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Ring Ratings Update: Lightweight shakeup

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Miguel Acosta's sixth-round stoppage of Paulus Moses in the lightweight beltholder's native Namibia on Saturday, and the exit of two contenders, has caused a major shake up in THE RING's 135-pound ratings.

Rolando Reyes, THE RING's No. 3-rated lightweight last week, was dropped from the magazine's rankings because he has not fought since he upset Julio Diaz last April. The Oxnard, Calif.-based fighter does not have a fight scheduled.

Miguel Vazquez, THE RING's No. 4-rated lightweight last week, has not fought since he upset Breidis Prescott last July. However, the Southern California-based Mexican wasn't dropped because of his inactivity, but rather because his status as a true lightweight is questionable.

“Fighters such as Miguel Vazquez are a problem to rank due to their lack of a defined weight class,” said Nigel Collins, Editor-in-Chief of THE RING magazine. “Vazquez cracked THE RING’s lightweight ranking following his win over previously undefeated Breidis Prescott in July of 2009. Vazquez weighed one pound over the lightweight limit for that fight, but has not fought since. Moreover, Vazquez has never actually fought at 135 pounds and weighed as much as 148¾ pounds for his 2008 bout with Saul Alvarez. If Vazquez settles into a weight class and performs well, THE RING will again give serious consideration to ranking him.”

The departure of Reyes and Vazquez allowed for Acosta (27-3-2, 21 knockouts) to advance from No. 7 to the No. 3 spot.

The victory over Moses (25-1, 17 KOs) was Acosta's third over an undefeated fighter in pursuit of a 135-pound belt. The 32-year-old Venezuelan veteran outpointed Anges Adjaho (23-0 at the time) in a title-elimination bout in October of 2007. He stopped Urbano Antillon (26-0) in the ninth round last July to win an “interim” title. And then upset Moses (25-0), THE RING's No. 6-rated lightweight, in the Namibian's hometown.


Acosta (No. 7 last week) zooms all the way to No. 3 in the shakeup, while Moses (No. 6 last week) retains his former position due to the exits of Rolando Reyes (No. 3 last week) and Miguel Vazquez (No. 4 last week). Reyes has not fought in more than 12 months and Vazquez is competing at junior welterweight. Humberto Soto (No. 8 last week) jumps to No. 4, while John Murray (No. 9 last week) and Robert Guerrero (No. 10 last week) advance one spot each, respectively. New additions Antillon and Brandon Rios are aboard at No. 9 and No. 10, respectively.


Luis Alberto Lazarte enters at No. 4 on the strength of his decision victory over Carlos Tamara, who slips from No. 3 to No. 5 following the loss. Edgar Sosa (No. 4 last week) moves up to No. 3. Brian Viloria (No. 5 last week), Ulises Solis (No. 6 last week), Juan Carlos Revco (No. 7 last week), Johnriel Casimero (No. 8 last week) and Omar Nino (No. 9 last week) drop one spot each. Hekkie Budler (No. 10 last week) is forced out.