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Geale-Barker round-by-round updates

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alt has a live, round-by-round update on this page of Saturday night’s split-decision victory by Darren Barker (26-1, 16 KOs) that dethroned IBF middleweight titleholder Daniel Geale (29-2, 15 KOs) on HBO’s Boxing After Dark from the Revel Resort in Atlantic City, N.J.

The broadcast began at 9:45 p.m. with a tape-delayed replay of WBO light heavyweight titleholder Nathan Cleverly (26-1, 12 KOs) being hurt in the second round, dropped twice in the third and floored once more in the fourth and final round of a technical knockout loss to Sergey Kovalev (22-0-1, 20 KOs) at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff, Wales.

In the co-feature from Atlantic City, IBF junior featherweight titleholder Jhonathan Romero (23-1, 12 KOs) was knocked out in the sixth-round by challenger Kiko Martinez (29-4, 21 KOs).

Geale vs. Barker live blog

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Referee: Eddie Cotton

Judges: Carlos Ortiz Jr., had it 114-113 for Barker, Barbara Perez had it 116-111 for Barker and Alan Rubenstein had it 114-113 for Geale.

BARKER WINS BY SPLIT-DECISION!!!!! has it for Barker, 116-112.

Ringside scorer for HBOSteve Weisfeld has it for Barker, 115-113

Barker has entered the ring first, to the tunes of U-2’s “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Lookin’ For.” Geale, of Australia, has a ceremonial entrance themed around his Aboriginal roots.

Michael Buffer does his introductions.

Round 1:.First punches are left-right combination from Geale right after the bell. Good one-twos by Geale, and a hook. Barker coming straight down the middle with rights and a double-jab. Good followups by Geale, left hook, right hand. Crisp shots by Geale. Two hard rights by Barker. Good right and left by Barker on the ropes. They trade lefts, with Geale’s shaking Barker. Great action. Solid left hook by Barker backs up Geale. Solid jab by Barker. Harder punches being landed by Barker. Solid body shot by Barker. Even, 10-10.

Round 2: Geale had the edge in punches landed in the first, 17-16. Barker coming forward with a high guard, Geale’s trying to break his defense, lands a good uppercut to get things going late in the round. Solid straight right by Barker. Barker hammers away at Geale along the ropes. Another decent short right by Barker. Solid right uppercut for Geale, but Barker’s still coming. Good jab and right hand for Barker. Another decent right for Barker. Solid body shot by Barker. Good overhand right by Barker. Hard right to the body and another to the head by Barker at the bell seems to shake Geale. Barker, 10-9; Barker, 20-19.

Round 3 Barker out-landed Geale, 24-18, in Round 2. Barker’s zeroing in up the middle with crisper uppercuts. Another decent left uppercut by Barker. Solid left hook by Barker. Geale’s punches start to widen, but he lands a nice right. Barker lands to the body as Geale backs off. Solid overhand right by Barker. Good pressure by Barker. Solid jab by Barker. Good right-, left-, right combo by Barker as he moves forward. Another left and right by Barker. Good left hook and an overhand right by Barker. Left hook for Barker prior to the bell. Barker, 10-9; Barker, 30-28.

Round 4: Barker landed 22 power shots in the third to only eight for Geale in that round. Steve Weisfeld has Barker up, three rounds to none. Barker’s applying heavy pressure, firing up the middle. Geale tries to come back, but Barker zeroes in with a left hand over the top. Geale’s circling and firing, but can’t keep Barker off of him. Decent uppercut by Geale, but Barker comes back with one of his own. Another uppercut by Barker, even as Geale fires but appears to be losing steam. LOW BLOW BY GEALE, and Barker’s taking a break. Eddie Cotton warns BARKER to keep the punches up. Solid uppercut by Barker as action resumes. Two decent uppercuts by Geale. They trade right hands at the bell. Barker has a cut in the corner of his left eye. Barker, 10-9; Barker, 40-37.

Round 5: Each fighter landed 21 punches in the fourth round. Solid left hook early by Barker. Geale’s stiill firing with both hands, but not with much potentcy. Good body shot by Geale. Four-punch combo by Barker, staritng with the left. Good right hand by Geale, his best punch, and then a body shot to follow. Another solid shot to the body by Geale. Right hand by Barker tries to steal momentum. Good right uppercut and then an over-hand right by Geale. Nice right by Geale and another. Barker lands two lefts — one to the head and another to the body. Geale comes back with a three-punch volley to the body. Solid punch to the body by Barker. Geale, 10-9; Barker, 49-47

Round 6: Barker starts out with the jab. They trade rights. Barker’s digging often to the body to slow Geale, most notably, with a triple-left hook. Geale’s busy again with both hands, but Barker’s digging to the body again. BARKER’S DOWN T FROM A LEFT TO THE LIVER ON BOTH KNEES. BARELY BEATS THE 10-COUNT. Barker’s getting hammered along the ropes and in the middle of the ring. Barker comes back and ROCKS GEALE WITH A RIGHT. Geale looks exhausted. Barker closes strongly. Geale, 10-8; Even, 57-57.

Round 7: Geale”s back on his toes, dictating the pace from a distance again with both hands. Barker begins to beat Geale to the punch and lands an uppercut with just over a minute left in the round. Geale’s working behind his jab and moving to create distance, but Barker’s loading up again. Barker takes a right hand and clinches. Geale takes a right hand at the bell. Barker, 10-9; Barker, 67-66.

Round 8: Barker’s unloading again early as Geale stands his ground. Barker’s back in control with his forward movement, having out-punched Geale, 24-7, in the last round. Barker’s pounding away with both hands, including a solid left to the body late in the round. Double-jab and a hook, followed by a left to the body just before the bell. Barker, 10-9; Barker, 77-75.

Round 9: Barker landed 27 punches in Round 8 to 21 for Geale. Amazing recovery for Barker after having been dropped in the sixth. Barker lands a left and a right and then another left. Geale comes back with a left and right on the inside, but Barker’s unfazed. Good right hand by Geale and a clinch. Solid three-punch combo to the body by Barker. Right hand by Geale. Two more rights by Geale. Clinch. Three-punch combo by Barker. Left and right uppercut by Barker. Four-punch combo by Barker. Left hook inside by Barker. Barker’s just nailing Geale. Good action and give and take. Solid left by Barker. Barker, 10-9; Barker, 87-84.

Round 10: More of the same in the 10th, although Geale’s body shots are sturdy and more potent. Barker’s enduring and still coming forward. Five-punch combo by Barker. Solid right hand by Geale and then an uppercut by Barker. Geale clinches. Solid left hook and right hand by Geale. Five punch combination by Barker. Barker lands a right and then a left. Barker closes strongly again to take the round, Barker, 10-9; Barker, 97-93.

Round 11: Barker out-landed Geale, 35-33, in the 10th. Geale’s trying to dictate early, but Barker’s right there. They trade left hands. Geale fires a three-punch combination up the middle. Solid right by Barker. Left uppercut by Barker. Double-jab by Barker. Geale lands a nice short left inside. Barker rises to his toes for a three-punch combination and continues to land the harder punches. Left hook by Barker. Right by Geale late. Barker, 10-9; Barker, 107-102.

Round 12: Geale’s corner tells him he’s winning. Barker out-landed Geale, 27-to-19, in Round 11. Barker continues to out-hustle and out-punch Geale. Nice long left by Barker. Geale fires a right hand and takes a left. Hard right up the middle by Barker. Left and a right by Barker. Right and then a left HURT BARKER, BUT GEALE DOESN’T FOLLOW UP. Barker, bleeding more from his left, still is game. Barker’s WOBBLED badly. BARKER TAKES A RIGHT AND A LEFT AND STILL IS SHAKEN. Geale may have let this one slip away, as Barker raises both hands skyward. Geale, 10-9; Barker, 116-112. has it for Barker, 116-112.

Steve Weisfeld has it for Barker, 115-113

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