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Bernard Hopkins on Golden Boy rift: ‘We don’t need Bob Arum’

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Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer's vow to never do business again with Bob Arum is supported by Bernard Hopkins, who took Schaefer’s side Thursday in a key disagreement with Golden Boy founder Oscar De la Hoya.

"We don’t need Bob Arum," said Hopkins, a Golden Boy vice president after a news conference for the Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Marcos Maidana undercard Saturday night at the MGM Grand.

De la Hoya, who did not attend news conferences on Wednesday and Thursday, is reported to have contacted Arum after completing rehab. However, De la Hoya’s attempt to reestablish a business relationship with the Top Rank president has been rebuffed by Schaefer.

"There is so much on and off in the Top Rank relationship that Richard Schaefer has had with Arum that the relationship will never be patched up," Hopkins said. "Not in this lifetime, I don’t think. It’s not just the name-calling. If it was just the name-calling, I think they could get back together. It’s the lawsuits. Then, it’s ‘we agree’ and then ‘don’t agree.’ It’s the emotional rollercoaster again and again. I just think it’s become a worn-out soap opera."

A Top Rank-Golden Boy alliance would be one way to renew hopes for a Manny Pacquiao-Mayweather fight. But Hopkins said the public appetite for Pacquiao-Mayweather has waned.

"I think people have gotten past that," Hopkins said. "The moment was there. But it has passed."