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10: Worst refereed boxing matches in last 10 years

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NO. 4


Danny Williams vs. Konstantin Airich, Pais Vasco, Spain, 2008

Perez was so intent on favoring the house fighter, Airich, during the scheduled eight-rounder that he did a disservice to the unbeaten prospect who was stepping up against the seasoned British veteran.

Perez was absurdly hard on Williams throughout the bout. He docked the “Brixton Bomber” not one but two points for low blows in the second round, issued two standing eight counts to the veteran when he was wobbled in the third, counted a fourth round slip as a knockdown, and penalized him a point for either hitting on the break or a borderline low blow (it wasn’t clear) in the fifth.

However, the idiot may have prevented Airich from scoring a legitimate stoppage in the third round by twice halting the action to warn Williams about holding (after the Brit was clearly buzzed) and by separating the heavyweights to give the wobbly veteran two standing eight counts after he was rocked on his heels. Perez completely killed Airich’s momentum and advantage in the third round by being an over-officious jerk.

Williams recovered and dropped Airich in the fifth round (which was an even round thanks to Perez’s point deduction), almost stopped the German prospect in the sixth round (which was cut one minute and 40 seconds short by Airich’s promoter Ahmet Oner), before he heaped enough punishment on the young man in the seventh to prompt his corner to toss in the towel.


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