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Mayweather Sr. reacts to blowup with Mayweather Jr. on 24/7

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RingTV.com caught up to Floyd Mayweather Sr. for reaction to the first episode of HBO Sports' 24/7 series promoting the WBC welterweight title clash between beltholder Victor Ortiz and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The show ends with the unbeaten son and his one-time trainer father ripping each other with harsh, obscenity-laced language, re-igniting a thought-to-be smoothed-over feud that had existed for years.

"I ain't got no time for no disrespectful kid like that, Okay? I ain't got no respect for him," Floyd Mayweather Sr. told RingTV.com on Monday.

"I ain't got nothing to say to him, and he ain't got s–t to say to me. So that's the end of the story right there."

The son once booted the father from his training facility, evicted him from a home that he owned and repossessed a car he was driving.

They reportedly didn't have a cordial conversation for nearly seven years, a time during which Floyd Sr. once even threatened to train Oscar de la Hoya to defeat his son, later refusing to do so.

But their frosty relationship seemed to have thawed, most notably leading up to Floyd Jr.'s unanimous, 12-round decision over Juan Manuel Marquez in September of 2009.

That's when, after having been long exiled from his son's camp by the fighter himself, Floyd Sr. was allowed to be part of Floyd Jr.'s preparation for Marquez.

Floyd Sr. also was there in support of Floyd Jr. when his son unanimously decisioned Shane Mosley in May, even saying that he had "no problem" with his younger brother, Roger, training his son.

"This is very, very important, and, you know, I would be lying to you if I were to tell you that I'm not happy to be back with my son. That's my blood. My blood runs deep," Floyd Sr. said at the time.

"That's my son, and there ain't nothing that I wouldn't do for him. That's why right now, as soon as I get through with one gym, I'm at my son's gym, because my son comes first."

But that reunion seemed to evaporate in the smoldering rancor and discourse that erupted before HBO's cameras and inside of Mayweather Jr.'s packed gym in Las Vegas.

Mayweather Jr. told his father that the only trainer who mattered was his uncle, Roger, and that Floyd Sr. had nothing to do with his success.

All of this even though it was Floyd Sr. who was in the son's  corner when the fighter won his title with an eighth-round knockout that dethroned WBC junior lightweight titleholder Genaro Hernandez  in October of 1998.

Among the things Mayweather Jr. harped upon was Floyd Sr.'s stint in jail, having been  been convicted of illegal drug trafficking in 1993.

Mayweather, Sr. returned to his son's corner following his 14th fight, a second-round knockout of Sam Girard in February of '98.

Asked if he thought there could be a reconciliation, Floyd Sr. expressed a hint of optimism.

"That stuff happens all of the time. That stuff don't mean anything to me. That stuff happens all of the time with us," said Floyd Mayweather Sr.

"He's going to talk his peace, and I'm going to talk mine, you know? It is what it is. That stuff don't bother me man, I'm done with it. You know, I've already forgotten about it."


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