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Browne first U.S. Olympian to lose

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Team USA suffered its first loss of the 2012 Olympic Games on Monday as light heavyweight Marcus Browne, Staten Island, N.Y., fell to Damien Hooper, of Australia, in opening round action. The bout was closely contested throughout, but Hooper pulled out the win with a third round surge, claiming a 13-11 victory.

Browne threw the first punches in the contest, looking to find his rhythm but the place was slow throughout the first three minutes of action. The American boxer held a 3-2 lead after one round, and entered the second trying to extend it. The output from both boxers remained slow in the second round and the two boxers added three points a piece to their totals, giving Browne a one-point lead entering the final round Hooper came out swinging in the third and his efforts gave him the lead and a 13-11 decision, eliminating Browne from the tournament.

“I didn’t listen to my corner. My corner said to take it to him. I did it for a little bit but not the whole round. I had a one-point lead and that’s really nothing. I definitely waited too long,” Browne said. “My corner told me more speed, less power and I didn’t listen but this isn’t a set back, it’s a learning experience.”

Despite the loss, Browne, one of the U.S. team’s vocal leaders isn’t going to return home early.

“I’m going to stay here and support my team,” Browne said.