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Happy New Year! Like so many fight fans, the one fight I’m looking forward to this year is the megafight we’ve all been waiting for – Pacquiao vs. Mayweather. Now that Floyd will get his freedom extended till June, and is on mark to fight come May 5th, I sincerely hope that date is with Manny.

But, it seems Mr. Arum has another agenda for Manny and is reluctant to accept that date (whereas, he was open to it months ago). PacMan now looks like a mere puppet of Top Rank (more so now than ever) if he refuses to accept the May 5th date. The anticipation is now losing steam and it’s a damn shame. The P4P King have to finally STAND UP and say yes “I will fight Floyd Mayweather on May 5th!”…not Cotto II or Marquez IV. There’s really no other choice for Pacquiao other than the obvious for the sake of entertaining the fans. If it’s not May 5th, then I think even the most casual fan of the sport will get tired of all the BS and want the two fighters to retire already if there’s no fight.

The possibility of Mayweather/Alvarez on Cinco de Mayo is now very likely. But I do think Floyd will win on points easily or possibly KO the young ‘un in the late rounds– just too much experience for Money May. Where do you stand in the latest chapter of the mega fight that might never be? Thanks Dougie and see ya at the fights! — Allan, Rancho Cordova, Calif.

I don’t have a stance on who’s to blame in the super-mega-ultra-uber fight not happening on May 5th (or in 2010 and 2011), but I’m in full support of real fight fans turning their back on the Pacquiao-Mayweather matchup (and both fighters in general) if it doesn’t go down in 2012. Like I stated in last week’s Friday mailbag, I’m already sick of Floyd and Manny’s obnoxious fans terrorizing every boxing forum on the internet and I’ll be officially through with discussing their “possible” fight if it doesn’t happen this year.

I agree that Pacquiao looks like Bob Arum’s puppet (which is pathetic and embarrassing, but still a lot better than being known as a guy who beats up on the mother of his children while the kids watch).

I don’t have much interest in a Miguel Cotto rematch, a fourth fight with Juan Manuel Marquez (even though the mighty JMM deserves the payday), or a showdown with Lamont Peterson. I think Tim Bradley is deserving of a shot at Pacquiao, but I’m not sure his style will make for an entertaining scrap with the Filipino star.

Like I stated in my post-fight column on the Alvarez-Cintron fight, “Canelo” is not ready for Mayweather. Hell, the kid ain’t ready for Cotto. How is a 21-year-old fighter who won his first major belt last March in a distance fight with Ricky Hatton’s brother going to be mature enough to deal with Floyd’s experience and brand of defensive boxing? The answer, which you (and most fans) already know, is that he won’t be.

Having said that, Alvarez vs. Mayweather will make for a successful “Cinco de Mayo” promotion and pay-per-view event. Pacquiao-Cotto II and Pacquiao-Marquez IV will also do big numbers. These potential matchups will sell out any arena in Las Vegas, L.A. or NYC and do 1-to-1.5 million pay-per-view buys. So Golden Boy Promotions and Top Rank will continue to do good business, but personally, I won’t get too excited about these fights.

I’ll be paying more attention to the other pound-for-pound rated fighters, such as Nonito Donaire, Sergio Martinez and Andre Ward this year. I’m more excited about already scheduled bouts that I view as even-money matchups, such as Chavez-Rubio, Donarie-Vazquez, Ortiz-Berto II, Kirkland-Molina, Alexander-Maidana and Broner-Perez, than I will be for whoever Mayweather and Pacquiao wind up facing.


Dear Doug,

Do you know if the prosecutors plan to appeal Mayweather’s sentencing delay? If the delay is reversed, Floyd would have to report and obviously couldn’t fight. The prosecution objected to it in court, but I don’t know if they will pursue it further. Take care. – Patrick

All they did was object to it. There won’t be an appeal. They see the writing on the wall, and what it reads is basically the reverse of that old saying that “money talks and bulls__t walks.” Mayweather’s defense talked a good game (Floyd = money for the near-dead Vegas economy), so Mayweather walks (and fights in May, and then reports his narrow butt to jail in June).


I’ve been reading your column since maxboxing and I’ve always respected your opinion, although I didn’t always agree. Now that Nonito Donaire moved up to 122 pounds, I began to wonder how he would have fared against 2 of my favorite fighters of all time, Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera.

I think they both beat the Filipino Flash and I actually think El Terrible knocks him out. What are your thoughts on those matchups? Happy New Years!!! Sincerely. — Ozzie

Of course I’ve got to go with Morales and Barrera over Donaire. As crazy talented as Donaire is, I can’t even consider him against those two future hall of famers until I see what’s he’s got against Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. on Feb. 4.

Wilfredo Gomez stands alone as the all-time best 122-pound fighter, in my opinion, and Morales and Barrera figure into my top-five junior featherweights after “Bazooka,” along with Jeff Fenech, Daniel Zaragoza, and Wilfredo Vazquez Sr.

Speaking of great 122 pounders, look for a 10 List of the best junior featherweights of all time (compiled by the incomparable Lee Groves) on later this week.


Obviously, the trainer of the year award goes to Robert Garcia. The work he did with Brandon Rios and Nonito Donaire speaks for itself. However, no trainer is more important to the success of a fighter this year than Ann Wolfe. James Kirkland is not the type of fighter he is without her in his corner. He needs her in his corner. So, Robert Garcia is the MVT (most valuable trainer), but Ann Wolfe is the most valuable. – Tyler

As far as Kirkland is concerned, Wolfe is the MVT and most valuable person every year. I don’t think he would excel under any other trainer. And I don’t think there’s a more fascinating trainer in the sport.

HBO should do a 24/7 series on the Kirkland-Molina fight just for Wolfe.

Garcia got my vote on the Boxing Writers Association of America’s ballot, but are you sure he’s a slam dunk for Trainer of the Year? Maybe. Rios ascended to the top of the 135-pound division under his guidance, Donaire exploded into everyone’s P4P top five, and MargaritoÔǪ well, he was just Margarito, but I think Garcia gets the most out of whatever fight is left in that Mexican O.G.

Both Barry Hunter, who trains Lamont Peterson, and Virgil Hunter, who coaches Andre Ward, (and, no, they are not related) deserve strong consideration, in my opinion. So does Nacho Beristain, who rebuilt Jhonny Gonzalez into a 126-pound titleholder and helped JMM almost upset the PacMonster.

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