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Debate: RING editors trade verbal shots over Mayweather-Alvarez

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Doug Fischer, Editor of, and I very often run into each other online and spontaneously engage one another in debate through instant messages.

That’s what happened during Friday Night Fights, when the Sept. 14 Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Canelo Alvarez fight came up. Fischer believes Alvarez has a great shot to win; I’m going the safe route, Mayweather.

This is how the conversation went.

(7:08:08 PM) Doug Fischer: I’m betting on Canelo.
(7:08:29 PM) Doug Fischer: Not really, but I would [put money on Alvarez] if I wasn’t a member of the media.
(7:09:34 PM) Michael Rosenthal: If you feel he is going to win, you should trumpet that. You’ll look like a genius if he does.
(7:10:11 PM) Doug Fischer: I’m still a little hesitant to pull the trigger on the “upset special” .. Canelo will have to have a great camp.
(7:11:12 PM) Michael Rosenthal: I think the step up from (Austin) Trout to Mayweather is enormous .. too much for a young guy like that .. I will say this, though: He is much, much bigger than Mayweather based on what I saw Tuesday. They are clearly a weight class apart .. or more.
(7:12:07 PM) Doug Fischer: If Canelo and Trout were welterweights I’d agree that it’s too big of a jump.
(7:12:32 PM) Doug Fischer: Anyway, if Canelo didn’t prove to anyone that he can box (against Trout) on April 20, he will on Sept. 14.
(7:13:01 PM) Doug Fischer: I’m probably going to say that to someone at least once a day until the fight.
(7:13:26 PM) Michael Rosenthal: I just don’t think he can evolve quickly enough to win.
(7:13:42 PM) Doug Fischer: Think about how much he evolved from (Josesito) Lopez to Trout.
(7:14:03 PM) Doug Fischer: You never know with a talented young man at this stage in his career…. he’s been developed well.
(7:14:14 PM) Michael Rosenthal: I guess that’s my point .. I don’t think he’s that talented.
(7:14:27 PM) Doug Fischer: What he did vs. Trout shocked people. They’d never seen it. Think about what else we have yet to see.
(7:14:36 PM) Doug Fischer: How can he not be talented?
(7:14:44 PM) Michael Rosenthal: I think he’s talented .. but nothing special .. (Guillermo) Rigondeaux is special .. (Gennady) Golovkin is special .. not Canelo.
(7:14:45 PM) Doug Fischer: He’s 22 and unbeaten in 44 bouts.
(7:15:04 PM) Michael Rosenthal: C’mon .. he was spoon fed until Trout, who probably wasn’t as good as we thought.
(7:15:49 PM) Doug Fischer: You say that after Canelo beat him. But Trout beat the s— out of (Miguel) Cotto and was untouchable when he faced 2nd-tier contenders like Delvin Rodriguez.
(7:16:29 PM) Michael Rosenthal: Trout is a good fighter .. we’re talking about something different now.
(7:16:29 PM) Doug Fischer: I’ve known about Trout for a long time. He’s talented and as tough as they come and Canelo outboxed him, made him miss and put him down.
(7:17:06 PM) Doug Fischer: And if Canelo was a natural 140 or 147 pounder, and not so bright, I’d give him no shot vs. Mayweather.
(7:17:23 PM) Michael Rosenthal: I give him a shot .. just not a real good one.
(7:17:33 PM) Doug Fischer: If you think Canelo has no shot, you’re definitely wrong. Whether he’ll beat Floyd remains to be seen.
(7:17:49 PM) Michael Rosenthal: It would be silly to say Canelo has no shot .. of course he does.
(7:18:39 PM) Michael Rosenthal: To think he can outbox Mayweather also is silly, though .. in my opinion.
(7:19:45 PM) Doug Fischer: I’ll tell you on Sept. 14 what I told the guys on press row before the Trout fight: “Canelo will surprise you.”
(7:20:41 PM) Doug Fischer: I’ve got a feeling.
(7:20:49 PM) Doug Fischer: I don’t get it often.
(7:20:58 PM) Doug Fischer: But when I get it like this .. I’m usually right.
(7:21:16 PM) Doug Fischer: I’m going to visit Canelo’s camp once he gets settled in Big Bear (Calif.) .. that will tell me a lot.
(7:21:39 PM) Michael Rosenthal: I think I’ve seen enough already .. Mayweather is too advanced for Canelo.
(7:22:16 PM) Doug Fischer: We’ll see.