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Khan’s manager tells fans not to panic over Peterson’s failed drug test

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Amir Khan‘s manager, Asif Vali has urged everyone to ‘be patient and not to panic’ following the shock news that IBF/ WBA junior welterweight holder Lamont Peterson has tested positive for synthetic testosterone, throwing his anticipated rematch with the British fighter, in Las Vegas, May 19, into chaos.

With the fight just over two weeks away there is genuine concern that should it have to be cancelled there will be no time to find a decent replacement to satisfy the many thousands of fans, especially in the UK, who have already bought flights to the USA and tickets for Peterson-Khan II at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Vali admitted on Tuesday that until more is known about exactly what happened with regards Peterson’s failed drug test – and whether he will be allowed to defend the belts he took off Khan in December – there is little he could do or say to appease those fears.

“They (Peterson) have obviously felt the need to make a statement and whatever they have said I am sure they will come back to everybody to try and give an explanation to what has happened, ” he said.

“We have to be patient with this and I am sure the fans are desperate to know what’s going to happen but we will have to wait and see what the Americans say and then revert back to everybody in due course.

“Let’s not panic. Let’s be patient and see what does happen before making any decisions. This is boxing and these things do happen. But it’s not in Amir’s hands and it’s not in Team Khan’s hands. It’s in others’ hands and obviously we will try to help as much as we can.

“It’s to early to be discussing anything else. Let’s wait and focus on what happens over the next few hours.”