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Dougie’s Friday mailbag



Yo Doug!
Wow. Do you think that the possibility of jail time lingering in the back of Robert Guerrero’s mind is enough to throw him off his game? New York has some pretty ridiculous gun laws, and I wouldn’t be surprised if The Ghost actually gets jail time. I know what it feels like to get put through the ringer as far as the judicial system goes. And it messes with a person’s mentality. You have a feeling of anxiety, fear, and depression all balled into one and it’s not fun.

He seems pretty smart in the ring. And that’s what it’s going to take to beat Floyd Mayweather. Guts and skill aren’t enough to beat this guy, and Guerrero knows that. This ordeal couldn’t possibly help him. PEACE! – PB, Houston, Texas

Guerrero’s gun charge is going to make it that much harder for him to keep his eyes on the May 4 prize during the month of April. This training camp is already in the spotlight (something Team Guerrero isn’t used to) because of the magnitude of fighting Mayweather, but now The Ghost will have more media heat beating down on him thanks to his pending court appearance (10 days after the fight) and the possibility of being convicted of a felony which could result in serious jail time.

Every interview Guerrero does from now until the fight, and beyond it, will include numerous questions about the unloaded gun he brought with him to his New York media junket and his thoughts on the potential consequences.

Like you stated, a situation like this will create a nasty mix of “anxiety, fear, and depression” in the most resilient individual. However, I think Guerrero is mentally stronger than most folks. He and his family have been through a lot and I believe his character has been tested and strengthened over the years.

My guess is that Guerrero will handle the scrutiny from the media and from boxing fans with honesty and grace. And on those days when it all seems overwhelming (like when Team Mayweather starts giving him a hard time for his poor judgment), Guerrero will undoubtedly turn to his religious faith and ask God to give him the strength to deal with whatever comes his way.


Guerrero is not so smart after all (in and out of the ring) after this arrest. Geez, what an IDIOT! Wasn’t he praising the lord all this time? And now this. Looks like he can’t handle all the pressure surrounding the fight (and Floyd himself for that matter… who will no doubt play this thing out and mock him till fight day). He makes Victor Ortiz look like a saint for that head-butt. Was rooting for this guy to have a chance to win this fightÔǪ but now, all bets are off. Floyd will probably cruise the whole fight, while Guerrero’s mind is somewhere else. The guy needs help. My 2 cents. Keep up the good work Dougie! – Allan

Thanks Allan.

Guerrero made a big mistake, one that might cost him in the near future, but I think he has the ability to put that out of his mind for the next five weeks and be at his best on the most important night of his career.

For starters, Guerrero doesn’t have a history of run-ins with the law. For the most part, he’s a model citizen, which should help his defense and hopefully earn some leniency from the prosecution. He’s aware of this, so that should ease his mind a little bit.

But more important than Guerrero’s track record of staying out of trouble, is his history of overcoming odds and challenges. Guerrero’s career has suffered from numerous setbacks due to family illness (his wife’s well-documented battle with cancer), training/promotional/managerial changes, injuries, inactivity, etc., but he has persevered through it all.

He has climbed from featherweight to welterweight and he managed to earn top-five rankings in the divisions he fought in despite all the setbacks, and he’s somehow made himself relevant enough to earn a shot at Mayweather. Having known Guerrero since he turned pro 11 years ago, and knowing some of what he’s been through, I seriously doubt that his mind will be anywhere but in the ring and on the task at hand on May 4.



Let’s talk business! Awesome read on Wednesday about Gennady “GGG” Golovkin and his career path. I really enjoyed the detail you went into about his trainer’s and promoter’s past fighters who fought 4-5 times a year. I hope they keep him on the same path, and they seem like they are. Although some of the comments were still bustin’ his chops about his opponent and saying he’s over-rated (after an article that detailed the exact reasons for this fight). Maybe they just glanced over it, who knows. I for one will be purchasing the PPV (actually, I already did) and I’m psyched about getting to see him fight.

Just a bit more on the Monaco card? I caught the Edwin Rodriguez vs. Jason Escalera fight. It was an entertaining fight to watch for sure. So I’ll be rooting for Edwin. Do you think he’s got a chance getting past Ezequiel Maderna? Will it be a tough fight for him? Who do you see coming out overall? Do you think GGG will fight again when the winners of Saturday fight for the Million?

Oh yeah AND there’s Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios vs. Mike Alvarado II! What a weekend. I’m going to go out there and say Alvarado keeps out of the slugfest for three rounds, but by the fourth he’s right back in there. Does anyone know what the heck happened to Alvarado? His face and neck was pretty cut up on HBO’s “Road To” series.

Be well. – Jason CT

Thanks, Jason. I will be.

The lacerations on the right side of Alvarado’s neck and face were caused by an altercation or accident that occurred away from the gym in early February. Given “Mile High” Mike’s history, it could have been a street fight or a car accident or just a really tough chick who likes to give “super-hickies.” Whatever it was, Alvarado isn’t talking much about it.

I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time and it was a little accident. It happened outside the ring and I’m fine,” is what he told New Jersey fight scribe Keith Idec.

I agree with your prediction that Alvarado will eventually be sucked back into the kind of slugfest that ultimately overwhelmed him in their first bout, but I think he’ll give Rios a difficult fight and will last into the late rounds before Bam Bam chops him down.

I don’t think Golovkin will fight on the second part of the “Monte Carlo Million Dollar Super Four” tournament because it takes place on July 13 and GGG reportedly has a June HBO date.

I’m also looking forward to watching Golovkin fight tomorrow afternoon, but I know that the Rodriguez-Maderna fight will probably be the most competitive bout on the pay-per-view show.

I think Maderna will give Rodriguez a much tougher fight than Escalera did.

I favor Rodriguez and Zsolt Erdei to win their fights by decision on Saturday. I think Erdei will win the finals.

Regarding GGG’s message board/social media detractors, I understand their criticism. Golovkin does have a lot of hype for a guy who has only faced one legit 160-pound contender (Grzegorz Proksa – a lower top 10 middleweight). He’s not going to earn any respect from his critics by beating up on game-but-outgunned Nobuhiro Ishida for however long the fight lasts.

However, he will gain more fans. And he will continue to add to his growing fan base with every fight. So, if Golovkin meets his team’s goal of fighting five times this year – even if all of his opponents are mid-level guys – he will end 2013 as one of the sport’s most popular middleweights (behind only Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and RING champ Sergio Martinez). That momentum and popularity will help GGG land a significant bout in 2014.


Hey Dougie,

What’s your view of this possibly upcoming Welterweight Super 6 that Top Rank might be bringing to us.

Me? I like it! I’ll like to see a Junior-welter Super 6 as well!

Regarding the welterweight version whom would you favor? I’m tempting to narrow it down to Manny Pacquiao and J. Manuel Marquez. But I do understand that either fighter could hit the wall overnight if he hasn’t already.

Bradley could be a strong favourite providing he fully recovers from his war with Provodnokov.

Come to think about it the tourney might actually be narrowed down between Provo and Brandon Rios. Brandon in particular would be the freshest fighter of the bunch and that could really work in his favor.

And yes I’m obviously picking Rios to beat down Alvarado again. When it comes to trench warfare it’s either the harder puncher who wins or the guy with the stronger chin. Rios has both the bigger punch and the tougher chin.

Actually if Alvarado does lose to his nemesis once again it really should be a guy like Keith Thurman instead of Mikey (sorry Mike) who should be in that Super 6.

Moving on to Bradley and fellow contender Robert Guerrero. I know there’s been debate over whether Guerrero should be ranked No. 3 (by THE RING) or should that distinction go to Bradley. You can make a strong statement for either fighter. Although if Guerrero beats Floyd or at least gives him hell that would settle it right there.

Regardless, if Bradley can still be 100% and he takes on Guerrero whom you pick to win there? Happy Easter Buddy! – Phil

Thanks Phil.

Prior to the Provodnikov fight I would have favored Bradley to outpoint Guerrero in a 147-pound fight. However, after that grueling ring war, I favor Guerrero by decision.

Also, I also agreed that an argument could be made for Bradley being the No. 3-rated welterweight prior to the Provodnikov fight. Not after it. Bradley almost lost to an unrated welterweight who wasn’t considered top-five at 140 pounds going into the March 16 bout.

If Rios is able to defeat Alvarado quicker than he did in the first fight (as he and trainer Robert Garcia have predicted), I would favor him to win any sort of Top Rank welterweight round robin. Like you stated, he would be the freshest fighter of the bunch and he has the kind of heavy handed, grinding style that makes old veterans like Pacquiao and Marquez feel their age.

However, if Alvarado puts Rios through the kind of brutal 12-round war that Bradley had to survive against Provodnikov, who knows how well he would hold up against some of the best 147 pounders on the planet?