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Dougie’s FAT Friday Mailbag



Sup Dougie,
First time writer, long time reader. Lemme just say that after being converted from a casual fan to a pretty hardcore fan by the first Pacquiao-Morales fight, that your blogs have helped me understand the sport and its history. I appreciate the work, keep it up sir.

I never liked Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and John Duddy — both hype machines that “Top Incest” has groomed to a ridiculous extent. But somehow, I have unfortunately found myself tempted to buy this fight on PPV. They are both club fighter material and while they'll pretty much suck, it's so bad, it’s good. Chavez will be somewhat polished up by Freddie Roach, but I doubt that the Trainer of the Year is that much of a miracle worker. Duddy lost to a journeyman and is a brawler at best. I can see Chavez getting sloppy and desperate to start fighting like most Mexicans and begin to ignore Roach's commands since Junior is so adamant about fighting like his father.

But is it wrong of me to wanna buy this fight? It's two horrible fighters, but I can't help to see who might win this one. I have the extra dough lying around, but I'm really torn about buying it. Am I sucker for Bob Arum's deceiving ways or do you think this fight will actually turn out pretty well?

Finally, good job on the commentating duties last night on Fight Night Club. Frankie Gomez isn't much of a talker is he? I still think Jose Benavidez has a better future in hold. What do you think of them? — Chris, SoCal

I think both Gomez and Benavidez are immensely talented prospects and worth following. Benavides looks more polished than Gomez at this very early stage of their pro careers but that doesn’t mean he’s any more effective than the East L.A. native. I think Gomez is physically stronger and may have the edge in hand speed. What will really key us in to how bright their futures are will be when we find out how good the teenage phenoms take a punch. We’ve yet to see either kid get hit by someone who can crack a little bit and is actually coming to win.

I sincerely hope Golden Boy Promotions finds a durable opponent who has something in the way of skills for Gomez’s next fight. I want to see him go a few rounds before I really try to assess his style and potential.

Anyway, let’s talk about Chavez-Duddy. Is it a significant fight? No. (I don’t care if the winner will get a shot at one of the four 160-pound belts; Daniel Jacobs, who is still a bona fide prospect, is fighting for one of the belts next month. If he wins, and I think he will, he won’t be champ; although I think he’ll beat Chavez or Duddy.) Will Chavez-Duddy be competitive? I think so. Will it feature sustained action. I think so. That’s all it takes for me to anticipate an upcoming fight. If the two combatants are evenly matched and there’s a decent chance for action I don’t care that much about what level they are at or how much potential they have. I just want to see a good fight.

I think Chavez-Duddy will be a good fight. It might turn out to be a really good fight. I’m looking forward to getting together with my friends, eating a Subway sandwich, having a few beers and watching the pay-per-view card tomorrow night.

I’m going with Chavez by close or competitive decision. I think he’ll jab enough to bust Duddy’s face up by the middle rounds and I think he might hurt the affable Irishman to the body. I also think Duddy has the power to hurt Chavez and will win rounds just by out-hustling Junior.

Thanks for the kind words, by the way, and thanks for finally writing in.


Dear Doug,
Assuming Barrera gets past his opponent on Saturday, what's next for him? Why would Juan Manuel Marquez give him a rematch considering that he hasn't won a fight of note since the Rocky Juarez rematch nearly FOUR years ago? What other potential good fights are out there for Barrera?

I wish he'd have stayed retired after Pac II. Take care. — Patrick in Chicago

Me too, or at least after the Amir Khan loss. Barrera is one of my all-time favorite fighters, a first-ballot hall of famer and arguably an all-time great.

Regarding what’s next for Barrera if he gets past Adailson De Jesus, I don’t think the 20-year vet is aiming for Marquez. I think the highest-profile, winnable fight for Barrera is his rival Erik Morales, who is at least as faded as he is (probably more so). It makes sense (in a sad, warped boxing way). Barrera and Morales always made for a hell of a fight. I don’t want to see it happen, but I bet you that Barrera-Morales IV delivers more action than Vazquez-Marquez IV did.

Beyond a fourth bout with Morales, nothing really makes any sense for Barrera. Anyone vs. Michael Katisidis would be a fun fight, but what would Barrera get out of it aside from a better-than-average payday and a lot of pain? Barrera might have enough savvy to compete with aggressive young guns like Urbano Antillon and Brandon Rios but there’s no money in those fights and he has everything to lose in those matchups. I think it’s ‘El Terrible’ or bust for Barrera.


Hey Dougie,
Hope the boxing world is treating you well. At the moment I'm watching Fight Night Club (whoever is doing the commentary is doing a pretty good job), and this Jamie Kavanagh character got me wondering: in five, perhaps 10 if necessary, years who will have graduated from FNC to being a bona fide champ? Don't cheat and say Abner Mares.

Elsewhere in speculation world, where would a win leave Chavez Jr? On the other hand, where would a win leave Duddy?

Lastly, in the coming rather quiet weekend (and week ahead) of boxing, what is your favorite boxing book to turn to? I've read Liebling’s “The Sweet Science” and “A Neutral Corner,” both fantastic. Keep up the good writing/speaking! — Robb

I like the biographies (authorized or not) on the all-time greats and my personal favorites, Robb. Three such books that I enjoyed reading over previous summers are Floyd Patterson’s “Victory Over Myself” (written with Milton Gross), Aaron Pryor’s “The Flight of the Hawk” (with Marshall Terrill), and “The Ageless Warrior: The Life of Boxing Legend Archie Moore” by Mike Fitzgerald. When I get some time I want to read Moore’s authorized biography “The Ole Mongoose” by Marilyn G. Douroux.

The boxing book I’m currently reading is “Tales From the Vault: A Celebration of 100 Closet Boxing Classics” by fight collector/historian/writer extraordinaire Lee Groves. I’m going to be penning a review on the nearly 800-page book very soon.

A Chavez victory tomorrow would finally earn the son of the Mexican legend some respect among American boxing writers and fans. A Duddy victory will give him a big push up the middleweight rankings of the four sanctioning organizations, and probably land him a shot at one of the belts. Does he deserve a title shot? No, but neither does Daniel Jacobs. Guess what? Nobody cares. Sergio Martinez is the real champ. Period. I wouldn’t mind seeing Jacobs vs. Duddy if both win their next fights. It would probably draw well in New York City.

I have no idea which Fight Night Club-featured prospect will one day become a “bona fide champ,” if any. I think Luis Ramos, Ronny Rios, Frankie Gomez, Kavanagh, and definitely Jessie Vargas and Gary Russell Jr. (if those non-GBP prospects continue to fight on FNC) will fight for title belts within the next five years. Heck, they might do so within in two years. There’s a difference between being a belt holder and a real champ. Vargas definitely has the talent, look and mentality of a future champ. The way he beat up a tough vet like Ernesto Zavala in just his 11th pro bout was impressive. He’s advancing quickly and I can see him fighting a bona fide top 10 junior welterweight contender before the year is out.

I was impressed with Kavanagh last night. He needs some work in a few departments (as can be expected with a guy with only two pro fights), but I see a bright future for the 20-year-old Irishman. Russell’s speed, poise and accuracy was breath taking. The featherweight southpaw has got serious talent. I want to see him in with better competition next time.


Whassup man:
1. I hate to go off-topic but I could of swore I heard your voice in the E3 expo videos. Were you there? Did you see anything that you liked? Maybe Fable 3, LOL.

2. I remember watching Ward-Green and the whole night I was getting pissed off because well it was boring and Green wasn't showing much. But at no other time was I more angry then when I heard Gus Johnson say that Ward would be the next Sugar Ray Leonard. Now I know a lotta people give Johnson s__t, but this has been buggin' me for a while. Was it justified?

3. I'm pretty sure David Haye is gonna end up fighting Audley Harrison, and to tell you the truth, I don't really mind. I'm not even English. But I mean, Vitali might fight Nikolai Valuev which is interesting because he's actually bigger that him and Baby Bro is gonna fight Povetkin. Sooner or later Haye vs Klitschko will happen I'm sure. Thanks for reading. — Adilton, MD

Thanks for writing. I’ll answer your questions in order:

1)I had a credential for the E3 Expo courtesy of the good folks at Showtime, but I didn’t have the time to make it over to the L.A. Convention Center. You heard some other Kermit-the-Frog-sounding guy on that video. I’m not a video game player, by the way. The only games I play every now and then are the old relics like Dig Dug (one of my many high school nicknames) and Galaga, which I have on those “TV Games” joysticks that plug into the TV. I could probably get into the more modern games that feature comic book characters, but honestly, I doubt I’d have the time to play them between my never-ending father/husband/ responsibilities.

2)I have the utmost respect for Andre Ward (and for Mr. Johnson) but it’s WAY premature to compare the Oakland native with Sugar Ray Leonard. (I know I brought up Bernard Hopkins in my post-fight story but I was only comparing Ward’s style with the Executioner's.) What Ward is right now is best or second best super middleweight in the world. Period. I think it’s premature to rate him among the top 10 pound-for-pound boxers, as many of my boxing writer peers have done. The 26-year-old titleholder has defeated three contenders in his weight class. And two of those three (Allan Green and Edison Miranda) had shaky contender status, in my opinion. Who had Green defeated to be considered a top-10 super middleweight. His best wins were over prospects. Who’s the best fighter Miranda has defeated? Allan Green. So, really, Ward has one victory over a bona fide contender (Mikkel Kessler). It was an excellent victory, but it’s not as though Kessler had never been out-boxed and out-hustled in close. Joe Calzaghe did it first. So I don’t see how that one victory merits pound-for-pound inclusion. I really don’t. Why didn’t Hozumi Hasegawa receive any pound-for-pound consideration when he had victories over four or five contenders in his weight class (bantamweight)? Why doesn’t Fernando Montiel, a three-division title holder who recently traveled to Japan and iced Hasegawa, receive any consideration? Why isn’t Tomasz Adamek, a former titleholder and champ who has been highly ranked at light heavyweight, cruiserweight and now heavyweight, in anyone’s pound-for-pound list? How come it’s taken so long for the Klitschko brothers, who have both defeated more than three top contenders each in recent years, to get any P4P props? If I didn’t know better I’d say there’s an American bias going on when it comes to Mr. Ward. I guess writers who view Ward as P4P material are ranking him based on his skill, talent and potential. Fine. But those same writers should not complain about Nonito Donaire being in THE RING’s P4P top 10 list.

3)I agree with you. I think Haye-Harrison will be competitive and fun. I’m also looking forward to Klitschko-Povetkin. I’m not that interested in Klitschko-Valuev because I think Vitali will brutalize the Russian giant. The best heavyweight matchup in my mind is between the former cruiserweight champs — Haye and Adamek. That’s a great fight that would create a great atmosphere, especially if it’s held in New York City or New Jersey.


Hey Dougie you’re a great editor. I love your articles. I wish I could be like you one day! Ya know like hate Mayweather and Mayweather fans, take every letter extremely personal, be a complete smart-ass and a little Ms. Know-it-all and call everyone that writes a letter to you that is a Mayweather fan an idiot, moron, pathetic, stupid, dumb, ignorant and whatever makes them seem mentally impaired to you. Just make sure you change your Tampax every hour because the way you PMS you must be bleeding profusely. Your biggest fan!

(P.S. Take Midol for cramps.) — Roland

Oh RollyÔǪ Rolly, Rolly, Rolly, what am I going to do with you and your fellow Floyd fanatics? I don’t hate Mayweather and I don’t hate you. I just can’t take most Mayweather fans seriously. You guys can’t write a single sentence without insulting everybody whose last name isn’t Mayweather and then you get mad when somebody tells you to f___ off. You want to proclaim Mayweather the G.O.A.T. but you get flustered when I ask you to provide your list of top 10 or 20 all-time greats and tell me WHY your hero deserves to be ranked among them. (By the way, not a single Mayweather fan has done so.) And the main reason I can’t respect you guys is that you tell me how biased I am and how much I suck but you CONTINUE TO EMAIL ME. You guys claim to think I’m a waste of time but you read every freakin’ mailbag I write. Hey, try reading some of my other columns and stories. No, most of those features aren’t about Mayweather but guess what? There’s a 200-year-old international sport that you’re missing because your head is so far up Mayweather’s ass. (I could make an obvious Leonard Ellerbe joke here, but I won’t. I don’t hate Leonard or anyone else who is a part of Team Mayweather. I actually kind of like Ellerbe. He’s doing his thing, and hey, I wouldn’t want his job. It’s got to be stressful dealing with your favorite fighter on a day to day basis.)

Ugh. I can’t believe I’ve posted another one of your emails and spent this long replying to your silliness. Pat yourself on the back, Rolly. You’ve given me headache. I’m going to take some Midol and go to bed.