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Mayweather-Cotto, Alvarez-Mosley camp notes

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Mayweather’s training began immediately following the three-city promotional press tour that ended in Los Angeles on March 1.

Mayweather isn’t the type to ever take time off from the gym, but says he believes that brief gaps between fights are beneficial, helping him to maintain his fighting shape and keep his skills sharp. “Brief” for him, that is; Mayweather’s last fight was against Victor Ortiz, whom he dethroned as WBC beltholder by fourth-round knockout in September 2011.

“It feels good to be fighting again. I am getting great work from my sparring partners and the energy in the gym is perfect for training hard every day,” said Mayweather.

“I am aware of Miguel Cotto’s record and success. I am not taking him lightly. I am working hard to get ready for the fight on May 5.”

During camp, Mayweather gets to the gym around 4 p.m. and works non-stop until he departs at 7 p.m. Mayweather likes to mix up his training sessions with the heavy bag, speed bag, body work and jumping rope to go along with his sparring sessions.

Along with his gym training, Mayweather loves to hit the pavement and go for distance runs whenever the mood strikes, whether it is the middle of the day or the middle of the night.


Mayweather will be fighting Cotto at 154 pounds, a weight that some believe may pose a problem for him. But Mayweather’s not concerned.

“My body feels great. I always fight around the weight I carry when I am not fighting. Now I can just work harder to feel stronger and more comfortable at 154 pounds,” he said.

“I haven’t had to adjust that much because my body has always just kind of found its comfort zone and that’s where I fight. I have been given a special gift with my weight. I have never had to worry about it other than to get in the best shape possible for all of my fights.”

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