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Dougie’s MASSIVE Monday mailbag



Hey Dougie,
Hope you and the family are doing well as always. Do you think anyone bought the Donaire-Vargas PPV? Seriously, I guess they do make money off these shows?

I don't know why Showtime hasn't showcased Donaire since he fought Darchinyan? Shobox would work if the main network did not. I would favor Donaire in a rematch with Darchinyan if they fought at 118. Do you agree? Do you think Montiel is Donaire's next fight? Pretty clueless because I didn't buy the PPV.

Also I gotta ask if you think Joshua Clottey can get the better of Pacman if he uses his jab and lets his hands go? I think Clottey has underrated hand speed.

(P.S. Happy they let your son's fight to be left on Youtube. I also agree with your take regarding Mayweather vs. Mosley.) Peace, Adam L.A. — Adam

Of course, you agree with my take on Mosley-Mayweather (note how I put the champ’s name first). You know your boxing, Adam! LOL. Ah, Youtube, the official network of Edwin Valero.

I agree that Clottey has underrated hand speed. Do I think he can get the better of Pacquiao if he uses his jab and lets his hands go? Absolutely! Now ask me if I think the Ghanaian will actually let his hands go.

Why hasn’t Showtime showcased Donaire since he fought Darchinyan? Good question. But first let me clarify that Darchinyan was not Donaire’s last Showtime appearance. His first defense of the IBF flyweight belt (vs. Luis Maldonado) in December of 2007 was. But anyway, that was back when Donaire was still with Gary Shaw.

My guess is that a major factor in Donaire not being on Showtime is that he left the Shaw-riff for Bob Arum’s Top Rank stable and Senor Arum-ageddon is not the easiest promoter in the world for network executives to deal with. (Fans and the media aren’t the only people Arum enjoys telling to go f___ themselves.) Seriously, I think it’s the way Arum has chosen to “promote” Donaire that has kept the junior bantie off Showtime and other U.S. networks. The only attractive opponent Donaire has been in with since he left Shaw was Raul Martinez (a Mexican-American prospect/fringe contender who was 24-0 at the time and had been featured on a few Telefutura broadcasts). However, Arum wanted that flyweight title defense to take place in Manila. Why? I have no idea. I know Donaire was born in the Philippines, but come on, the kid’s an American! He grew up in San Leandro, Calif. He lives in San Francisco. He should be fighting in San Jose, Calif., and the Bay Area, and those fights should be on a U.S. network (if not Showtime or HBO, then basic cable, such as Fox Sports Net). He shouldn’t be fighting in the Philippines and he shouldn’t be hidden away on “Pinoy Power” pay-per-view shows that are geared to just one or two ethnic groups among hardcore fans. Donaire ain’t Rey “Boom Boom” Bautista! He speaks perfect English for Christ’s sake! He’s intelligent and charismatic. Arum needs to let a broad American fight fan audience see him, because the young man has the talent, style and flair to be a star, and not just in the Filipino community.

Does Arum make money on his small pay-per-view shows? I know he’s made some decent change with the Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.- and Jorge Arce-headlined “Latin Fury” shows, but I think he just breaks even with the “Pinoy Power” cards (with the foreign TV license fees and sponsorship). God knows he didn’t get much from the gate of Saturday’s show. That ballroom looked empty. And I doubt the PPV did well. Your email is the ONLY email I’ve received on the card (as of 2 p.m. PT on Sunday). That should tell you something. But who knows? Maybe a bunch of hardcore heads purchased the show and simply had nothing to say about it. The program was basically two mismatches (the Donaire and Montiel “fights”), one robbery (Morel-Penalosa) and one decent scrap (Concepcion-Santiago).

Maybe if Golden Boy Promotions had put on this show I would have received more feedback. You know, the usual stuff like “How could Oscar De La Hoya charge $40 for this crap?”, “Mismatches like those are the reason boxing is suffering!” and “Shame on Golden Boy for those terrible scorecards in the Morel-Penalosa fight!”

And then they would all end their emails with this little gem: “I don’t expect you to put this email in your mailbag because you work for Golden Boy and your boss, Oscar, won’t let you criticize them. Why don’t you just admit that you’re biased!?”

Of course, I have to wonder why so many fans (and some boxing writers) are “biased” when it comes to Arum’s cards. An Arum-promoted fighter (Morel) got what I thought was a blatant gift against a Golden Boy Promotions fighter (Penalosa) on a Top Rank show and nobody says a damn thing.

Arum serves a big dominant fighter like Donaire a midget and it’s OK. Montiel (a talented veteran with more than 40 pro bouts under his belt) fights a bona fide prospect (a kid with 14 fights), who gets destroyed in one round and no one says anything. Can you imagine the backlash if Golden Boy promotions put a young prospect like Luis Ramos in with Michael Katsidis or Juan Manuel Marquez? I can because I’ve got hear from those message board whack jobs on a regular basis.

Sorry to rant, Adam. I know you’re not one of those whack jobs but I was a little bit surprised there wasn’t more outrage about the mismatches and poor decisions on Saturday’s small PPV card.


Mr Fischer,
I have to react to the article you wrote recently “The rematch that nobody wanted may still intrigue fans”.

As you clearly explained at the beginning of your post, nobody wanted to see this rematch and even though it may interest some average sports fans, I doubt they will convince me to spend my time and especially my money for this ridiculous event. In fact, thinking about it, I may spend some of my time: to denounce it!

You also stated quite plainly that journalists and sportswriters have a good reason to talk about it: it’s their job! So, many of them will write about it, even if the whole thing disgusts them, because that’s what they’re paid to do and that even if knowledgeable people know it will be bullcr*p, the average American public may not know it; which means potential viewers, which means potential readers (which are your bread and butter)ÔǪ So I don’t blame you for writing about it.

Ok, I do get it but I’m still totally revulsed by the whole thing. I mean, I understand that there is jealousy and resentment between these two men but why should this matter to anybody? I’m pretty sure that Frazier and Ali still resent each other to this day but would it be a good reason to watch them fight? No, because theyÔǪ can’t fight anymore. Using the same logic: Hopkins and Jones still resent each other to this day but is it a good reason to watch them fight? No, because Roy CAN’T fight anymoreÔǪ This whole thing is a farce and a macabre one at that. Jones was slapped silly by Calzaghe not so long ago and got destroyed by any serious opposition he has faced within the last half decade. What stupid promoter would want to force this fight up our throat (PPV!!!)? This is the kind of “event” (because it won’t be a fight) that will make the whole of boxing look bad.

I’m not in the business but I’m a fan and I care; we must all denounce this fraud! What do you think? Am I overreacting? HumÔǪ Sorry for the long email and thanks for the great work: The Ring is better with you. — Arthur Billette, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Thanks for the kind words and the passionate email, Arthur. One of these days I have to cover a fight in Quebec. It seems like the area breeds serious fight fans.

Do I think you’re overreacting? Yeah, a little bit, but I don’t blame any hardcore fan for being sickened by the whole event, in part because it may turn out to be a mismatch and in part because it will undoubtedly receive a lot of sports media attention that should go to real matchups like Abraham-Dirrell, Pacquiao-Clottey, Klitschko-Chambers, Froch-Kessler, Ward-Green and, of course, Mosley-Mayweather.

However, what if the fight turns out to be competitive? Is that beyond the realm of comprehension? What if the fight is actually entertaining? I know it’s not feasible but it is possible, isn’t it? Hopkins looked like “The Executioner” from 1999-2001 against Kelly Pavlik in October of 2008, but he isn’t fighting a plodding, methodical stalker with a predictable offense on April 3. Roy Jones isn’t what he used to be but he’s still pretty fast and he’s anything but predictable. And the version of Hopkins I saw against Enrique Ornelas in December didn’t remind me of the Executioner. Yes, Jones was cuaght and clipped by Danny Green Down Under but Hopkins isn’t a pressure fighter like the Green Machine. I know everyone is saying that Jones is going to get KTFO but when’s the last time Hopkins knocked somebody out? Was it De La Hoya back in 2004? I think it was. Think about that. Styles make fights, Arthur. These guys did not combine to make a very entertaining fight in 1993 but maybe they do in 2010. If they do, then perhaps the fight has meaning on that level — at least to whoever decides to buy tickets or the pay-per-view broadcast.


Dang, these people just think they can sell us garbage and we'll buy. I won't. PPV has to be an EVENT for me to shell out some money. I'll watch the free replay as usual on HBO.

Hopkins KO's Jones in the 3rd and Jones finally retires, or Hopkins spends the whole night chasing Jones while he tries to survive and Jones retires.

Whatever happened to the Roy Nut Huggers that used to email the mailbag? — Fausto

What indeed happened to “Jones Town” (as my old cohort Steve Kim used to refer to the RJJ faithful)? Well, some devolved into Mayweather Nut Huggers but most faded away (just like the Pretty Boys will disappear after Mosley spanks their hero).

If you don’t view Hopkins-Jones II as an “event” you should definitely keep your money. However, don’t expect to see it on HBO the following Saturday. The April 3 pay-per-view show is being distributed by HBO but it’s produced by Golden Boy Promotions, which means you won't see Jim Lampley, Max Kellerman or Larry Merchant, and Emanuel Steward on the broadcast and you won’t see it on the network for “free” one week later.


First there were Roy Boys, then there the Pretty Boys, then the Pacmen.

What are you going to call the Valero maniacs that will be created the next time “your son” annihilates someone on U.S. TV? — Tibbs

LOL. Good question. I won’t call them “my sons”. That’s for sure. Sounds too cultish. I do expect the Valero bandwagon to get mighty full by the end of the year. If fans of Edwin's get really obnoxious (as internet fan followings tend to get) I can see them being referred to as “Val-a__holes” but I hope my “my son” attracts a classier brand of fanatic than Jones, Mayweather and Pacquiao. We'll see.


I like Joe Gossen best from the list of world-class trainers you mentioned for Valero a couple weeks ago. He knows how to deal with different personalities and gives good instructions. He brings the best out of his fighters. — JB

I agree. That would be a dream trainer-fighter pairing for me. I enjoy talking boxing with Goossen more than other trainer, and he's based in Southern California, so I could drop in and visit “my son” any time I wished. And I think Goossen would sharpen Valero up to the point that he would become a one-punch KO threat to world-class fighters with world-class chins (even those above the lightweight division).


Hey Dougie,
I would just like to say on record I read the Ringtv.com website like it was the Bible, my friend! I would buy the magazine but being over here in sunny England none of my newsagents sell it!

A couple of points to start with:
1. Valero looked an absolute monster in his beat down of DeMarco! Just how far can this freakish force of nature go?!
2. Tomasz Adamek needs to step up his competition before he talks about fighting our David Haye, although I hear he is close to an agreement to fight Arreola! Could be explosive. How do you see the outcome of Adamek vs Arreola?

The main issue for my email is, do you get too see much British boxing and if so who are the standout contenders for you? Obviously we have Carl Froch, Amir Khan and David Haye as world champions but how do you rate other guys such as Nathan Cleverly, Kell Brook, and Mathew Macklin?

Also if there are any vacancies at RingTV.com I will gladly be on the next flight over as it would be a dream to work for you guys! Keep up the good work, Dougie. I look forward to your reply. Regards. — Liam B, Liverpool, England

Thanks for the kind words about the website, Liam. I’ll let you know if we have any job openings. 'Till then, if you can't find the magazine on news racks where you live, just scroll down to the lower right portion of the RingTV.com homepage. You'll find an area where you can order the latest magazine using your credit card or PayPal. Anyway, onto your questions.

Obviously I’ve watched all of the recent fights of Froch, Haye and Khan and look forward to seeing them fight again. All three have “crossed over” into the U.S. consciousness, so to speak. I’ve seen a little bit (at least one full fight each) of three British up-and-comers you’ve mentioned and I think all three are solid fighters with promise.

Macklin has been around the longest and he’s already considered a contender by THE RING, which ranks him No. 5 among 160 pounders. He’s an all-action fighter who I believe would be well received in the U.S. if he ever fought here. I think he’s found new life at middleweight (winning nine in a row) after his junior middleweight war with Jamie Moore in 2006.

I think Cleverly has a very bright future at light heavyweight. He’s got the physical tools of height, reach, above average hand speed and decent pop in his punches, with a solid foundation, nice jab (when he remembers to use it) and combinations, head movement and footwork. He just needs to keep his hands up more IMO. I enjoyed his tear-up with Danny McIntosh last year and I thought he was one of best UK prospects in 2008 and 2009. In fact, even though he’s only 22, I’ve considered Cleverly to be a fringe contender since his fifth defense of the Commonwealth title (vs. Courtney Fry) last October.

I expect to see Cleverly square off with my favorite U.S.-based light heavyweight prospect Ismayl Sillakh for a major world 175-pound title some time next year.

Brook is a talented welterweight who got my attention with his first-round TKO of Kevin McIntyre in November of 2008. The British champ has a well-timed right hand, eh? I consider him to be a top 147-pound prospect. I think his next fight, against Polish vet Krzystof Bienias (who hasn’t lost in over five years), will serve as a decent step-up for Sheffield native.


Hi Dougie,
Long time reader here. First off, let me say that I sincerely hope I am wrong and you are right about Shane beating Floyd. I'm a big Mosley fan and have been for years. That said, speed kills – and I think people will be surprised at how slow Floyd will make Shane look. My greatest wish is for Shane to grind him down and stop him, but it just ain't happening. When's the last time you saw anyone able to consistently get to Floyd's body? Do you think it's because nobody's thought of that or tried? As much crap as the guy gets (most of it deserved), Money's absolutely brilliant about not getting in positions where he can get touched up to the body – or head for that matter.

Interesting fight for 3-4 rounds until Floyd solves Shane and shuts him out with annoying but scoring counters en route to a wide UD. — Scott

You are so wrong, Scott. I can’t believe how many fans and members of the media are sleeping on Sugar Shane. It’s sad. It really is.

Dude, Floyd didn’t want this fight. He was forced to take it because it’s the only fight (outside of the Pacquiao showdown) that would guarantee him $15-$20 million-plus and it’s the only bout that fans and the media (including his apologists) would accept in lieu of the Pac-Man fight. Mayweather’s side wanted an immediate rematch clause in the contract. What does that tell you about his confidence going into this bout?

Mosley WANTED this bout. He practically begged for it last year. Now he’s got it and you MUST KNOW that he’s already training like a demon in Big Bear, Calif. He can’t wait to put hands on Floyd.

Let me make this plain for you and all the other doubters out there. There’s nothing that Mayweather can put on Mosley that will keep him off him. I’m not saying that Mayweather can’t make Shane miss and counter with accurate shots. But how many punches will he dare to let go with? How many exchanges will he risk with Mosley? How ACTIVE will Mayweather be?

That’s the question, my friend. Why don’t you do a little research and check out CompuBox stats on Mayweather’s average total punch output per round at welterweight/junior middleweight and compare it with the welterweight average and Mosley’s average at 147 pounds? You might find that Mayweather is well below the welterweight average (although very accurate), while Mosley is a little ahead of it. Who works harder? Who hits harder? Who tries harder? Who’s going to get the judges attention in this fight?

Food for thought.

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