Monday, March 20, 2023  |



CSAC provides stance on TRTs


Thursday, the combat sports world was shaken by the news that the Nevada State Athletic Commission has banned testosterone-replacement-therapy (TRT) in all combat sports.

That ruling was passed by a unanimous vote, also eliminating the potential for fighters in the future to apply for an exemption for therapeutic use of testosterone.

The news left many wondering how commissions in other large and influential states would react.

Saturday afternoon, the California State Athletic Commission provided with their stance on TRT moving forward, through CSAC executive director Andy Foster.

“Regarding TRT, CSAC at the last meeting passed a TUE (therapeutic use exemption) regulation into the rules making process which requires WADA standards to obtain a TRT,” Foster said via e-mail.

“Those standards are so high that it is an ‘effective’ ban. The exemption would only be given in the most rare of circumstances. I personally applaud the Nevada Commission in their actions.”

With Nevada and California standing pretty firm on their stance against TRTs, it will be interesting to see how things play out elsewhere. Obviously, those states jeopardized their opportunity to make money as promoters could always just go elsewhere to make certain fights happen. Promoters could take their business to smaller states that have looser commissions.

A shift has certainly occurred. Though it has been UFC athletes who have requested TRTs the most in the past, this will affect boxing just as much as MMA. Finally, things are turning the corner when it comes to testosterone.