," said Contursi.

"I think Marcos was an under-rated fighter, to be honest with you, and that he proved a lot of people wrong. That's why we were so proud of him with this performance, and that's why want to see it again, too. Marcos could come in a little lighter, and that would make him faster, so there are a few adjustments that can be made. It has become something that is not just about the money, although the money is good, but it is also about the glory. This is a fight that would be a war again."

Note:  In addition to Maidana, Mayweather's potential opponents for Sept. 13 are likely to include RING junior welterweight titleholder Danny Garcia or former titleholder Amir Khan, who, like Maidana and Mayweather, are advised by Al Haymon.

Given that Richard Schaefer announced his resignation as CEO of Golden Boy on Monday, it is unclear whether Haymon, who worked closely with Schaefer, will continue to work with the promotional company.

Although Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe said that he and Mayweather will not work with Golden Boy for Mayweather's September bout, he informed that "The door is open for future business with Golden Boy."