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Andrade SD 12 over Martirosyan live round-by-round updates

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Nov has a live, round-by-round update of tonight’s WBO junior middleweight title bout between unbeaten 2004 and 2008 Olympians Vanes Martirosyan and Demetrius Andrade, after which Andrade won by split-decision after rising from a first-round knockdown as part of an HBO tripleheader airing live from American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Martirosyan (33-1-1, 21 knockouts) was coming off a second-round knockout of Ryan Davis in June that followed a draw with left-hander Erislandy Lara in November of last year, and

Andrade (20-0, 13 KOs) was last in the ring for a unanimous decision over Freddy Hernandez in January, after a streak of four consecutive stoppage victories, and had expressed confidence for a resounding victory, and, in fact, of scoring the stoppage win against Martirosyan.

The HBO broadcast began at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT Saturday night.

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Andrade vs. Martirrosyan

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Referee: Jon Schorle

Judges: Don Griffin and Jesse Reyes had it 114-113, and, 117-110, respectively, for Andrade, while Javier Alvarez had it for Martirosyan, 115-112.




Round 1: Fighters didn’t touch gloves before the fight. Southpaw Andrade pumping the jab. It’s short. Andrade’s lands a right out of a clinch. Still pumping the jab and some counter lefts. Solid jab by Andrade. Long, lengthy jab. Lead lefts by Andrade. ANDRADE’S DOWN FROM A COUNTER-LEFT. HE’S UP QUICKLY. FIRST TIME DOWN IN HIS CAREER!!!! He gets out of the round safely. Martirosyan, 10-8.

Round 2: Andrade out-landed Martirosyan, 11-4, in the first round. Andrade catches Martirosyan with an uppercut. Andrade’s busier so far. Andrade’s back to the jab. Martirosyan’s still holding his hands high, searching for the counter. Andrade’s still stalking forward. Left and a right by Andrade. Three jabs and a left by Andrade. Martirosyan is missing with reaching left. Two hard right hands by Martirosyan. Andrade, 10-9; Martirosyan, 19-18.

Round 3: Steve Weisfeld has it 19-19. Andrade’s back in control early with heavier shots in the third. Martirosyan’s trying to land the hard shots on the counter, and does, with two reaching rights. Left by Martirosyan, right by Andrade. Left by Andrade, right by Martirosyan and a left to the body by Martirosyan. Right to the head by Martirosyan. Right to the head by Andrade. Five-unanswered jabs by Andrade to end the round. Andrade, 10-9; Even, 28-28.

Round 4:Andrade has out-;landed Martirosyan, 31-18, over the first three rounds. Steve Weisfeld has it 29-28, for Andrade. Andrade clubs Martirosyan twice behind the head. Martirosyan’s left eye is swelling badly. Andade’s still at an advantage due to his activity and his jab. Nice left by Andrade. Right by Martirosyan, who is swelling above and below his left eye. Right by Martirsoyan. Again, the jab is the difference for Andrade. Left and a right by Andrade. Andrade, 10-9; Andrade, 38-37.

Round 5: Andrade out-landed Martirosyan, 23-11, in the fourth. More of the same in the fifth, although Martirosyan targets the body more. Good left cross by Andrade and another. Right hook by Andrade. Good side-to-side movement from Andrade, who lands a straight left. Martirosya’s right hand threads the defense of Andrade, who ends with a three-punch combination. Andrade, 10-9; Andrade, 48-46.

Round 6: Andrade out-landed Martirosyan, 16-13, in the sixth. Again, Andrade’s busier early. Huge right hook by Andrade, who drives Martirosyan back to the ropes and lands six times or so to the head. Good jab by Andrade, right to the body by Andrade. Andrade lands even-handedly, as Martirosyan’s eye worsens. Left by Andrade. Andrade’s down, but it’s ruled a slip. Andrade ends the round with a hard left. Andrade, 10-9; Andrade, 58-55.

Round 7: Steve Weisfeld has it 58-56 for Andrade, who landed 40 power shots in the sixth. Andrade’s still pushing the pace behind his jab and movement, beating Martirosyan to the punch. Left uppercut by Andrade, who takes a long right. Martirosyan can’t seem to get off successive blows, even as hhe connects with two right hands late. Andrade’s activity still takes the round, even as Martirosyan lands a left uppercut prior to the bell. Andrade, 10-9; Andrade, 68-64.

Round 8: Andrade out-landed Martirosyan, 21-9, in the seventh. Andrade has Martirosyan retreating early, then, stands his ground behind the jab in the middle of the ring. Martirosyan fires and lands a nicely-timed right and then another. Solid left by Martirosyan. Two body shots by Martirosyan. Martirosyan gets the edge on the harder blows in the eighth. Martirosyan, 10-9; Andrade, 77-74.

Round 9: Martirosyan’s getting out-jabed again early. Weisfeld hass it 77-75 for Andrade. Three-punch combination by Martirosyan. Long right by Martirosyan. Andrade lands three jabs and a long left. Decent counter-right by Martirosyan, who takes a right as well. They trade blows once again. Right hook and then two lefts and another right hook all by Andrade. Andrade’s back in control. Martirosyan closes with two right uppercuts. Martirosyan, 10-9; Andrade, 86-84.

Round 10: Weisfeld has it 87-84 for Andrade. Hard right by Andrade and then a left. Another right by Andrade. Two lefts by Andrade. Five jabs for Andrade. Two more unanswered jabs by Andrade. Andrade’s continuing to back up Martirosyan, landing twice along the ropes. Right uppercut by Martirosyan. Two more up-jabs by Andrade. Grazing right hook by Andrade prior to the bell. Andrade, 10-9; Andrade, 96-93.

Round 11: Andrade out-landed Martirosyan, 17-6, in the 10th. Weisfeld has it 97-93 for Andrade. Solid right hook by Andrade, who is in control. Head-popping jab by Andrade. Lead left by Andrade, who moves away. Andrade remains elusive after his jab. Two head-popping jabs and a left by Andrade. Lead right by Martirosyan, who absorbs two subsequent jabs. Three nice jabs by Andrade. Left cross to the body by Andrade. Andrade, 10-9; Andrade, 106-102.

Round 12: Andrade has landed 204-to-94 punches for Martirosyan, overall. Andrade’s father and trainer, Paul, told him to win the round. He’s doing it, pumping the jab aggressively. Counter-left and then a right by Andrade out of a crouch. Easy work. Hard to believe Andrade was ever down in the fight. Andrade’s still forcing the issue behind his jab at the bell, landing two lead lefts prior to the bell. Andrade, 10-9; Andrade, 116-111.


Photo by Chris Farina, Top Rank

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