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Dougie’s FAT Friday mailbag



Hi Dougie,
Been a long time since I wrote in, but I would like to chime in and rant a little regarding the Super “Hometown” Six fight this Saturday between Andre Ward and Allan Green.

While I’ve mostly enjoyed the fights in the tournament and think it’s an awesome effort by everyone involved, I feel strongly that almost every fight so far would have turned out very differently if they were not held in the winning fighter’s hometown. Carl Froch wouldn’t have gotten the close split decision win over Andre Dirrell if they were not in Nottingham (I scored for Dirrell despite Froch getting away with a few fouls late due to his frustration at being so outboxed, and I’m a big Froch fan). Right or wrong, Ward wouldn’t have gotten away with all that holding and headbutting if he had fought Kessler in Denmark – not saying it would be fair, but if it were in Denmark, my bet is that Ward would have been DQ’d or deducted 3+ points. While it was the right decision, there was NO way that Abraham would have been DQ’d against Dirrell in front of a German crowd instead of the Detroit crowd.

That said, I believe Green would have been a live dog on Saturday against Ward, if the fight weren’t held in Oakland. Get ready for a ugly clinch filled fight as Ward shoots two shots from the outside and dive in for a hold while the referee dutifully separates them without penalty to Ward.

What do you think, do I have a valid point or am I becoming an old and cynical fight fan? — JL, San Diego

I think you’re right about the officiating being biased in favor of the home country fighter, and you might be correct that the fight outcomes would have been different had those Super Six bouts been held in the loser’s home country. Then again, it may not have made a difference. I’m not going to assume so, though. (What’s the point? What’s done is done.)

One of the main lessons of the Super Six tournament — along with the fact that when the best fight the best there are no favorites and styles really do make fights — is that home territory is a very important advantage in a boxing match.

However, while hometown officiating helps it’s not everything. It can’t protect the hometown fighter from getting knocked out if he’s matched with a puncher, and Ward is in with a fighter who has a game-changer of a left hook. Green, who can crack well with his right hand, too, can end a fight with his left hook, and Ward isn’t exactly Jake LaMotta in the chin department. That’s why I’m excited about tomorrow’s fight.

I know both guys are boxers by nature and I expect an intense chess match for much of the fight, but both are fast accurate punchers who will eventually connect with clean shots to each other’s jaw. Green’s a bit chinny himself (remember when Donny McCrary had him doing the Zab Judah shuffle in the third round of their Friday Night Fights thriller?), so I can see either (or both) men going down.

As for Ward’s holding tactics, I don’t think Green is going to be as clueless in the clinches as Kessler was. Green is not only more used to that sort of thing, he’s a naturally bigger (and presumably stronger) man than Ward. Green started his career (first 15 pro bouts) at light heavyweight and can fight effectively at 175 pounds. He’s not going to comply with Ward in the clinches. I think he’s going to try to fight on the inside while muscling and maneuvering the hometown hero. It may not look pretty while this is happening but it won’t be boring.

If the home-field advantage thing is seriously getting you down (and it sounds like it is), don’t worry. It’s been getting the promoters of the losing fighters down, too. So much so that they are refusing to allow their fighters to fight in “enemy territory” again. That’s why the upcoming Froch-Abraham fight might take place on the “neutral ground” of Montreal instead of somewhere in Germany or the UK.


What’s up Doug, very quick, do you think Timothy Bradley is making a good move going up to 147 pounds? I’m not so sure it’s the best thing. He is really good and showed some real boxing skills against Lamont Peterson but man, he’s not exactly a knockout puncher at 140, never mind 147, and he’s been down against Kendall Holt. There’s some hard punchers at 147.

He’s not that big either, 5’6.

I like this guy a lot, but I think I’d rather see him cleanup at 140 first, there’s Devon Alexander, Victor Ortiz maybe even Juan Manuel Marquez. — Steve, Montreal

If Bradley could get a big name like Marquez in the ring with him at 140 pounds, he wouldn’t be risking a welterweight venture, but the lightweight champ isn’t going to do that. Neither is Amir Khan or Victor Ortiz. Only Alexander, a superb talent who is still making a name for himself, is willing to fight Bradley.

Bradley’s people look at Alexander as a back up plan if Timothy can’t get a big name at welterweight, but they want to see if they can find a big fight at 147 pounds first. I think Bradley can hang at welterweight. He fought at 152 pounds in the amateurs and he turned pro at welterweight (usually weighing around 143 and 144 pounds, but he sometimes fought as heavy as 146¾ pounds). I’ve seen him fight at 146 pounds and he was just as fast and perhaps more powerful at that weight than he is when he weighs 139 or 140 pounds.

True, he’s only 5-foot-6, but amateur rival Andre Berto is only 5-foot-7. They reportedly made for a great scrap in the amateurs and I bet they’d make for a badass fight as undefeated pro beltholders.

It’s a long shot but if Bradley beats Carlos Abregu and lands a showdown with Berto or Shane Mosley at 147 pounds and beats either fighter he might raise his stature in the sport enough to get lucky and earn a fight with Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao if the two pound-for-pound kings aren’t able to work out their differences for a super fight.

Mayweather doesn’t have many interesting options beyond Pacquiao. There’s Sergio Martinez, a giant rangy southpaw with speed, and there’s Bradley if the Southern California can win a 147-pound title or beat up on Sugar Shane. If you’re Floyd who would you rather face? I think Mayweather would go for the “little guy.” Come to think of it, Pacquiao would probably prefer to face Bradley than fight Miguel Cotto again, or God forbid, Antonio Margarito.


Whattup Dougie Fresh,
Not sure what your plans are during your time in the Bay Area but I thought I would suggest you check out some of the gyms we have up this way. Here's a list:
1. King's Gym
843 35th Avenue
Oakland, CA 94601-3406
(510) 261-2199

This is the gym where Andre Ward trains along with his trainer Virgil Hunter. They've been here for years. I believe former welterweight champion James Page trained here as well, This is probably the most respected boxing gym in the Bay Area.

2. SFC Boxing Gym
30 7th St
San Francisco, CA 94103
This is a relatively new gym in San Francisco. 5 years tops maybe. But this is a real boxing gym complete with that old school feel. I'm not sure where Allan Green is training during his time in the Bay Area but this is where Mikkel Kessler trained for his bout with S.O.G. It is also home to professional welterweight prospect Karim “Hard Hitta” Mayfield who hails from the nearby fillmore district of San Francisco and scored a victory last week at the historic Kezar Stadium. One of the chief trainers is Oscar Rivadeneyra, a former professional contender who went ten rounds with Michael Spinks.

3. B Street Boxing
223 South B Street
San Mateo, CA 94401-4017
(650) 342-7408
About 20 minutes south of San Francisco.
This gym is owned and ran by former contender Eddie “Prime Time” Croft who lost a unanimous decision in his title bid against Tom “Boom Boom” Johnson in 1995. He is also a former victim of Marco Antonio Barrera and Eric Morales. This gym is very well kept by Croft who puts his heart and soul into this place. There are also several young professional prospects here.

4. Undisputed Boxing Gym
883 East San Carlos Avenue
San Carlos, CA 94070-2613
(650) 631-3781

This is the home gym of Nonito Donaire. That's all I really know about it but I hear it's a great gym. They also have several boxers and MMA fighters who train there.

I know there's a good chance you won't be able to make it out to any of these gyms except for the ones that this Saturday's competitors are training but I thought I'd suggest it anyways because I thought it would be awesome to see a Northern California Notebook, even if it were a very brief one. I hope you enjoy your time in the Bay Dougie! Let me know if there's anything else I can help with or suggest. I won't be a stranger if I see you at the Ward-Green fight. — J-Nava, Chi-town/ Frisco

I arrived to Oakland late Thursday night, J., so there’s no time for me to hit up the gyms you listed for me, much less knock out a Northern California Notebook, but I’ll keep them in mind for a future Bay Area trip. To do it right, I’d have to come out a couple weeks before a major event so I could catch the stars — Ward and Donaire — at work.

I always enjoy coming to the Bay Area whether it’s for a fight or just to visit family and friends. If you see me, well, you know, say hello. We’ll talk boxing.


Hey Dougie,
Longtime reader, first time writer. I'm a big fan of the little guys
who don't always get the spotlight. So here’s my question: What do you think of Giovani Segura? Do you think he could beat the Ivan Calderon who showed up on Saturday? I sure do. — Zach, San Francisco, CA

I think Segura is a freakin’ badass and one of the most exciting fighters in the sport. I’ve watched him evolve from a local club fighter to a prospect to a contender to a titleholder and now THE RING’s No. 1-rated junior flyweight. I’m very proud of his accomplishments and I hope he gets a shot at THE RING champ.

Can he beat the version of Calderon that fought last Saturday? I don’t know, but I’d like to se him try.


Hello Dougie,
I hope you are doing well as usual. Not too much going on as far as big fights that I know of coming up so I thought I would ask about Alexander Povetkin. What do you think his chances are against Wladimir Klitschko? I think that fight has to happen. David Haye would be a fun opponent but I look at him as sort like an Allen Green taking on Andre Ward type opponent, if that makes sense. I do not see anyone beating Vitali Klitsko at this time despite his age. Do you think that is the case as well?

Speaking of heavyweights I was really disappointed that I missed the Hall of Fame weekend this year with 2 of my favorite heavyweights Earnie Shavers and Ron Lyle being there. I'm already reserving my tickets for next year. It sounds like the best experience for a die hard boxing fan perhaps? Sincerely. — Adam

I’ve been to the International Boxing Hall of Fame but not during induction weekend. I’ve only heard good things about it. The last time I spoke to Bert Sugar (for that article on whether or not Miguel Cotto is a hall of famer) he told me to get my butt there next year, so that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve put it off long enough.

David Haye would be a fun opponent for who? Wladimir Klitschko or Povetkin? I think he’d be fun for both, and Vitali. And by the way, although my official pick in tomorrow’s fight is Ward by close decision, if I were a betting man, I’d be willing to put a few C-notes down on Green.

Regarding Povetkin’s chances against Klitschko, I’d favor the champ if the bout happens this year, but I think the 2004 Olympic gold medalist has a chance to pull of the upset. I definitely believe the Russian has the tools to be a threat. He’s got the amateur experience, a smart pressure fighting style that includes good body work and volume/combination punching, and he’s got a veteran pro trainer in Teddy Atlas who should come up with a good strategy for him to follow.

If I were a betting man, I’d be willing put more than a few C-notes on Povetkin.


Hey Doug,
I don't know about you by a was super impressed by David Lemieux’s American TV debut. Wow! That was a statement. What do you think Doug?

I’m wondering who is next for him. It probably won’t be easy finding opponents now. Lemieux has world class power, we’ve yet to see if he has a world class chin and how he does against a slick boxer. Against a guy like Pavlik it would be fun while it lasted. — Stephen, Montreal

Luckily for Lemieux, Pavlik is moving up to super middleweight or even the light heavyweight division. I know he’s a stud, but we have to remember that he’s 21. There’s no need to rush him. If you want to see how he’d fare against a boxer I’d suggest Tarvis or Travis Simms. At this stage of his development I think a Cory Spinks or even a Sergio Mora would be a risky bout for Lemieux. If you want to see how well his chin holds up, I’d put him in with Marco Antonio Rubio. A fellow hard-punching prospect like Fernando Guerrero might be too dangerous right now. I think a vets like Kassim Ouma or a fringe contender like Miguel Espino would give Lemieux quality rounds and help prepare him for the real contenders of the 160-pound division next year.


Mosley sucks, Hopkins sucks even worse and you suck more then both of them. I am just a classic Mayweather fan dropping a letter reminding you you’re a hater and you favor “golden boy” boxers so greatly you would think they are paying you under the table to say the things you say. By the way you suck and you’re a hater Peace! — Roland

Here's the most important detail you will ever hear:

Floyd Mayweather is a Golden Boy Promotions fighter. Has been since 2007.

I figured you already know that you’re an idiot.

By the way, if Mosley “sucks” who’s the best fighter Mayweather has defeated? You Mayweather fans try so hard to emulate your hero’s disrespectful attitude towards his opponents and the sport that you wind up undermining his accomplishments.