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10: 7-footers


Gogea Mitu of Romania, who was 7-4, boxed professionally three times in 1935.

A weekly boxing list compiled by Michael Rosenthal. This week: In honor of Nikolai Valuev, here’s a list of 7-footers who boxed professionally. Valuev fights David Haye on Saturday in Nuremberg, Germany.

7-4 (224cm): Gogea Mitu, Romania (2-1, 1935) — Lost to highly regarded African-American heavyweight George Godfrey. One Web site listed him at 7-9.
7-4 (224cm): John Rankin, New Orleans (1-0, 1967) – Fought only once, in his hometown, and won a four-round decision.
7-2 (218cm): Jim Cully, Ireland (1-2, 1942 and 1948) – It’s long man from Tipperary.
7-2 (218cm): Ewart Potgieter, South Africa (11-2-1, 1954-57) — Fought only journeymen in southern Africa, the UK and the U.S.
7-1 (216cm): Carl Chancellor, El Paso, Texas (4-6-2, 1988-90) — Once fought at 430 pounds.
7-1 (216cm): Julius Long, Detroit (15-12, 2001-present) – Has lost to some big names, including Ray Austin, Sam Peter and Audley Harrison.
7-1 (216cm): Tom Payne, Napa, Calif. (2-2, 1984-85) – Former NBA player went to prison for multiple rape convictions.
7-0 (213cm): Nikolai Valuev, Russia (50-1, 1993-present) – The greatest 7-foot boxer in history.
7-0 (213cm): Marcellus Brown, Louisville, Ky (26-17-1, 1989-2008) – Has lost to Trevor Berbick, Tommy Morrison and Lamon Brewster.
7-0 (213cm): Luis Alberto Gonzalez, Colombia (NA) – Reportedly fought out of Miami in the mid-1980s.
7-0 (213cm): Gil Anderson, Richmond, Calif. (2-0, 1954) – Fought only his hometown.

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