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Khan vs. Guerrero?

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Amir Khan vs. Robert Guerrero?

If the British junior welterweight titleholder had his way, that’s apparently who he’d like to fight on July 23 given that a deal with Timothy Bradley seems to be out of reach at the moment.

Khan told The Manchester Evening News that he has no interest in fighting Zab Judah and that Erik Morales rejected overtures from Khan.

“Judah is a runner like (Paul) McCloskey,” said Khan, referring to his defense-minded last opponent. “I don’t want to fight another runner; I want a guy who comes to fight. Why am I going to fight a guy who is going to run all the way through the fight and not want to get hit?

“This is boxing, it’s not about running away like McCloskey.”

Khan also said that Bradley is running.

“I want Bradley but he’s running scared,” Khan told the Web site. “We offered him his biggest payday yet: $1.4 million, but he just isn’t taking it. I just have to move on and fight somebody else. We asked (Erik) Morales but he didn’t want the fight. We asked Juan Manuel Marquez, but he was holding out for a fight with Manny Pacquiao, which he got.

“And Guerrero and Judah’s names have come up. For me Guerrero is a better fight than Judah because Zab’s a runner.”

Richard Schaefer of Golden Boy Promotions, which handles Khan, has said that Guerrero – who would have to move up from lightweight – is among possible opponents for Khan.

Meanwhile, Guerrero told that he's delighted that Khan would like to fight him.

"I've been ducked by everyone — Marquez, Morales, Maidana," Guerrero told the Web site. "None of these guys want to fight me. I take my hat off to Khan if he's ready to step into the ring with me."

He went on: "It's about time someone steps up and mentions my name. I feel Amir Khan is one of the best fighters in the world, pound for pound, and a fight with him would be tremendous for the fans."