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THE RING Magazine May issue: At a glance

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No subculture is as devoted to boxing as Mexican-Americans, from whose ranks regularly emerge an inordinate number of elite fighters.

Consider that six Mexican-Americans are rated by THE RING. That’s more than the output of all but six countries and more than such nations as Cuba, Germany, Thailand and Argentina. And many more Mexican-Americans are knocking on the door.

Yes, they are thriving in boxing.

THE RING contributor Don Stradley explores that remarkable success in our May 2013 cover story It’s Our Heritage. Stradley compiled a list of 10 great performances by Mexican-American boxers to accompany his story.

Also, as part of that package, Editor Doug Fischer gives you “The 10 Best” active Mexican-American fighters and list of the best of all time.

Among that group of active fighters is Mikey Garcia, who made a bold statement with his impressive victory over Orlando Salido. Regular contributor Norm Frauenheim gives you a close-up look at trainer Robert Garcia’s brother in ‘A’ Student of the Game.

Also in the May issue, in Long Goodbyes, regular contributor Bernard Fernandez explores some big-time boxers’ not-always-so-smart habit of retiring and then un-retiring before finally hanging up the gloves permanently. ÔǪ

Regular contributor Ron Borges writes in Like Father, Unlike Son that excitable Angel Garcia and subdued RING champ Danny Garcia make an effective Рand entertaining Рteam. 

The Making of a Hero, written by Bart Barry, concludes that Sergio Martinez’s ability to survive a last-second onslaught by Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. raised his stock among his Argentine countrymen.

Included with that story is a list of the 10 greatest Argentine fighters ever. 

In Gone in an Instant, Gary Andrew Poole tells the tragic story of 25-year-old prospect Omar Henry, who was cut down by cancer before he had a chance to realize his potential in boxing and in life. 

And contributor Tim Smith writes in Start of Something Big? that Olympic star Zou Shiming is the first Chinese boxer with the potential to become a major player in the sport. 

Elsewhere in the issue:

  • Perennial contender Zab Judah is the subject of this month’s Best I’ve Faced, in which he reveals to THE RING his best opponents in 10 key categories.
  • In Ready to Grumble, columnist David Greisman writes that Adrien Broner has the ability to be a driving force in boxing whether you like his personality or not.
  • InSix Pack, our fitness column, T,K. Stewart writes that hard work is necessary to succeed but overtraining can be hazardous.
  • Outside the Ropes, written by Contributing Editor Brian Harty, includes a look at Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s stunning decision to defect from HBO to Showtime and Manny Pacquiao’s suggestion that he’ll fight outside the U.S. to save money in taxes.
  • And in Letters from Europe, U.K. correspondent Gareth A Davies writes that the compelling rematch between Carl Froch and Mikkel Kessler on May 25 has fans excited.


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