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Dougie’s FAT Friday mailbag

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Hey Doug,
I myself am not too concerned about Antonio Margacheato fighting Manny Pacquiao, or him getting a mega fight; ’cause I guarantee this will be his last. It will also be the last time Bob Arum cashes in on him. Back to back fights with bombers like Kermit Cintron, Miguel Cotto, and Shane Mosley have transformed his granite chin into rubble. And without his first line of defense (his chin), it's over for his big money career.

And for anyone upset that he wasn't sufficiently punished, don't worry, Pac will take care of that. (R.I.P. Marg's career) Peace out. — Kevin

You may be right, Kevin. Margarito may very well be headed for a career-ending beating.

He looked like a spent bullet during his camp for Mosley and fought like a shot fighter on fight night. One has to wonder if those hard shots to his dome in his rematch with Cintron and during the first half of his showdown with Cotto took their toll along with 15 years of training like an animal and fighting like a caveman.

However, maybe the time off that was forced on Margarito following his license revocation was just what he needed to recharge his batteries. I know he looked ordinary in his comeback fight with Robert Garcia, but he was in with a tough guy and maybe he just needed to go 10 rounds to knock off ring rust (as well as his own doubts). Who knows? Margarito might have one more strong performance in him, and if he does, who better to inspire and motivate him than the Filipino “Mexicutioner” who has beat down so many of his countrymen?


I'm going to buy the fight. I don't know if Margarito should be licensed or not. I don't know if he knew. I kind of don't give a s___, having three babies in three years can do that. I don't worry too much about what another man is doing. I have enough s___ of my own to worry about. On that Saturday night I will want to relax and watch some violence and this fight will surely deliver it. Pac is going to come guns blazing and Margarito will come chin ready, looking for punishment. Will his chin hold up? Probably. Could he start to wear down Pac? He could. Is Pac the favorite? Yes, but he could hurt a hand, get cut, dropped, Margarito could get the freight train thing going like he did with Cotto.

Does Margarito deserve the fight or to be fighting for a title? Hell no! For that matter, does Pac deserve to fight Margarito for his first fight above 147 and not even at 154, but at a catch weight of 151, and be fighting for “The Title”? NO! This is not a real title fight. But he is popular and it is what it is. I won't really consider this a title. It is a vacant title. He didn't fight anyone to get it. Had he fought Foreman it would have counted. I preferred that fight over Clottey because it was a title fight. But to fight a guy coming off a clear cut KO loss, banned for cheating, off for a year, fights a tunup and now it is a title fight?

I don't buy into the hype, I refused to buy that Toney s___ because I knew what it would be. I knew Toney would be fat and out of shape and get f____ up and he did. The media tried to hype it, but 1+1=2. Toney had NO SHOT!

But like you say, once the 24/7's start and the publicity gets rolling, they will buy. I am with you. I would love for you to keep track at the outrage and see if these writers cover the fight by publicizing it and/or showing up. THAT will be very interesting. I agree with you on that! — JB

It will be interesting. With the outrage some boxing writers seem to have aimed at Margarito and this fight it just doesn’t make sense to me for them to A) not attack Arum, and B) cover the fight. Honestly, I think 90-percent of the media who believe that Margarito knew what Capetillo was doing to his wraps and feel that the Pacquiao fight should not be happening will be in Dallas days before the bout takes place, writing about the bout and keeping it in the minds of sports fans. They’ll definitely take their places along press row in Cowboys Stadium on fight night.

And like I stated in the mini-Margarito mailbag, my guess is that most of the fans who say they will boycott the fight will break down and watch it — whether they pay for it or not. I’m not saying this to be a jerk and I don’t want to come off as another negative, jaded member of the media. That’s not my intention. I’m stating this as another diehard fan who wants to read and watch anything that has to do with boxing. I’ve bought so many awful shows in my time I could never criticize any fellow fan who watched a pay-per-view event that he promised to skip.

For years I’ve told fans who ask me if they should buy or skip a particular PPV that they are asking the wrong dude. I bought Arum’s “Neighborhood War” PPV in the mid-1990s (for those of you who don’t remember — probably all of you — the first Vinny Paz-Dana Rosenblatt fight headlined that “Top Rank classic”), and you better believe I watched that s___ alone in the dark. So you guys know I’m a degenerate fan. Anyone “morally opposed” to Pacquiao-Margarito who winds up watching the PPV won’t get judged by me. But I am curious about how many fans currently against buying the fight will at least be tempted to “switch to the darkside” as the fight nears.

It seems like you think Margarito can at least give Pacquiao a fight. The more I think about the matchup, the more I’m inclined to agree. Then again, I thought James Toney would clip Randy Couture.


What's good Doug? Just read the mini-Margarito mailbag and I was cracking up at the complaints your fans wrote in. Nice way to start the day. I personally can't wait for the Pacman/Margs brawl. It pits two great trainers against each other as well as two action fighters for a world title. What more can you ask for? I'm surprised no one complained about or was outraged about Jose Suliaman's corrupt or scandalous ways when he threatened those two journeymen fighters not to fight in Arizona! That's an issue to complain about, just one of many sickening things Suliaman does I know first hand (rigging scales for one).

Anyways can't wait for the fights on Sept. 11. Brandon Rios/Anthony Peterson will take the lead for fight of the year and I think Orlando Salido should prove to be a tough out for Yuriorkis Gamboa. Who you got? I'm taking Rios. I think he'll impose his will and do work while Peterson brawls his way off the ropes. I think Gamboa is too fast for Salido but I'll be rooting for Orlando. He's fought the much better competition.

Take care buddy. Tell everyone just relax about Nov. 13. Some of these guys sound like they’re going to have a stroke. LOL. The fight’s in November people! Pace yourselves. — Sam Garcia

Many fight fans are reactionary alarmists. It goes with being a “fanatic.” I accept it, and I’m not mad at anyone who is outraged, disgusted or disappointed about Margarito receiving a boxing license in Texas and getting what might be the biggest/highest grossing fight of 2010. If you truly believe that he willingly tried to load his wraps for the Mosley fight how can you feel any other way?

I also understand hardcore junkie insiders like you who can’t wait to watch the fight. That’s how I feel about most major fights.

Not this one, though. I’m somewhere in the middle. My gut tells me Margarito didn’t know about the wraps, so I obviously don’t think he should be rotting in jail or at the very least, banned from boxing for life. I think Margarito has the right to fight in any jurisdiction that will license him.

Having said that, I don’t believe Margarito deserves a title shot or a multi-million dollar showdown with the biggest star in the sport. Not after one mediocre showing removed from getting his ass kicked. He just hasn’t earned it yet.

I do think the fight will be entertaining. How can it not be? I think the matchup pits a very good up-and-coming trainer (our buddy Robert Garcia) against an established future hall-of-fame trainer (everybody’s pal Freddie Roach).

I think the vacant title that’s up for grabs adds absolutely nothing to the fight. It’s just window dressing. Garish window dressing at that.

I agree that Arum’s Sept. 11 show in Vegas kicks ass. I like Peterson by close, hard-fought decision over Rios; and yeah, I think it could be a fight of the year candidate. I like Gamboa by decision over Salido, who will have his moments against the Cuban phenom. I think Salido might force Gamboa to get on his bicycle and play it safe at times, but I’m still expecting a decent fight.


Been really enjoying The Ring's A-Z Greatest Fighters and with the exception of one or two choices I have generally agreed with all of them. The selection of Willie Pep led me to ask a question, however. Why is it that fellow Hall Of Famer and rival Sandy Saddler is not held with the same amount of reverence, despite taking three of four fights from a guy who I often see ranked amongst the top three or so fighters of all-time? Is it a case like Jones/Tarver or Ali/Norton, where a very good fighter just seemed to have a great fighters number for whatever reason? I'm just curious.

Why won't Bernard Hopkins just go away? I literally groaned in front of my PC when I read Dan Rafael's report that Pascal-Hopkins was a done deal. I thought one of the silver linings to come out of his rematch with Jones was that B-Hop would finally go away now that he got his 'revenge'? This is going to be an ugly, ugly fight to watch.

I don't think Margarito should be allowed in the ring again, but that's a moot point because he already is. In fact now that I consider it, my beef really isn't with him at all. What's he gonna do? Turn down millons of dollars and say, “Um, thanks. But I really don't deserve this.”? LOL, you gotta admire Arum's business model in a way. If he can't make a Maywether-Pacquiao fight, why risk his cash cow against anyone else? So he makes in-house fights for him and should the unthinkable happen and Pacquiao lose, who benefits? Good ol Bottom Line Bob and to a lesser degree his fighter. I'm mostly annoyed with Pacquiao, for reasons I have argued with you before. Though I think we are in agreement in theory over this. Manny is just passively letting Arum feed him suspect opponents (Clottey & Margs).

Ivan Calderon is a Hall Of Famer right? — Tom G.

I consider Calderon a borderline Hall of Famer right now. He’s got the raw stats to get in (title bouts/defenses in two weight classes; dominance in two divisions over a long period), but he doesn’t have the names. Maybe he’ll bounce back from the Segura loss and clinch his spot. We’ll see. A rematch victory over Segura or stepping up to flyweight and beating a belt holder or standout at 112 pounds would probably do it for me.

I love Pacquiao, but he’s always been a bit of a tool. Has everyone already forgotten that he was promoted by Murad Muhammad for a number of years? I mean, ’nuff said, dude! He’s also had all kinds of managerial leeches try to run his career before Mullet Mike Koncz emerged as the top parasite. Pac’s the kind of guy who just fights whoever the hell his handlers put in front of him. He doesn’t ask questions. However, he’s willing to fight badasses. Trust me, it doesn’t matter to him if his fights are “in-house” or not. He just fights to thrill the crowd and to make everyone in the Philippines proud.

Regarding your boy Nard, the mean old man of boxing will not go away until somebody knocks him out cold. I’m not sure if Pascal is that guy. I think the new RING champ should be considered the favorite in the December matchup but I also see technical holes that the 45-year-old former champ can exploit IF he still has the reflexes to pull the trigger.

Regarding Pep and Saddler, the first thing you should know is that Saddler IS considered an all-time great by anyone with a clue. He IS held in reverence by every historian and fan who concerns himself with boxing’s storied past that I know. Saddler’s not a very good fighter who had a great fighter’s number. He’s great fighter, period.

Saddler is not considered among the top three all-time greats, pound for pound, as Pep is, because he doesn’t have Pep’s record and he had certain advantages over his rival. True, he beat Pep three out of four times, but he fought “Will ‘o the Wisp” after the boxing master suffered serious (some doctors thought career-ending) injuries in a plane crash. Saddler was also a giant featherweight. He could easily hang with the top lightweights of their era (and did as evidenced by his third-round KO of hall of famer Joe Brown). Pep was a natural featherweight. He wasn’t as great when he fought above 126 pounds, as fellow hall of famer Sammy Angott — the only man to beat Pep in his first 137 bouts — showed him. And finally, Pep beat top contenders of the era (1940s) — Phil Terranoa, Paddy DeMarco and Humberto Sierra — who defeated Saddler.


I have not bothered you in a minute, but I have kept up with your work. Articles, commentating, mailbag still the same good work that I have grown to love.

On the real, I just read that Bernard Hopkins and Jean Pascal are going to fight in December. I am sick and tired of boxers handpicking opponents. This is the same guy that would not fight Chad Dawson when they were 1 and 2 in The Ring’s rankings because he did not have anything to prove to the “youngins” of the division. Suddenly, a good, but limited fighter, like Pascal becomes the champ, and Old Hop is all over it. I guess he has the right as one of the best to do it, but it sounds real suspect to me.

I used to buy every PPV (big and small) just to see the matches, but, since late-2008, I have been very particular. Those who should be fighting will not fight each other, and the usual suspect of “it’s a business” is not even the main culprit nowadays. Fighters are just plain ducking fighters, and promoters are ducking fighters/risks.

I still love the sport and will keep watching, but call me when a fight breaks out.

(P.S. Hated to see such a fine technician as Calderon go out the way he did, but I have always liked Segura. Big props to the new Jr. Fly kingpin! Much love to Calderon for ruling the straw and jr. fly weight classes for such a long time.) — Frank McLeod, Jr., CPA, Atlanta, GA

Nice to hear from you Frank. Thanks for the kind words.

I’m not sure it was Hopkins who “hand picked” Pascal. I think it was the other way around. I think the new champ wants an easy voluntary defense before he has to get back into the ring with Dawson (who came on very strong in the late rounds of their tussle) to honor their rematch clause. Pascal probably watched the Hopkins-Jones rematch and figured “hell, I may be a poor man’s Roy Jones, but I’m a YOUNG imitation of my boyhood idol; I should be able to drop the old man with LEGITIMATE punches.” Pascal just wants a safe name opponent who can make for a major event in Montreal and I think Hopkins fits the bill.

I will definitely call you when a fight breaks out. To paraphrase the Beatles “the best things in life are free.” I think the best matchups that are made or close to being made in the next six months are not taking place on pay-per-view shows.

Calderon is indeed “the little big man” of the sport, even in defeat, and I don’t think he’s done yet.


I enjoyed the recent Monday mailbag, as usual.

I just thought fans vehemently complaining about the ethical f-up that Pac-Margarito is representing are a little too much sometimes. We're talking about fans here who enjoy watching two guys put each other to sleep with one single punch. And don’t tell me most fans don’t enjoy watching two fighters stand their ground and swing away until one of them falls. Most fans would HATE to see two Floyd Mayweathers in the ring.

We're starting to sound like the government, “No Afghanistan, you can't have these guns. But uhh, Sikorsky, can we have 1,000 more Blackhawks?” But I guess somebody has to keep the world safe… from ourselves. Ahh… the humanity.

Anyway, I put this on an email before already but I just wanted to see what your top 5 KOs of the year are so far.

Keep up with the great job. I hope I make the mailbag someday.

Thanks. — Ace from Atlanta, GA

Another email from the ATL. I love it! Great city. I haven’t been there since my wife was pregnant with our first daughter (who is now 6) but I’d love to go back.

Good point about Pacquiao-Margarito. Nobody will be bored watching that fight. I respect the Sweet Science of boxing but I crave the Savage Science (bloody action with sound technique and strategy).

S__, I get bored watching ONE Mayweather in the ring.

My Top 5 knockouts of the year (folks, keep coming with the Top 5 lists, I’m enjoying them), let’s see:

1. Freddy Hernandez KO 5 DeMarcus Corley

2. Giovani Segura KO 8 Ivan Calderon

3. Zab Judah TKO 3 Jose Armando Santa Cruz

4. Yuriorkis Gamboa TKO 2 Rogers Mtagwa

5. Ramon “Rocky” Martinez KO 4 Gonzalo Mungia

(Honorable mention: Alfredo Angulo vs. Joel Julio and Joachim Alcine, JuanMa Lopez vs. Steven Luevano and Bernabe Concepcion, and Guillermo Rigondeaux KO 1 Adolfo Landeros.)


I thought you would find this funny check out this link:

— Reno

“Most people don’t know s__ about boxingÔǪ” LOL. That’s Roger. I’ll take this video over Floyd’s latest B.S. on Ustream.

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