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Canelo Alvarez TKO 10 Alfredo Angulo live round-by-round


Canelo Alvarez Alfredo Angulo weighin fukuda

Photo by Naoki Fukuda has posted live, round-by-round updates below of tonight's 155-pound bout won by Canelo Alvarez over  Alfredo Angulo by 10th-round technical knockout at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Referee Tony Weeks called an end to the fight 47 seconds into the round.

Alvarez (43-1-1, 31 knockouts) was coming off a majority-decision loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr. in September, while Angulo (22-4, 18 KOs) was last in the ring for a 10th-round stoppage loss to Erislandy Lara in June.

Alvarez and Angulo were 155 and and 154.5 pounds at the pre-fight weighin. Alvarez re-hydrated to 170 compared to 174 for Angulo.

Alvarez had an overall advantage in total punches (295-to-104), power shots (117-to-78) and jabs (98-to-26).

The "Toe to Toe" broadcast is set to begin at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT.


Alvarez vs. Angulo


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Referee: Tony Weeks

Judges: Las Vegas' Dave Moretti and Jerry Roth had it 89-82 and 88-83, and Canada's Craig Metcalfe, 89-82 at the time of the stoppage. had it a shutout for Alvarez, 90-81.


Angulo accompanied by his pet dog, "El Perro," and wearing a black robe trimmed in white to the tunes of "Atomic Dog" by George Clinton. Some fans are barking and chanting "El Perro!"

Alvarez enters wearing a yellow robe trimmed in sequined olive-green. Majority of the crowd appears to be pro-Alvarez with a smattering of boos.


Round 1: Fighters at ring center. Angulo's pursuing. Alvarez lands an earl left hook and a right and left combination. Solid jab by Alvarez. Pawing jab by Angulo. Left to the head and to the body by Alvarez. Right by Alvarez after a couple of body shots by Angulo. Alvarez pounding away to the head and body, really digging in. Another hard left by Alvarez, who is really dictatating the pace. Right and a left to the head and body by Alvarez, and a very hard jab. Hard right cross by Alvarez and a left to the body. Right by Angulo. Hard right hand rocks Angulo and a left to the body. Three body shots by Angulo. Head-swiveling uppercut by Alvarez. Solid rights and lefts to the body and head down the stretch by Alvares. Dominant round. Alvarez, 10-9.


Round 2: Decent body shots early by Angulo, but Alvarez fires a hard left hookd and a right. Left hook and stiff jabs mixed in by right hands by Alvarez. Good left to the body by Alvarez and two rights to go  with it. Body shot and a right by Alvarez. Right uppercut by Alvarez. Another left and a right and a right by Alvarez. Wicked right hand by Alvarez and a right uppercut by Alvarez. Clubing right by Alvarez. Right uppercuts to the head and body by Angulo. Left and right by Alvarez to the head. Right hand by Angulo. Another right by Angulo. Left and right and left by Alvarez. Another solid round by Alvarez. Alvarez, 10-9; Alvarez, 20-18.

Round 3: Alvarez continues to dictate. Jab and hard right and left hook by Alvarez.  Jab, right hand and right uppercut all by Alvarez. Two rights by Angulo. Right and a left by Angulo, and a hard right by Angulo. Angulo starting to reach Alvarz's body. Right by Alvarez and a left hook and then a right. Right uppercut by Alvarez. Left hook by Alvarez, right by Angulo. Hard right byAlvarez. Left hook by Alvarez and a right. Right, left, right and left by Alvarez. Hard right and left by Alvarez after an Angulo hook. Toe-to-toe action. Right and a left by Alvarez to close. Alvarez, 10-9; Alvarez, 30-27.


Round 4: More of the same to start the fourth as Alvarez lands a big left and a right and then another, the last a left to the head by Alvarez. Left and right by Alvarez. Angulo's right eye is swelling beneath. Alvarez has out-landed Angulo, 95-23 in power shots. Left hand and a right to the body stun Angulo. Lead right and a left by Alvarez. Alvarez giving ground more in the fourth. Counter-left by Alvarez and then another left and a right by Alvarez. Angulo lands occasional right hands. Left to the body and a right to the head by Angulo. Three-punch combination by Alvarez and then a right to the body. Solid jab by Alvarez. Both of Angulo's eyes begin to swell beneath. Alvarez, 10-0; Alvarez, 40-36.

Round 5: Alvarez loads up with an early right and left combination. Triple-jab by Alvarez. Left uppercut, right hand, left uppercut by Alvarez. Alvarez on his bicycle a bit more. Jabs by Alvarez and a left hook. Four punch combination by Angulo, all to the body. Right to the head by Alvarez, and another that is harder. Stiff jab and right hand by Alvarez. Jab is nice for Alvarez. Angulo lands a decent right but also takes one. Left hook and spinoff by Alvarez. Right to the head, left to the body, righ to the head all by Angulo. Alvarez ends with a jab. Alvarez, 10-9; Alvarez, 50-45.


Round 6: Early stiff jabs by Alvarez with movement. Left hook by Alvarez, two rights by Angulo. Another double-left jab by Alvarez. Left, right, left by Alvarez. Angulo's left eye is bleeding. Jab by Alvarez, who has won the crowd. Speed is a major difference for Alvarez. Right uppercut by Angulo, who takes a series of jabs. Two left hooks to the head by Angulo. Right uppercut and a left and right all by Alvarez. Blood continues to stream from Angulo's eyes. Left hook by Alvarez. Hard right, left, right all by Alvarez, who is simply out-hustling the plodding Angulo. Alvarez, 10-9; Alvarez 60-54.

Round 7: Stiff jabs by Alvarez early and then a right hand. Two left hooks by Alvarez and a right. Decent right by the lumpy Angulo. Four-punch combination by Angulo all to the body. Right uppercut to the body by Alvarez. Right by Alvarez, who is not feeling as much pressure as he could if Angulo would step to him more. Left hook by Alvarez, double-left hook by Angulo. Angulo doesn't take advantage of a brief moment when Alvarez is on the ropes. Alvarez, 10-9; Alvarez, 70-63.

Round 8: Alvarez continues to pound away and dictate behind his jab and right hand early. Left uppercut by Alvarez. Jab, jab, jab, all by Alvarez. Left hook by Angulo. Alvarez roles his shoulders on the ropes to avoid solid blows. Left hook lands for Angulo, but not much else. Solid exchange that Alvarez wins. Left hook and a right by Alvarez. Left hook by Angulo and a right hand by Angulo. A right by Angulo. Alvarez tells him to come on. Right and a left and a right by Alvarez. Right by Angulo. Alvarez, 10-9; Alvarez, 80-72.


Round 9: Alvarez still continues to batter Angulo behind his jab and his right hand as he out-works Alvarez. Right hand by Angulo, but Alvarez is undeterred. Decent jab starting to surface for Angulo, and a right, left and right by Alvarez. Left and a right to the body by Alvarez. Left hook by Alvarez countering two body shots by Angulo. Decent right by Angulo, but Alvarez comes back nicely with his jab. Right by Angulo. Left uppercut and left hook by Alvarez. Angulo has found the right on occasion, but not frequently enough. Left uppercut rocks Angulo — twice. Right by Alvarez. Hands down, Alavrez eludes punches. Alvarez, 10-9; Alvarez, 90-81.

Round 10: Trainer Virgil Hunter shows concern for Angulo, who is really lumped up. Lead left for Angulo, but he continues to be out-worked. HEAD-SWIVELING LEAD LEFT UPPERCUT, AND REFEREE TONY WEEKS STOPS THE FIGHT. IT'S OVER. ALVAREZ WINS BY 10TH ROUND TKO!!!!