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Round by round: Klitschko has four knock-down UD 12 over Povetkin

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alt has live, round-by-round updates on this page for Saturday’s clash of former Olympic gold medalists during which RING, IBF, WBA and WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko (61-3, 51 knockouts) scored four knockdowns on the way to a shutout, unanimous decision over Alexander Povetkin (26-1, 18 KOs) as part of the Cotto-Rodriguez broadcast later that day.

Klitschko scored a knockdown once in the second round and dropped his man three times in the seventh of a fight that aired on HBO at 3:30 p.m. ET, and will be shown again as part of the 9:45 p.m. ET/PT broadcast of the junior middleweight bout between three-division titlewinner Miguel Cotto and Delvin Rodriguez from the Amway Center in Orlando, Fla.

A 1996 Olympic gold medalist for Ukraine, Klitschko, 37, came up with his 19th consecutive victory during a run that includes 13 knockouts against Povetkin, a 34-year-old winner of Olympic gold for Russia in 2004.


Klitschko vs. Povetkin live blog

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Alexander Povetkin enters to videos on a big screen of highlights of his fights. He’s wearing a black robe trimmed in red. Interestingly, little to no fan noise during his ring walk other than a rush of cheers once in the ring.

HBO’s Jim Lampley mentions that Povetkin had tried unsuccessfully to lure trainer Freddie Roach for this fight. Roach, however, will be in Miguel Cotto’s corner for his fight with Delvin Rodriguez.

Povetkin is with former Mike Tyson trainer, Stacy McKinley, having formerly had Kostya Tszyu.

Wladimir Klitschko enters to videos on a big screen of highlights of his fights, to his usual Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Can’t Stop.” Wearing red robe trimmed in yellow.

Michael Buffer makes it official: “LET’S READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!!”

Povetkin introduced to resounding cheers, being in his partisan Mosco, and Klitschko, also cheered with a smattering of boos.


Referee:  Luis Pabon, from Puerto Rico

Judges:  ALL THREE JUDGES, Ted Gimza, Glenn Feldman, both from the United States, and Philippe Verbeke, from Belgium, HAVE IT 119-104 FOR KLITSCHKO, BY UNANIMOUS DECISION.





Round 1: The round has begun. Klitschko runs out and engages. Tries to extend the jab and Povetkin clinches and pounds to the body. They trade left hooks and clinch again. Povetkin’s goal is to get inside and land. Two jabs by Klitschko. Another clinch. Another Klitschko jab. Two more Klitschko jabs. Povetkin trying to crowd and duck beneath. Povetkin digs to the body. Povetkin sneaks in a right but takes a BIG left hook. Povetkin thrown to the canvas during a clinch. Klitschko, 10-9.

Round 2: Klitschko out-lands Povetkin, 8-to-6, in round one. Klitschko opens with a jab and a right hand. Povetkin sneaks in a clubbing left during a clinch. Give Povetkin credit for trying to leap in and roughhouse. Smart tactics. Four decent jabs by Klitschko. Crowd’s booing. Povetkin lands one of two right hand attempts and another clinch. POVETKIN DOWN ON ALL FOURS FROM A CLEAN JAB!!! He rises. Klitschko, 10-8; Klitschko, 20-17.

Round 3:  Povetkin’s back to trying to get beyond the jab. Povetkin lands two body blows but still is taking the jab. Klitschko’s turning the jab into a hook. Klitschko’s jab still is landing. Grazing left lands for Povetkin. Left jab and right hand by Klitschko. Clinch. Right hand by Klitschko and a jab. Jab and right by Klitschko. Clinch. Left hook by Povetkin. Jab by Klitschko, hook by Povetkin, who may be getting closer. Klitschko, 10-9; Klitschko, 30-26.

Round 4:.Klitschko ahead, 30-26, on Harold Lederman’s card. By mid-round, Klitschko peppers with the jab again. Povetkin still insistent on pressing the action and pounding the body during clinches. Right by Klitschko. Head-popping jab by Klitschko. Jab by Klitschko, left by Povetkin. Is Klitschko tiring? Short left hook by Klitschko. Klitschko, 10-9; Klitschko, 40-35.

Round 5:.Povetkin’s trying to time the jab. Trainer Johnathon Banks tells Klitschko to throw the right hand more. Jab, jab by Klitschko, decent right by Povetkin, who is trying to make it rough. Four unanswered jabs by Klitschko. Klitschko continues to push down on the head and shoulders shorter man during clinches. Solid right to the jaw by Klitschko. Decent left by Povetkin and a short right. Clinch. Left hook by Povetkin. Jab by Klitschko. Crowd’s booing due to clinches. Clubbing right by Povetkin. Klitschko, 10-9; Klitschko, 50-44.

Round 6:.More of the same entering the sixth. Jabbing, right hand by Klitschko, and clinching to tie up and blunt Povetkin. Klitschko’s switching the jab into a left hook. Klitschko parrying Povetkin’s punches with his arms. Povetkin gets in a right to the broad side of Klitschko’s left jaw. Povetkin gets in another hook. Klitschko, 10-9; Klitschko, 60-53.

Round 7: Lederman has it 60-53 for Klitschko. HARD LEFT AND RIGHT BY KLITSCHKO, WHO THROWS POVETKIN TO THE CANVAS. IT’S RULED A KNOCKDOWN by referee Luis Pabon. Povetkin gets hammered with an assortment of blows and GOES DOWN A SECOND TIME AND RISES AFTER A LEFT UPPERCUT. Left hook WOBBLES Povetkin. Povetkin GOES DOWN A THIRD TIME FROM A LEFT HOOK. Rises, yet again. Povetkin gets out of the round. Klitschko, 10-6; Klitschko, 70-59.

Round 8:.Klitschko’s laboring but still in control with the jab, right hand and uppercuts. Decent left hook by Klitschko and a clinch by mid-round. Jab, jab and right by Klitschko. Right hand by Povetkin. Two thudding jabs and a right by Klitschko. Left uppercut and left hook by Klitschko. Left and right by Klitschko. Left hook by Klitschko. Klitschko, 10-9; Klitschko, 80-68.

Round 9: Klitschko has not landed a body shot at all, according to CompuBox. All head shots. Lederman has it 80-68, for Klitschko. Povetkin down again from an apparent left jab, but it’s ruled a slip.  Klitschko goes back to setting up the right hand behind the jab. Povetkin misses a left and takes a Klitschko left. Five thudding  jabs by Povetkin, who is all busted up. Head-twisting right, left, right by Klitschko. Clinches. Left hook and clinch from Klitschko. Right by Povetkin. Clinch. Klitschko, 10-9; Klitschko, 90-77.

Round 10:.Povetkin out-landed by the score of 18-3 by Klitschko in ninth round. Lederman has it, 90-77, for Klitschko. Klitschko’s on his toes for a timei popping the jab. Lead right and clinch by Klitschko. Target practice and bombs away when Klitschko’s at a distance. Head-popping jab by Klitschko. Another jab by Klitschko, who has out-landed Povetkin, 11-0, in jabs, in Round 10. Povetkin lands two body blows just prior to the bell. Klitschko, 10-9; Klitschko, 100-86.

Round 11:.Klitschko loses balance and almost goes down from a jab to the body. But after righting himself, he’s back to the jab and clinch mode. Grazing right by Povetkin. Jab and grab by Klitschko. Four unanswered short jabs by Klitscko. Right and left by Klitschko stop Povetkin in his tracks. Two left hooks by Klitschko. Klitschko penalized a point for pushing Povetkin to the canvas. Left uppercut by Klitschko. Even, 9-9; Klitschko, 109-95.

Round 12:. Klitschko has dominated. Continues to jab and leap in with the left hook and right hands prior to clinches. Jab and grab for Klitschko. Two short jabs by Povetkin. Jab and right by Klitschko. Pabon pauses the fight to allow tape on Povetkin’s right glove to be secured. Povetkin is lumped up and bloody around the eyes. Four jabs by Klitschko; grazing right by Povetkin, who gets slung to the canvas again by Klitschko. Short left insiide from Klitschko. Klitschko, 10-9; Klitschko, 119-104.




Photo / Vasily Maximov-AFP

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