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Juan Manuel Marquez UD 12 Mike Alvarado live round-by-round updates

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May has a live round-by-round update of Saturday's 143-pound clash during which four-division titlist Juan Manuel Marquez scored an eighth-round knockdown and rose from the canvas in the ninth of a unanimous decison over rising former WBO 140-pound titleholder Mike Alvarado before 12,090 fans at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif., on HBO.

Marquez had an advantage in overall punches, 278-to-178, as well as power shots, 163-to-85.

In victory, over Alvarado (34-3, 23 knockouts), Marquez (56-7-1, 40 KOs) became the mandatory challenger to face WBO welterweight titleholder Manny Pacquiao.

Marquez, who turns 41 in August, and Alvarado, 33, were both coming off of a loss.

Marquez was beaten in his last fight in October by split decision to then-WBO beltholder Tim Bradley, quelling the momentum built by Marquez's sixth-round stoppage of Pacquiao in December 2012.

Alvarado was attempting to rebound after having been floored twice in the eighth round of a 10th-round stoppage loss to WBO 140-pound titleholder Ruslan Provodnikov in October of 2012.

Marquez went 12-0 with nine knockouts at the Great Western Forum – now simply The Forum, having been renovated to the tune of $40 million under the new ownership of Madison Square Garden. The run started with a first-round stoppage of Martin Ochoa in January 1995 that made Marquez 9-1 with seven knockouts following his American debut.

Though losing his professional debut by disqualification, Marquez was 29-1 with 22 knockouts after his final bout at the Great Western Forum – a second-round knockout of Wilfredo Vargas in May 1999.

Marquez lost his 31st fight by unanimous decision to Freddy Norwood at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, representing a failed bid to win the WBA 126-pound belt in September 1999.


HBO's broadcast begins at 10 p.m ET/PT


Marquez vs. Alvarado

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Referee: Pat Russell

Judges:  Julie Lederman and Max De Luca had it 117-109, and Robert Byrd, 119-to-108, all for Marquez by unanimous decision.

Alvarado enters the arena first, wearing a silver and black robe with his full name on the back. Marquez is shown on the large screen, still in the dressing room.

Marquez enters the arena to the boisterous cheers of his partisan fans, wearing a black robe trimmed in green at the wrists and red on the lapels.


Crowd boos Alvarado, cheers Marquez




Round 1: Fighters are at ring center, Marquez circling. Alvarado in the center. Couple of short jabs by Marquez and a grazing hook. Jab by Marquez. Double jab by Marquez, one is short. Jab and a right by Marquez. Hard right and a left by Marquez. Marquez is simply busier. Jab, jab, right by Marquez. Alvarado still relatively inactive, hands held high. Left hook by Alvarado. Marquez moving forward. None of the punches have been very clean, by the way. Right by Marquez lands more solid. Jab and a hard right and left hook by Marquez. Right by Alvarado. Jab by Marquez, right by Alvarado. Marquez, 10-9.



Round 2: Marquez out-landed Alvarado, 12-6, in the first round. Marquez circling. Lands a couple of jabs early. Right to the head by Alvarado against a left by Marquez. Alvarado retreating, hands held high. Two up-jabs by Marquez, left by Alvarado. Triple-jab by Marquez. Jab by Alvarado. They trade jabs. Hard right by Marquez and another by Marquez. Marquez is still the busier, getting off first and landing cleaner. Crowd getting bored. Two jabs a right by Marquez as well as a left to Alvarado's body. Hook to the body by Alvarado, left uppercut by Marquez. Marquez, 10-9; Marquez, 20-18.



Round 3: Alvarado gets off two jabs to one for Alvarado. HAROLD LEDERMAN HAS IT FOR MARQUEZ, 20-18. Right by Marquez catches Alvarado moving in. Wild right misses by Alvarado, who gets countered with a couple of lefts and a right. Left to the body by Marquez and a jab. Marquez moves away. Wild right misses by Alvarado again. Two lefts to the body by Marquez. Left hook by Alvarado, two more by Marquez in retreat. Left and a right to the body by Marquez. Right by Alvarado. Alvarado can not win the fight this way. Hard right, left and two more rights by Marauez. Left by Alvarado. They trade lefts. Jab to the body by Marquez. Right by Marquez. Marquez, 10-9; Marquez, 30-27.


Round 4: Marquez out-landed Alvarado, 20-12, in the third round. LEDERMAN HAS IT FOR MARQUEZ, 30-27. Marquez still is the busier fighter in retreat. Left to the body by Alvarado. Jab, jab, right by Marquez and to lefts. Short right by Alvarado. Solid left hook by Marquez on a counter. Right by Marquez. Right to the head, left and right to the body by Marquez. Jab by Alvarado. Missed right by Alvarado. Two jabs by Alvarado, left, right, left, right by Marquez. Jab by Marquez. They tade jabs. Right to the body and the head by Marquez, who also lands a left. Right, left, right, left all by Marquez. Speed and skill out-gunning Alvarado. Marquez, 10-9; Marquez, 40-36.


Round 5: Marquez has out-landed Alvarado, 80-45 so far in the fight. Text book work by Marquez. LEDERMAN HAS IT, 40-36, FOR MARQUEZ. Left to the body by Marquez. Left, right, left, left — the last two to the body — all by Marquez.  Hook to the head and body by Marquez. Jab, jab by Marquez. In close, Marquez simply out-hustling Alvarado. Right hand to the head and left to the head by Marquez off the ropes. Alvarado trying, but landing intermittantly. Crowd is chanting Marquez. They trade jabs. Alvarado lands a left to the body. Jab by Alvarado. Marquez fighting at a coumforgable pace. Four-punch combo by Marquez, right by Alvarado. Marquez, 10-9; Marquez, 50-45.


Round 6: Alvarado out-landed, 41-19, in the fifth.Marquez still out-jabbing Alvarado early as well as out-hustling him. Jab by Alvarado. Counter left by Marquez. Triple-jab by Marquez, left hook by Alvarado. Left, right, right, left by Marquez. Right by Marquez. Alvarado can't really break Marquez. Decent uppercuts from Alvarado and a counter-right by Marquez. Two lefts and a couple of rights by Marquez. Left to the body and two fights. Hard right by Alvarado. Again, Marquez gets the better of the action. Marquez, 10-9; Marquez, 60-54


Round 7: Marquez has out-landed Alvarado, 149-to-81 over the course of the fight. LEDERMAN HAS IT A SHUTOUT, 60-54, for Marquez. Marquez still out-boxing Alvarado, who, nevertheless, is standing in. Marquez comfortable boxing from the outside. Left uppercut and two right hands by Marquez. Jab by Marquez and a left. Two hard right uppecuts by Marquez. Jab by Alvarado. Jab and right by Marquez. Good timing and patience. Hard right gets through by Alvarado, who, nevertheless takes a three-punch combination. Stiff jab by Marquez. Another jab by Marquez at the bell. Marquez, 10-9; Marquez, 70-63.


Round 8: LEDERMAN AWARDED THE LAST ROUND TO ALVARADO. Left uppercut and right hand by Marquez over the Alvarado hook. Right hand by Alvarado. Two jabs by Marquez. Jab and right to the body by Marquez. Left uppercut by Alvarado, right and left by Marquez. Right by Alvarado. Left by Alvarado. Jab by Marquez and another. Hook and jab by Marquez. Hook and later a jab by Alvarado. Jab by Alvarado. Right to the body by Alvarado. RIGHT HAND HAS ALVARADO STAGGERING DOWN AND BACKWARD NEARLY UNDER THE ROPES. He's up at Pat Russel's count of eight, just prior to the bell. Marquez, 10-8; Marquez, 80-71.



Round 9: AFTER AN EARLY EXCHANGE, MARQUEZ IS DOWN AT THE 2:05 MARK FROM A RIGHT HAND. He rises. Right, left, right, left all by Marquez. Jab by Alvarado. Alvarado cut beneath his left eye. Alvarado is renewed. Right uppercut by Alvarado. ALVARADO RIGHT HAND ON THE ROPES hurts Marquez. Marquez's fighting back, but in retreat. Right hand by Marquez, but Alvarado still comes forward. Alvarado's left eye is closing. Marquez comes back viciously toward the end. Alvarado, 10-8; Marquez, 88-81.



Round 10: LEDERMAN HAS IT 87-82 FOR MARQUEZ. Alvarado moving forward. Lull in the action. Jab by Alvarado, whose left eye is nearly closed. Right by Marquez. Right by Marquez. Jab, jab and right by Marquez. They trade jabs. Right by Marquez as Alvarado retreats. Right by Alvarado. They trade lefts and then Marquez lands a right and a left. Alvarado retreats. Crowd chanting Marquez. Marquez, 10-9; Marquez, 98-90.


Round 11: MARQUEZ UP, 97-91 ON LEDERMAN'S CARD. Marquez again the aggressor early, punctuated by a light four-punch combo. Double-left hook by Alvarado. Left uppercut from Marquez. Jab, jab, right by Marquez. Left uppercut, jab, right to the body by Marquez. Left hook by Alvarado, who is allowing the fight to escape him again. Right by Marquez, WHO NEARLY GOES DOWN FROM A RIGHT HAND. Jab by Alvarado. Blood pouring frrom Alvardo's cut. Right by Marquez at the bell. Alvarado, 10-9; Marquez, 107-100.


Round 12: Marquez out-hustling Alvarado with the jab and his right hand. Alvarado following, landing occasionally. Marquez counters the right with a jab. Another jab by Marquez. Alvarado takes a left to the body and right to the head. Right, left by Marquez. Right uppercut by Alvarado. Left, right, left by Marquez. Left and a right at the bell by Marquez. Marquez, 10-9; Marquez, 117-109.