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Who wins Ward-Dawson? Ask the experts



Keith Idec, The Record/

Andre Ward SD12 over Chad Dawson: This fight could go either way, despite the 3-1 odds in Andre Ward’s favor. Ward will turn it into the type of physical fight on the inside.

That favors him just enough to edge Chad Dawson, who’ll need consistent distance to do his best work even though he is the bigger, slightly stronger fighter.

Record: 7-6

Paulie Malignaggi, WBA welterweight titleholder, former IBF junior welterweight beltholder

Chad Dawson W 12 Andre Ward: This is a fight that has me flip-flopping every day. Both guys are among the best in boxing, pound-for-pound, in my opinion.

But I lean towards Chad Dawson today. Andre Ward will make it interesting, though. I believe both guys will force adjustments out of each other, But I see Dawson’s silky-smooth boxing edging it in the end.

Record: 10-6

Ryan Maquinana, CSNBAYAREA/

Andre Ward W 12 Chad Dawson: I think Andre Ward weathers an initial surge from a motivated Chad Dawson in the early rounds, and closes the distance on his taller, longer foe.

Once he neutralizes Dawson’s reach and makes him fight in the pocket, where the defending champ is surgically accurate, the fight will swing Ward’s way in a competitive decision.

Record: 11-5

Rich Marotta, Top Rank Live

Andre Ward UD 12 Chad Dawson: These are two pretty similar fighters, and I think we’ve got a chess match on our hands. You will have to appreciate the true art of boxing, the sweet science, to appreciate this fight.

Dawson is bigger, and will use that to his advantage early. Ward however is smart enough to figure it out, will come in during the middle and late rounds slightly out-skill Dawson and win it.

Record: 4-2

Jack Obermayer, Fight Fax Inc.

Andre Ward UD 12 Chad Dawson: Don’t think this one is even close. Chad Dawson is not a pure-bred like Andre Ward. He can’t overcome with either tactics or desire.

Besides — and this is no secret — Dawson is giving up home field as well as having to make a lower weight than he used to in recent years. Advantage: Ward by unanimous decision.

Record: 6-3

Chris Robinson, The

Andre Ward UD 12 Chad Dawson: I think Chad Dawson is an incredibly talented fighter, but Andre Ward seems to get more out of his abilities.

I have heard a lot of interesting things coming from Dawson’s camp this time around. I like Ward to pull out a hard-earned unanimous decision on September 8th.

Record: 8-3


Cliff Rold,

Andre Ward W 12 Chad Dawson: In a fight that could get bogged down early with grappling inside, Chad Dawson is probably the better athlete while Ward is the smarter fighter.

If Dawson can handle the weight loss and let his hands go without thinking, he has the tools to pull it off. But this is a thinking man’s fight.

So, here, the stronger man, mentally, has the advantage. Ward has the mind and maturity to stand ahead of almost anyone in the crowd.

Record: 10-7

Andre Ward UD 12 Chad Dawson: Andre Ward-Chad Dawson is a fascinating matchup of two excellent technicians. Dawson obviously has tremendous ability.

But Ward probably has better skills and is much of a fighter, one who has demonstrated an ability to overwhelm quality opponents.

Plus, I have to think that Dawson will have to work to get down to 168 pounds. Ward will win a clear unanimous decision.

Record: 12-3
Andre Ward W 12 Chad Dawson

I think the weight loss will affect Chad Dawson. Andre Ward is on a roll right now. He seems to be getting better and better with each fight. He’s right on the brink of being a crossover superstar.

Record: 5-3

Andre Ward UD 12 Chad Dawson: The problem with Chad Dawson is you never know which guy is going to show up. This time, no matter which guy shows up, he will be at a disadvantage because of having to drop down in weight.

There is a reason Andre Ward is ranked on the Pound-for-Pound best list and Dawson is about to find out. Ward is still a hungry, skilled and determined boxer. He doesn’t take off rounds and is always focused. Ward by 12-round unanimous decision.

Record: 2-1

Andre Ward UD 12 Chad Dawson: It’s hard to pick against Andre Ward, who is fighting at his weight and hasn’t lost since he was 12.

Chad Dawson’s movement and jab will give him a hard time early, but I suspect that Ward’s patience will pay off and he will get the fight he wants in the second half of the fight.

Record: 10-4
Andre Ward W 12 Chad Dawson: Between his hometown advantage and his ability to adjust in the ring, Andre Ward will outbox Chad Dawson.
Dawson will get frustrated with his inability to land solid punches on Ward and possibly get a bit reckless. I see a good technical fight that could go either way. But Ward just does not want to lose.
Record: 5-3
Andre Ward has the overwhelming vote, by 13-1, to defeat Chad Dawson.

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