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Carl Froch TKO 8 George Groves II live round-by-round updates

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May has a live round-by-round update of Saturday's rematch that ended via eighth-round technical knockout following a thunderous, head-swiveling right hand shot  to the chin by IBF super middleweight titleholder Carl Froch over challenger George Groves at Wembley Arena in London on HBO.

The blistering volley followed a left hook by Froch, ending the fight at the 2:34 mark even though he was out-landed, 126-to-96 overall. Froch had an advantage in power shots, 56-to-43.

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In their first fight in November, Froch (33-2, 24 knockouts) had to rise from a first-round knockdown to secure a disputed ninth-round stoppage over Groves (19-2, 15 KOs) in Manchester, England.

Since their last meeting, Groves turned 26 in March and had vowed to win the return bout "in three rounds" against Froch, whose 37th birthday is in July.


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Since falling to RING super middleweight champion Andre Ward by unanimous decision in their December 2011 bout for the RING, WBA and WBC belts, Froch has won five straight fights, four by knockout.

THE RING’s number one-rated 168-pounder, Froch first faced Groves after having earned a unanimous decision over ex-beltholder Mikkel Kessler last May in a rematch of their April 2010 bout in which Kessler unanimously decisioned Froch as part of Showtime’s Super Six World Boxing Classic.

Prior to facing Kessler, Froch had earned consecutive stoppage victories over Philadelphia’s Yusaf Mack in the third round and previously unbeaten IBF beltholder Lucian Bute in the fifth in May and November of 2012, respectively.

On the Froch-Kessler II undercard, Groves scored his third straight stoppage victory in the fifth round over Noe Gonzalez, ending his winning streak of two consecutive first round knockouts.


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HBO's broadcast begins at 4 p.m ET/PT


Froch vs. Groves II

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Referee: Charlie Fitch

Judges: Michael Pernick, David Singh, Alejandro Lopez Cid

George Groves enters the arena first to cheers from the crowd. Amazing pyrotechnics and fire blazing during the entrace of Groves, who poses on three different platforms prior to stepping through the ropes wearing a royal blue robe. Entire entrance incompasses more than five minutes.

Carl Froch being booed long before Michael Buffer even announces that he is about to enter. Froch, wearing a black T-shirt with white lettering, comes in unceremoniously with his entourage. Froch shadow boxes and pounds away at an imaginary opponent on a distant platform.

Groves pacing back and forth in the middle of the ring, looking to make eye contact with Froch, who refuses.

Michael Buffer: "Lady's and Gentlemen, LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!"


Round 1: Fighters at ring center. Very little action over the first 30 seconds until Groves lands a slight, head-snapping jab. Jab by Froch. Another jab by Groves. Double-jab by Froch. Waiting for a punch-stealing round. Double jab by Groves to the head and body. Jab by Froch, right by Groves. Right by Froch. Jab by Groves. Jab by Froch. They trade jabs. Froch moving forward more. Right by Froch. Froch gets the round on the strength of two landed rights and forward movement. Froch, 10-9.


Round 2: Froch's trainer, Rob McCraken, wants more forward movement and the jab. Groves more aggressive with the jab early to the head and body. Jab and right hand by Froch. Rough-housing, Groves pushed to the canvas by Froch. A ruled slip. Missed right by Groves. Froch sticking to the jab. They trade right hands. Right by Groves over the jab. Jab by Froch. Left by Groves. Groves jabs to the head and  body. Groves, 10-9; Even, 19-19.


Round 3: Groves has out-landed Froch, 20-18, over the first two rounds. HBO's Steve Weisfeld has it for Groves, 20-18. Groves continues to move forward behind his jab. Double-jab by Froch. Another jab by Froch; Right and a left by Froch. Groves felt it, as he also landed a right. Groves' jab, right and jab, the second jab landing to the body. Right by Groves. Jab by Froch. Left hook by Froch, left by Groves. Jab by Froch. Another jab by Froch. Head-snapping jab by Groves. Hook by Froch, right by Groves. They're mixing it up more. Groves right to the body. Groves, 10-9; Groves, 29-28.


Round 4: Steve Weisfeld has it, 30-27, for Groves over the first three. Groves appears to be controlling distance and more comfortable in the fight. Groves getting there first with his jab. Lands two punches — a right and a left — to one for Froch, who lands the right. Right to the ear by Groves. Hook by Groves. Jab and right by Groves, who continues to box. Another jab and a right by Groves. Jab by Froch, but Groves lands three of his own. Hard right by Groves. Hook by Froch. Jab by Froch. Jab to the body by Groves and a right over the top. Hook by Froch on the ropes. Right and left by Groves. Right and left to the body by Froch. Jab by Froch. Groves, 10-9; Groves, 39-37.


Round 5: Weisfeld has it 40-36 for Groves, who  still is out-jabbing Froch to the head and the body. Jab by Froch, who is trying to cut off the ring. Jab and missed right by Groves. HARD RIGHT BY FROCH DRIVES GROVES TO THE ROPES. Froch lands a right and a left in the corner. Jab by Froch. Hook by Froch. Right by Groves and a jab. Hard right by Groves. Four hard right hands to the body by Froch. Groves lands a left to the head. Right by Groves. Hook by Froch. Jab by Froch. Nice head-snapping jab by Froch. Froch, 10-9; Groves, 48-47.


Round 6: Trainer Rob McCracken asking for Froch to sit down on his body punches. Weisfeld has it 49-46 for Groves. Froch hammers home a right, left and right along the ropes against Groves early. Froch stepping up the pressure, as he was asked to by his trainer. Right by Groves. They trade jabs. Another jab by Groves. Jab and right to the body by Groves. Double-jab by Froch. Jab and jab by Froch, followed by a right. Four-punch combination for Froch. Jab by Groves. Two more Groves jabs. Left hook by Froch, right and then a left to the body all by Froch. Jab and a right by Froch. Froch lands a left, right and left on the ropes prior to the bell. Froch, 10-9; Even, 57-57.


Round 7: Weisfeld has it 58-56 for Groves. Jabbing contest early, with the fighters trading evenly. HARD LEFT JAB-HOOK BY GROVES SNAPS FROCH'S HEAD. Groves gets busy behind the jab and a couple rights. Double-jab by Groves. It's a solid punch. Left and right by Froch and then a clinch. Left by Froch, right and left by Groves. Two jabs to the body and one to the head all for Groves. Groves beating Froch to the punch again. Right by Froch, left by Groves. HARD LEFT HOOK BY FROCH and drives Groves to the ropes with a succession of body shots. Right hand fo Froch. Groves, 10-9; Groves, 67-66.


Round 8: Weisfeld has it, 67-66, for Groves. Left and right by Froch along the ropes. Groves escapes. Jab and right by Groves. Left to the body by Froch. Jab by Froch catches Groves coming in. Jab to the body by Groves. Left and right by Froch. Jab to the body by Groves after a hook. Right by Froch. Clinch. Froch pressuring more. Jab by Froch. Jab and right by Groves. Right by Froch. Left by Groves, three body shots by Froch. Right by Groves, but Froch walks through it and lands a right with body shots. BLISTERING RIGHT HAND TO THE CHIN FOLLOWS A LEFT HOOK AND DROPS GROVES TO HIS BACK SLIGHLY BENEATH THE ROPES. REFEREE CHARLIE FITCH STOPS THE FIGHT. IT'S OVER.