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Peterson releases statement

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Following the IBF’s decision to allow Lamont Peterson to retain his junior welterweight title, which you can read about here, Peterson has released this statement:

(August 10, 2012) “I’m thankful, and I’m thrilled with the IBF’s decision,” said Lamont
Peterson when informed that the International Boxing Federation decided to allow Peterson to
retain his Junior Welterweight title. Over the past few months, the Peterson camp has worked
diligently to defend Lamont in the face of accusations and innuendo following the cancellation of
a May fight with Amir Khan.
Throughout the process, Lamont and his team have consistently maintained that Lamont never
took any actions intended to provide him with a competitive advantage. In vindicating Lamont,
the independent review conducted by the IBF confirmed the Peterson camp’s position. The
IBF’s independent physician determined that “the testosterone levels noted in the VADA report
are consistent with the therapeutic use of the hormone and not for the purpose of performance
Lamont added, “I want to thank my manager, Barry Hunter, for all of his support throughout this
ordeal. There were a lot of naysayers out there, but Barry and the rest of my team never doubted
me. My team fought non-stop to ensure that I was cleared.”
Barry Hunter added, “I’ve known Lamont his whole life and always had faith in him. We were
certain that when all of the details were reviewed, Lamont would be cleared and allowed to move
on with a title defense and his career.”
The Peterson camp will now work toward a title defense against Zab Judah, the number one
contender in the IBF Junior Welterweight rankings.
Hunter offered, “We never stopped training. Lamont looks great and we’re looking forward to a
great fight once we work out the details with Judah and his team.”
Lamont concluded, “I wanted to thank my fans for all of their support during the past few
months. I’m excited to get back in the ring. I feel great and I’m ready to fight.”
About Lamont Peterson: Lamont Peterson is the current International Boxing Federation
Junior Welterweight Champion and the World Boxing Association Super Lightweight Champion
in Recess. Peterson sports a 30-1-1 professional record with 15 KO’s and is a former USA and
National Golden Gloves Champion. Peterson is managed by Barry Hunter of Headbangers
Boxing in Washington, DC.