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Dougie’s Monday mailbag

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Yo Doug,

Just watched the Dereck Chisora-Malik Scott fight. To me Scott was up before 10 – wasn’t he?? That’s what counts, no? He started to get up at 9 and by the time I counted 10 he was up. Scott saying that he beat the count and was getting up at 8 secs to find standing at 9 is not what happened but I don’t get him when he said that Chisora won the fight fair and square. Even though I had the sense that Chisora would finish strong the fight was still very close.

Between Enzo Maccarinelli who almost got decapitated by Alexander Frenkel (in 2010) when the fight should have been stopped after he first got up, and many early stoppages, including Kell Brooks-Carson Jones 2, it would be appreciated if they could address this issue in the UK.

(Btw, Steve Bunce was ridiculous by stating that Scott lost because of his corner. What the f__k is he on?? Much better analysis by Nathan Cleverly.)

Olusegun Ajose is basically at the end of his career… I’m sad for him but props to Hank Lundy who made me eat my words. He will be a good title challenger! – V.

Lundy is maybe another win away from earning a title shot, which I’m sure he’ll make the best of. Ajose has dropped to gatekeeper status.

I don’t want to sound like a know-it-all or a bastard (because I respect Ajose), but I just couldn’t envision how such a sloppy fighter was going to beat Lundy. I didn’t care that Lundy had lost his last two bouts – he dropped those decisions to better boxers than Ajose.

Honestly, I never understood the hype on the rugged Nigerian southpaw. Ajose didn’t wow me at all with his ShoBox victory over Ali Chebah in 2011, so I didn’t understand why so many hardcore heads accused Danny Garcia of ducking him (immediately after the young gun won the damn WBC strap) or why they thought he had a chance in hell against Lucas Mattythsse. (I guess a 30-0 record – no matter how mediocre the opponents on it are – goes a long way these days.)

Regarding bad stoppages, it’s just part of the sport. Refereeing is much harder job than most fans realize and knowing exactly when to stop a fight after a fighter has been hurt or dropped is probably the most difficult decision the third man (or woman) in the ring has to make.

That doesn’t mean that the British Boxing Board of Control shouldn’t take a closer look at some of the recent controversial stoppage calls and determine if certain referees need to explain their actions or if there needs to be some sort of nationwide workshop that educates or refreshes new refs and veteran officals alike on the finer points of waving a bout off.

Regarding the Chisora-Scott stoppage, I hate to say it but I wasn’t at all surprised when I heard that it was controversial. I expected Scott to get some sort of raw deal, but I figured it would just come on the scorecards.

I thought it was clear that Scott was merely dazed from Chisora’s overhand right and then knocked off his feet by the charging heavyweight and his follow-up body shot. He didn’t look hurt at all. In fact, there’s no doubt in my mind that Scott was OK to continue fighting. The referee was not sparing him from undue punishment or serious injury. All the referee did was ensure a Chisora victory, which – in my opinion – robbed the surging British fringe contender of the opportunity to finish Scott in decisive/non-controversial fashion (or the opportunity to take over the late rounds en route to a legit decision win).

Having said all that, I don’t think Scott should have gambled like that by staying down until the ref was near the end of his 10 Count. He’s been around the game long enough to know that the “hometown team” (whether in the U.S. or the UK) is going take whatever they can to win and that as the “visiting team,” he can’t afford to give them anything.

I know it’s not fair, but as the visiting American boxer facing a British boxer on a show promoted by the British boxer’s promoter in London, Scott should have known that the referee might wave it off early if he even appeared to be in a little bit of trouble.

I still consider Scott to be the best American heavyweight.


What else can you say about this matchup? You have to give PBF a lot of credit for getting it done on his undercard. It had to cost him some money. But I think it is wise. If Matthysse steamrolls Garcia “Peterson style” that builds a superfight against PBF at 147! The pure puncher versus the boxer who stands his ground more and sits down on his punches more now. I love that fight and Garcia-Matthysse.

Garcia has big balls and he has my respect. He has had a very tough schedule and he keeps on going. Demanding this fight when he could have taken lesser fighters gets my respect. He already had it and will have more of it. Unfortunately, I think his big balls and Philly heart will lead to his downfall against Matthysse. Garcia is so much of a warrior it will be his downfall. – JCB

I agree. I have mad respect for Garcia, too, but I think his (or his father’s) belief that he can bomb out Matthysse will result in his being stopped in what should be a terrific scrap. However, he’s young enough to bounce back and I see him as a major player at 140 and 147 for at least the next four years.

I don’t think Garcia will be a walk in the park for Matthysse, but I agree that if the Argentine puncher does win impressively, he’ll go to the head of the class of potential Mayweather opponents. I would be very interested in that fight. Who wouldn’t be?

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. For now, depending on whose ratings you look at, Matthysse is either the No. 1 contender at junior welterweight or the best fighter in the division (regardless of titles). Let’s see if he can earn consensus championship status on the biggest boxing stage of the year.  

By the way, if Matthysse takes Garcia out early as he did Peterson, he’s got my vote for Fighter of the Year for 2013 (unless Canelo upsets Mayweather).



Regarding your last Friday mailbag and several upcoming fights:

1. The big surprise for me was finding out that we’re going to get Matthysse-Garcia on the same card with Canelo-Mayweather. Simply mind blowing! Actually I won’t be surprised if Matthysse-Garcia steals the show! I also noticed your statement about Garcia’s weakness of taking too many right-hands. And he’s about to take on the most murderous right-hand punchers in the game right now.

One thing I got to add. Despite the fact that the left-hook is regarded as the most damaging weapon in boxing have you noticed whenever a powerful left-hooker takes on a murderous right-hand puncher it’s the guy with the big right who often wins? Think back to beatdowns like Marciano-Louis, Marciano-Walcot, Foreman-Frazier, Foreman-Cooney, Hearns-Cuevas and Hearns-Duran. We’ll probably will be adding Matthysse-Garcia to that list. Not that I’m completely ruling out a win for Garcia. Despite what some people think, Garcia’s certainly not going out without a fight. But Matthysse here is a frigging Machine on a Mission!

2. Speaking of hammer-fisted right-handers do you think that Marcos Maidana will be the guy to do us all a favour and shut Adrien Broner’s mighty-mouth or will “The Problem” outscore him even though he barely got past feather-fisted Paulie Maliginaggi? I myself am picking Maidana to pound the s__t out of Broner!

3. I noticed that Austin Trout is still included in the 154-pound championship mix. That’s fine with me and all but how come Erislandy Lara is never mentioned. He should be next in line. I know the Cuban is inconsistent at times but he is a hugely talented fighter and he certainly showed a lot of grit and power in his last fight.

Crazy as this sounds, I’m even wondering how he’ll do against Golovkin. Hey, we already had a fan mention Trout-Golovkin not that long ago! Not that I expect Lara to actually get past the Slavic slugger but I’m sure he’ll put up more of a fight than Golovkin’s last four opponents. But hey’ what do I know! Anyways, have a good one! – Dave

I’m sure Team Golovkin would welcome a challenge from Lara, but their network affiliations (GGG is connected with HBO; the Cuban lefty is with Showtime) get in the way of that potential matchup. In my opinion, Golovkin is all wrong for Lara. Despite being having a great camp, Lara was pushed to his limit by the pressure from a shopworn Alfredo Angulo. I think GGG would stop him before the sixth round.

I’ll respond to your points in order:

1) I think it goes without saying that Garcia-Matthysse will feature more action than Mayweather-Canelo. With the junior welterweight championship you’ve got a gutsy boxer-puncher (Garcia) vs. a steely KO puncher with good technique (Matthysse). Too many fans and media view Mayweather-Canelo as a boxer-vs.-puncher matchup. That’s all wrong. It’s a boxer-vs.-boxer matchup. Canelo is not a pressure fighter or a stalking puncher. He’s like Mayweather (though not as talented or experienced) – a boxer who adapts to whatever style is in front of him. Canelo does a little bit of everything – including punch and hunt – but he’s never reckless in his pursuit of a knockout. Back to Garcia-Matthysse. Good point about the right hand beating the left hook in puncher matchups. Hearns-Cuevas is the best example. However, I should point out that Garcia’s got a very good right hand and Matthysse has a hell of a left hook. These guys ain’t one-arm bandits (another reason their fight will kick ass).

2) I like Broner over Maidana. I think “Chino” is a worthy and dangerous challenger for “The Problem” but I don’t think he has the ring smarts or technique to take out Broner, who I like by decision or possibly late stoppage.

3) Lara is definitely in the world title mix at 154 pounds. His fight with Angulo was for the WBA’s “interim” title, which means he’s in line to face the winner of Mayweather-Canelo (Floyd holds the WBA’s “super” 154-pound title; Saul has the WBA’s “regular” belt). If Canelo pulls the upset I think he’ll be happy to defend his undisputed title against Lara. Win, lose or draw, I think Mayweather is heading back down to 147 pounds, which means Lara could face either Canelo or Trout for the vacant WBA title. (It’s rumored that Lara-Trout is in the works for the Mayweather-Canelo undercard, but that hasn’t been confirmed.)


Hello Doug,

I live in Germany and that is somehow a failed state for boxing fans. The fights in the U.S. are not televised here and the fights they televise are already decided before they begin (thanks to the German promoters and bribed judges).

So my question is, if you know some way to watch the Showtime or HBO fights via internet. Of course, I would pay for it. Or do you know at least, if the big boxing channels are planning to make the fights also available for german viewers.

It┬┤s getting harder to be a fight fan down here, because you get the clips of the fights on youtube just after several weeks (at least in good quality).

Keep up the good work.

(P.S.: Alvarez got no chance against Mayweather! :-)) – Leonard

I’m sorry Leonard, I wish I could legally help you watch HBO’s and Showtime’s boxing programming online but HBO GO and Showtime Anytime cannot be accessed anywhere outside of the U.S.

By the way, your last name wouldn’t be Ellerbe, would it?


Zup Doug,
HBO is canceling on Rigondeaux.

HBO thinks Rigondeaux is not exciting? How the hell is Andre “Son of Grappling” Ward more exciting than Rigondeaux?

Looks like Steve Kim was right, Rigo is being penalized by HBO for beating their cash cow, and after HBO pushed for the fight in the first place.

This s__t is way beyond wrong! Peace. – Steve

I don’t know if I would call Donaire “HBO’s cash cow” and I doubt the network is out to “punish” Rigo for beating the Filipino Flash. My guess is that the HBO suits simply don’t see any entertaining or marquee matchups in the 122-pound champ’s immediate future.

I’m not saying that it’s the right call to pass on Rigondeaux. Personally, I don’t think he’s always a boring a boxer. I think he makes for compelling bouts anytime he’s in the ring with an aggressive, come-forward fighter.

Most of the fans (66.7 percent) who took part in a recent poll asking if HBO is right or wrong on their reported stance on Rigo agree with you, Steve.

However, everyone might be overreacting. According to a recent report that Mike Coppinger wrote for, Rigo’s manager says that “significant headway has been made toward securing a fall date” on HBO.

The website,, posted Coppinger’s information and one of the comments under the blog caught my attention. The comment, by Tyler Neves, basically sticks up for HBO and I think he made some good points. Check it out:

In all fairness

He has already been on plenty of big undercards, and Max Kellerman and Jim Lampley have both pumped him up pretty big on the airwaves. It’s not like HBO released a public statement slamming the guy or anything. Everything that’s been public was brought there by Arum. I am sure he will be back on HBO, but if he or Arum are expecting him to assume Nonito Donaire size paychecks simply because he beat him, then I think that’s where the problem lies. I agree with Scott that Donaire is not an action fighter but he is definitely more exciting than Rigondeaux in my eyes. Rigondeaux has so much working against him from a marketing perspective. The one thing he has going for him is that he is extremely talented, but other than thatÔǪ

1. Doesn’t speak English and being from Cuba, doesn’t have much of a built in fanbase.
2. Doesn’t take risks to finish a fight early, just wants to win.
3. Elusive, doesn’t really even look to be in trouble (difference between the intrigue in watching him vs watching Gamboa IMO)
4. General indifference towards him (Floyd may be “boring” to watch at times, but so many people want to see him lose.)

I will watch the guy fight any day, but I wouldn’t know how the hell to market him either.

Well stated, Tyler.



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