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Khan rips Peterson on Sky Sports

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Amir Khan blasted Lamont Peterson on Sky Sports’ TV program Ringside on Thursday, labeling his former opponent a “cheat” a day after their scheduled fight was canceled because Peterson tested postitive for synthetic testosterone.

Khan also rejected Peterson’s recent statements that the testosterone pellets he had implanted by a Las Vegas-based doctor were to correct a medical condition and therefore represented a “confidential medical matter between a patient and his physician.”

They were scheduled to fight May 19 in Las Vegas.

“Lamont Peterson is a professional world champion fighter,” said Khan. “He knows that testosterone is illegal and that steroids are illegal so why put those substances in your body?

This could never be a mistake. Even when I go to the doctors for a cough, I speak to my boxing doctor first and send him the name of the medicine I am taking.”

Khan further wondered how Peterson could refer to himself as a world champion, saying that he had “disappointed America and disrespected his own fans.”

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Meanwhile, in what could best be described as an unfortunate choice of words, Peterson said the following in a Q&A with RingTV.com on Thursday: “He [referring to Dr. John A. Thompson, the physician who executed the procedure] said that it’s not going to make me feel like Superman or anything like that.”

Compare that to this, Tweeted by Peterson on April 24:

“Sorry I haven’t been tweeting but I’m staying focus for the fight! Training is going gr8…..I feel like superman!!!” Lamont Peterson @kingpete26