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Dougie’s Friday Mailbag

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I've tried making your mailbags on a few occasions but have yet to have the honor. I'll keep trying. Man, Sergio Martinez needs to stop calling out guys who will never agree to fight him. Now I know it's not fair, but life never is. Instead of sitting on his ass calling out Cotto, Chavez, Pacquiao or Mayweather he should just fight more often. I mean, he is damn near 40 and his style doesn't lend itself to any reflex deterioration (I'm surprised he's still going strong at 36).

Think about it, if Richard Schaffer could only get Ortiz 2 mil to fight Mayweather, do you really think DiBella can do much better? Martinez is now an HBO regular, why doesn't he fight more often for a bunch of million dollar paydays. Heck, it's an easier fight and an easier promotion on his part. Easier promotion because he's not going to have to go on ESPN, Telemundo, Sky etc. etc. to discuss those other fights. I know people are going to come back and say, well he just wants to fight the best and loves the challenge. Against Pacquiao and Mayweather, the biggest challenge is going to be to drop down to 150. As for legacy, well there's not much honor in fighting smaller guys and beating them no matter how easy you make it seem. Just ask Mayweather.

Dougie, tell this guy how high you are on Gennady Golovkin, maybe that will help. Tell him that if he unifies Golovkin and Pirog's titles, Arum might see the fight against Chavez more salable because you and I both know Chavez is stupid enough to fight anyone so if anything he needs to convince Arum. OK, I can see why I never make your mailbag; I make my submissions way to freakin' long. Sorry about that, have a good weekend and enjoy the fights! — Xavier, Dallas

I will definitely enjoy the fights this weekend (including the Nishioka-Marquez bout, which you didn’t mention).

I’m super high on “Superman” Golovkin, but the fact is that he’s a complete unknown (here in America) and legally unable to fight in the U.S. at the present time. Until that changes and he gets enough U.S. TV face time to excite American fans, DiBella’s not going to touch him. Likewise for Pirog, whose claim to hardcore fan fame is still knocking out a prospect.

I don’t see anything wrong with Maravilla calling out Mayweather and Pacquiao. If these two so-called “great” fighters don’t want to fight each other, I think meeting the middleweight champ at a chat weight is the only real challenge that will excite the boxing world.

And I disagree that Martinez won’t enhance his legacy by fighting Floyd or Manny. More than a few middleweight greats made their names — and sometimes fortunes — fighting smaller stars who came up in weight, including Carlos Monzon (Griffith, Napoles), Marvin Hagler (Duran, Hearns, Leonard) and Hopkins (Trinidad, De La Hoya).

Forget about Pacquiao vs. Bradley and Mayweather vs. Khan next year — Timmy and Amir need to be fighting each other for 140-pound supremacy, not pretending that they are ready for the two best welterweights in the game.

I would also like to see Martinez fight more than twice a year, but the reality of being an "HBO fighter" is that there are a limited number of dates. Hopefully next year, Martinez’s two fights are higher profile than they were this year. I think they will be bigger fights, even though I know the champ won’t get his dream bouts against you know who.


Hi Mr. Fischer,
Think this is my 3rd time to write for you for the mail bag.

I have several thoughts about Martinez vs Barker and Nishioka vs Marquez:

      Nishioka – I think this guy has an arsenal that gives any boxer hell of a fight. Hope he wins the fight. I would like him to face Donaire in the future.

Marquez – He's as good as you get. He's one of my favorite Mexican fighters and I know that he comes to fight.

Prediction – Marquez by UD or late TKO.

Barker – I've seen a few clips of him on Youtube. I think he can take shots. Hope he lasts with Martinez.

Martinez – One of my favorites, P-for-P. Special talent with his age.

Prediction – Martinez by KO.

About Martinez-Pacquiao, Sir:

I've see Pacquiao is interested with Martinez. I saw a video when Martinez was fighting Dzinziruk. I think and he smiled when he watched the fight. Hope the Pacman fights Martinez if Floyd is still not available after Pacman stops JMM on Nov. 12

What are your thoughts Mr. Fisher? Hope this comes on the Mailbag. Your Mailbags complete my week. Thanks. — James, Philippines

Thank you for writing James. I’ll try to be as succinct as you are.

I favor Nishioka over Marquez, even though I know the mighty Mexican veteran has the power to turn the Japanese titleholder’s lights out. However, I think Nishioka’s speed and reflexes will control the fight (and catch Marquez with a blind shot to his shaky chin) and he’ll be the one to score the KO.

I think Barker will last with Martinez, but it will result in more punishment and late-rounds TKO. Still, I think the Brit will prove his mettle in the loss.

I think Pacquiao smiled while watching Martinez-Dzinziruk because he likes the middleweight champ’s style, not because he wants to get in the ring with the Argentine southpaw. And even if he does, everyone around him will tell him “Hell no, Manny!”


I read with excitement the top ten middleweights of the last fifty years expecting to see Marvin Hagler at number 1. Imagine my shock when The Ring magazine has Carlos Monzon as number one! Tell me Doug how this is possible?! He fought a who's who in his era and beat ALL comers! (don't give me that bs gift decision Leonard got!) Hagler could do it all, box, bang, infighting, and had the heart of a lion! He will always be the best middleweight warrior in my opinion and gave so many of us years of enjoyment. Love live the best middleweight champ ever Marvelous Marvin Hagler! — Clint D, Calgary, AB, Canada

Dude, it’s not like I had Hagler in the “honorable mention” area with Michael Nunn (who's no scrub, by the way, he just missed making the list). And it’s not like Monzon was built-up hype. That guy was just as complete a fighter and just as tough as Hagler. He fought more than Hagler, reigned just as long (seven years), and made two more title defenses. Hagler fought more top-10 middleweight contenders but the title challengers of Monzon’s era were, on average, more-experienced contenders.


Howdy doo Dougie,

First off I think its time you give the whole “street” thing a rest. It was funny as hell the first few times but now it just looks pathetic. Let it go Dougie…

2nd Did I read correctly when I heard that Oscar is considering a rematch with PBF? As entertaining as it is watching Mayweather and Oscar argue like little girls, if Oscar thinks for 1 minute he has got what it takes to defeat Mayweather DREAM ON! No better yet don’t dream about that match Oscar because Mayweather will give you a certified a$$ whooping in the ring AND in your dreams!!

3rd Mayweather vs Ortiz rematch? (sigh) I mean I probably would watch it and I do still think Ortiz poses a significant threat compared to the other 42 victims of Mayweather and you have the marketing factor where everyone thinks Ortiz deserves a rematch for that extremely cheap legal shot. But im not feeling it. Ortiz landed some shots but he did nothing that fight that would make me think the outcome would be any different in a rematch. He will get hit with pot shots all night until about the 10th round where mayweather has the option of finishing him off.

4th looking forward to the Martinez fight this weekend never seen Barker but apparently he is pretty good and undefeated soooo yea. Im more interested if Martinez should continue pushing for a future Mayweather or Pacquiao bout or move up a weight division. Hmmm something tells me he wont look as spectacular in the SMW division although I can imagine some extremely competitive bouts. I say do it!!! PBF and Pacquiao are not going to fight Martinez im fairly certain of that and imagining a Martinez vs Bute sounds like a GREAT fight. Reese’s Peace’s Dougie. — Roland, Tampa

Thanks for writing again, Roland. Consider the “street” thing dropped. I don’t want to look pathetic to a guy who takes Oscar De La Hoya’s tweets seriously.

There ain’t gonna be any rematch between Mayweather and De La Hoya or Ortiz. Oscar can’t fight anymore. He knows that. It’s why retired.

Mayweahter-Ortiz II can’t be sold to the public. That PPV would tank.

Martinez will take care of biz tomorrow night and look good doing it against a solid fighter. He’ll continue to call out Floyd and Manny but he won’t get those fights. He won’t call out the super middleweights. He makes 160 too easily, and the 168-pound elite don’t need him. Ward, Froch, Bute, Kessler, and Johnson can fight each other for good money before going to 175 pounds.

I think Martinez should stake his claim as king of the middleweight mountain and beat back the challenges of all the beltholders and young guns who are willing to come his way — Felix Strum, Andy Lee (if he wins tomorrow) and Matthew Macklin, and eventually Peter Quillin, Dmitry Pirog and Gennady Golovkin when they make their names a little more. I think those are all good fights.


Hey Dougie,

How’s it going?

I’m a big fan of yours. I enjoy your blogs and interviews, especially your recent interview with Sergio Martinez. Could you please pass along the note below to Sergio?

Dear Sergio,

Could you please beat the snot out of Floyd Mayweather? You deserve to be recognized as the pound-for-pound Champion of the sport of boxing. This would be an excellent step towards claiming your rightful spot; and the timing is right. Please include a few blasts to his mouth.

After this task is completed, Manny Pacquiao would have to face you in order to make any kind of claim to the p4p title, or relinquish the thrown. In the ring or outside of it, you defeat Pacquiao.

The pieces all fall into place.

Chingate a Mayweather (F*** up Mayweather).

Un cordial saludo (A cordial salutation), Daniel de Chicago

Thanks. — Dan from Chicago

I’ll pass it along. I’m sure the champ will do what he can to make it happen.


Hey Dougie,

Lets close our eyes and pretend it’s early 2012 and Jorge Linares and Brandon Rios are both coming off impressive wins. When do these two lock horns and how does it shake out? Peace. — Adam

This is a future 135-pound showdown that a lot of hardcore heads and industry folks want to see. Linares has to take care of biz vs. Antonio DeMarco (no easy task) on Oct. 15 before anyone can really beat the drums for the match, but if he does (as I think he will) I expect to get more emails like yours, a lot more.

In my opinion, how the matchup “shakes out” depends on when they “lock horns.” I think Linares needs to completely settle into the lightweight division to compete with Rios. Right now he can still fight at 130 pounds. I believe he needs a full year of training with Freddie Roach and adding muscle to his athletic frame with Alex Ariza before he’ll be ready for a beast like Rios.

So if they were to fight in early 2012, I’d favor Bam Bam. However, if they fought after August or September of next year, I’d go with El Nino de Oro.