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Rios-Alvarado II: Live round-by-round updates

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alt will be posting live, round-by-round updates for the rematch between Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado on Saturday night from the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas.

The HBO-televised broadcast will begin at 10:15 p.m. ET.

In October’s bloody Fight-of-The-Year-caliber clash between the junior welterweights, Rios (31-0-1, 23 knockouts) became the first man to stop Alvarado (33-1, 23 KOs), doing so by seventh-round knockout.

Click here for a video look back at Rios-Alvarado I.

Rios vs. Alvarado live blog: Refresh this page often for updates.

Referee: Tony Weeks

Judges: Dave Moretti 115-113, Bill Lerch 115-113, , Duane Ford 114-113, all for Mike Alvarado.


Harold Lederman has it 116-112 for Alvarado.

Rios and Alvarado rehydrated at 161 and 158, respectively.

Alvarado enters the ring first, wearing a red robe trimmed in silver; Rios is second wearing a multi-colored robe — red sequins around the neck, red belt and gray and black sleeves.

With both fighters are in the ring, Michael Buffer is ready to announce. Title on the line is announced as the WBO’s interim junior welterweight.

“Mile High” Alvarado introduced first, Rios, second. Weeks gives final instructions. has it for Alvarado, 115-113.

Harold Lederman has it 116-112 for Alvarado.

altRound 1. We’re at it. Alvarado circles, Rios jabs. Crowd is chanting “Rios!” Rios cutting off ring, lands a left hook over Alvarado’s guard. Alvarado seems tentative. Hands held high. Alvarado briefly in southpaw stance. Rios fires three left hooks, one to the body. Right to the head by Alvarado and a good hook. Rios pounds to the head and body in return. They trade right hands. Clinch. Good up-jab by Rios. Another. Alvarado retreats. Rios bangs to the head and body. Good action. Alvarado jabbing in retreat. Rios smiles. Cut over right eye of Alvarado? Based on aggression, Rios’ round, 10-9

Round 2. Rios out-landed Alvarado, 23-17 overall in first round. Alvarado’s defense is better, but still taking punishment to the head and body. Nice hook to the head. Alvarado bleeding from the nose. Nice left-right to the head by Rios. Alvarado’s face is beginning to sow wear. Nice four-punch combo by Alvarado. Rios keeps coming. Alvarado wobbles with a hard jab and four punches. Holds on. Good left hook has Alvarado holding again. Left hook almost drops Alvardo. Brutal uppercut from Rios. Leftt and right. Alvarado tades but gets the worst of it. Rios closes with a four-punch combo. Alvarado’s face is cutting up. Rios’ round, 10-9; Rios, 20-18.

Round 3. Rios landed 34 power shots in the second round. Crowd chanting Rios’ name. Rios takes two rights but walks through them. Nice straight left by Rios. Rios looks determined to break down Alvarado. Rios to the body. Nice right hand swivels Rios’ head. They trade rights. Rios digs a right to the body and a right uppercut. Alvarado holding, Rios, punching. Rios wobbles from a right hand. Alvarado hurts Rios again with a right cross. Another hard right from Rios. Alvarado storms back big. Alvarado’s round, 10-9; Rios, 29-28.

Round 4. Alvarado circles and boxes to start the second. Nice up-jab to open. Alvarado fires his right over the top, but his right eyue is opened. More rights from Alvarado. It is effective. Alvarado’s boxing effectively, but stops and takes some body shots. Alvarado’s right jab works well, but so does Rios’. Good rights from Alvarado, good uppercut and hook by Rios. Solid action. Good left hook and right hand by Alvarado. Alvarado pounds his chest as he returns to his corner. Alvarado out-landed Rios, 31-22 in the round. Alvarado’s round, 10-9; Even, 38-38.

altRound 5. Alvarado’s face is busted up, but he’s boxing well. Switches briefly to southpaw and back. Rios lands a succession of unanswered shots — about six. Alvarado comes back with a double-left hook to the head and body, and then, a right-left. Rios warned by Weeks for hitting low. Alvarado takes about 30 seconds to recover. Time in. Rios goes back to stalking. Nice uppercut by Alvarado, left hook by Rios. Good action. Both delivering to teh body. Crowd chants Rios’ name. Rios fires six shots to the body. Nice uppercut from Alvarado. Triple-jab by Alvarado. Three-punch combo by Alvarado. Rios still coming forward. Alvarado out-lands Rios down the stretch. Alvarado’s round, 10-9; Alvarado, 48-47.

Round 6. Harold Lederman has it as does heading into the sixth, 48-47, for Alvarado. Hard right uppercut and a clinch by Alvarado. Six shots to the body by Rios, solid right by Alvarado. Alvarado’s boxing well. Good jab and follow-up right. Rios hammers hard right to the body and is pressuring. Alvarado still is busier. Alvardo still is beating Rios to the punch, four-punch combination. Rios’ left eye is swelling from the right hands. Good jabs by Alvarado, good hook to the body from Rios. Good uppercut from Rios. Alvarado closes with a three-punch combo, ending with a right. Rios with an edge in punches landed, 25-24. Rios round, 10-9; Even, 57-57.

Round 7. Rios comes out hammering Alvarado to start the seventh. Solid shots to the head and body by Rios. Nice shot to the body by Alvarado. Rios stays in Alvarado’s chest. Rios roughing up and nailing Alvarado. Alvarado clinches after taking a left. Four-punch combo rocks Alvarado. Alvarado’s still pumping the jab, but Rios cuts off the ring and digs to the head and body. Two good jabs by Rios. Rios closes with a left hook and two right hands. Rios’ round, 10-9; Rios, 67-66.

Round 8. Alvarado goes back to boxing, good jabs. Alvarado fires several punches that are blocked, Rios counters with a left hook and a right. Good three-punch combo by Rios. Solid right by Rios, solid right by Alvardo. Two more solid rights by Alvarado. Great action. Rios backs up Alvarado with a left and a right. Alvardo comes back with a big right, Rios, with a right and a left. Good counter-left by Alvarado, who had taken a right and a left. Nice right by Rios. Six punch combo for Alvarado. Alvarado closes with a six-punch volley, capped by a right. Alvarado out-landed Rios, 32-23 in the round, 26 of those being power shots. Alvarado’s round, 10-9; Even, 76-76.

Round 9. Alvarado fires a nice three-punch combination and then moves away. Nice right hand over the top by Alvarado. Right to the body by Alvarado. Alvarado moving side to side from a distance, Rios does not cut off the ring. Good right hand by Alvarado. Alvarado fires a right uppercut. Rios misses wit a right. Rios lands a hook and a left uppercut. Alfarado answers with a right left. Alvarado lands a hard right and a hard body shot. Alvarado out-lands Rios over the final 10 seconds. Alvarado’s round, 10-9; Alvarado, 86-85.

altRound 10. Alvarado has out-landed Rios, 212-210 over the course of the fight. Lederman has the same score as, 86-85, for Alvarado. Alvarado continues to work at the steady pace. Jabbing, landing the right to the head and body, and then moving away. Nice right by Alvarado. Alvarado is out-working Rios. Nice uppercut by Rios. Good right uppercut by Alvarado. Four-uppercuts to the head by Alvarado. Rios is not landing more than a punch at a time. Alvarado counters with three blows. Rios’ punches to the body blocked. Rios’ left eye is closing. Good hard jab and left hook by Alvarado. Alvarado triumphantly raises a glove as he returns to his corner. Alvarado’s round, 10-9; Alvarado, 96-94.

Round 11. Alvarado out-landed Rios, 22-11, in the 10th. Lederman has same score as, 96-94, for Alvarado. Alvarado’s game plan of boxing and punching is effective. Good jab, nice right and even body punching. Rios goes back to the jab, and hurts Alvarado with one. Nice right hands by Rios. Another by Rios. Rios needs a big round, and appears to be winning the 11th. Crowd chants Rios, who takes a right jab out of Alvarado’s southpaw stance. Alvarado’s eyes both swollen. Nice right hand to hurt Alvarado as the round ends. Rios’ round, by a hair, 10-9; Alvarado, 105-104.

Round 12. Lederman has Alvarado ahead, 106-103, meaning Rios needs a KO. Alvarado’s boxing. Good jab and a right by Alvarado. Alvarado’s left eye is cut badly. Good left by Rios. Two good rights by Alvarado. Another by Alvarado. Two more by Alvarado. Good left to the body by Rios. Alvarado seems busier. Good right hand by Alvarado, and then, another. Alvarado moving side to side. Good right by Alvarado. Left hook by Alvarado wobbles Rios with about 16 seconds left. Alvarado raises his left glove skyward as the bell sounds. Alvarado’s round, 10-9; Alvarado, 115-113. has it for Alvarado, 115-113.

Harold Lederman has it 116-112 for Alvarado.


Photos: by Naoki Fukuda (top); Josh Hedges-Getty (middle three); Chris Farina-Top Rank (bottom)

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