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De La Hoya admits posing in women’s lingerie

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Golden Boy Promotions President Oscar De La Hoya reveals that he dressed in drag during a cocaine and alcohol-induced state, according to transcripts of an interview with Univision that have been obtained by

The 38-year-old former titleholder was with a female companion who convinced him to wear the lingerie, which was composed of fishnet stockings and high heels, and took the photos of the fighter.

De La Hoya could not be reached for comment, but a portion of the transcript follows.

Oscar De La Hoya: Let me tell you that it started when there was a scandal about a woman and I several years ago.

Q: Was it that famous photo in which you are wearing women’s lingerie?

De La Hoya: Exactly.

Q: What happened with that? But also, was it you or was it fake?

De La Hoya: Let me tell you, yes, it was me. I’m tired of lying, lying to people, lying to myself.

Q: In that photo, Oscar, were you under the influence of alcohol and cocaine?

De La Hoya: Alcohol and cocaine. Yes, both. Yes, and it was the first time I used it, and the drugs were not like alcohol. For me, I know I need alcohol more than drugs, and so, but got into very bad things.

Q: Were you out of control?

De La Hoya: I was reaching that point where I could no longer control it.

Q: Did you get to the point where you didn’t want to keep on living?

De La Hoya: Yes. One of those nights when I was drunk and I was alone again. I asked myself,is it worth to be alive?
I was already feeling like I had nothing, and what is going through your mind are your children, your wife, the people who love you and were strong. I thought about it. I’m not capable of doing something like that, but I did think about it. I did think about it.

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