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Mayweather, Koncz offer different accounts of Pacquiao talks

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao’s advisor, Michael Koncz, have been negotiating for more than a month, but until Pacquiao informed a Philippines-based media outlet of his personal phone conversation with Mayweather earlier this month, Koncz told that they had agreed to keep their discussions private.

But in the wake of Wednesday’s selection of WBA junior middleweight beltholder Miguel Cotto as his next opponent, Mayweather broke his silence and offered his version of the negotiations to Yahoo!Sports.

“I presented Pacquiao with the fight, and all I got to say is, Pacquiao’s blowing a bunch of smoke up everyone’s a–. He don’t really want to fight. I gave him a chance to step up to the plate. We’re talking about a $10 million fighter who I tried to give $40 million to. We didn’t even talk about the back end,” said Mayweather.

“Everything everybody is hearing is just a bunch of lies. I’ve got the proof. The proof is in the pudding and I’ve got the proof from all my meetings with Michael Koncz. Floyd Mayweather has proof. When it’s all said and done, like I said before, I’m honest and a stand-up type guy.”

Mayweather even directed this zinger at “The Pac Man” from his Facebook page: “I’m fighting Miguel Cotto on May 5th because Miss Pac Man is ducking me.”

On Wednesday, Koncz offered an exclusive retort to

“Contrary to Floyd Mayweather’s comments, Manny never ducked this fight, and I’ve beeen working on this fight for a substantial amount of time directly with Floyd,” said Koncz.

“Also, contrary to information given to Floyd by people around him, Manny is substantially more than a $10 million fighter, and the records will prove that.”

Koncz disagreed with a number of Mayweather’s points concerning the discussions regarding Pacquiao, who still is deciding between WBO junior welterweight beltholder Tim Bradley, IBF/WBA junior welterweight titleholder Lamont Peterson or RING lightweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez for a potential fight on June 9 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

“Despite my assurances that I would not speak to the media, Floyd has made a statement to the press regarding Manny and criticizing Manny, and so I am compelled to make my own statements regarding my discussions with Floyd. And Floyd is correct in the assertion that he offered Manny $40 million,” said Koncz.

“There was no discussion of the back end. However, our counter offer to Floyd Mayweather was a $50 million guarantee, plus the overage on the pay per view would be split 45 percent to 55 percent, with the winner getting 55 percent.”

Negotiations between Mayweather and Pacquiao have twice failed over the issue of random drug testing of blood and urine, but Koncz said that he offered to clear that up as well.


“When I made that offer, we also agreed to the blood and urine testing, and we agreed for it to be conducted at all times and at any and on all days that Floyd requested, except on the day of the fight,” said Koncz.

“But I wish Floyd luck on his fight with Cotto, and he has my number. The lines are always open to discuss with Manny and me, the possibility of fighting in November under fair and reasonable terms.”

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