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Hopkins keeps title after WBC rules loss to Dawson a technical draw

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The World Boxing Council will continue to recognize Bernard Hopkins as its light heavyweight champ despite a ruling by the referee that he was knocked out in the second round by Chad Dawson last Saturday.

The move comes following a vote by its board of directors on Wednesday that has declared the bout a “technical draw,” RingTV.com has learned.

“I’m glad and I’m happy that I finally got a decision in my boxing career that went my way and not the other way, which means a split-decision, a draw or whatever,” said Hopkins.

“I’m normally on the other end, but this time, the WBC looked at the tape and they obviously voted my way. I can’t say that boxing got it right, but the WBC got it right.”

Dawson won the fight by a controversial second-round TKO after shoving Hopkins to the canvas, where the 46-year-old champ injured his left shoulder and was deemed unfit to continue by referee Pat Russell, who did not view Dawson’s shove as a foul, accidental or otherwise.

The majority of the WBC’s board members disagreed with the official call.

“My argument was all along that Bernard Hopkins did not lose that fight,” said Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer. “So I’m happy to see that Bernard Hopkins continues to be the lightheavyweight champion of the world.”

The injury resulted in what was later diagnosed by Dr. Sam Thurber at the California Hospital Medical Center as a separated acromioclavicular, or AC joint, which connects the collar bone and shoulder blade.

Hopkins told RingTV.com that he had an MRI of the left shoulder on Monday and that he expects the results to be revealed to him on Friday. In the meantime, says Hopkins, “I’m here in the house now, taking 500 milligrams of Motrin.”

Golden Boy Promotions filed a protest with the California State Athletic Commission, which will review the fight and make a ruling at a Dec. 13 hearing.

Hopkins maintains that he was fouled by the young challenger and thus the bout should have been ruled a no-contest.

“In my opinion, the WBC has rules that they go by, and I hope that they’re the same rules that I read that pertain with the California Commission. That remains to be seen. Back to the WBC, I just think that the WBC did the right thing. I’m looking forward to defending my title.”

“We’re halfway through the hurdle. Unfortunately and fortunately, I’ve got to wait until December. I was hoping to get it all done within 30 days if possible, but I’ve still got to go through rehab for my shoulder, but I’ve got patience,” said Hopkins.

THE RING magazine continues to recognize Hopkins as its titleholder pending that ruling.


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