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Weighin result: Mayweather 146, Marquez 142


LAS VEGAS – The long-awaited weighin for the Mayweather-Marquez showdown finally took place at 3:15 p.m. Pacific Time at the MGM Grand's Garden Arena, the site for Saturday's 12-round welterweight fight.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. weighed in at 146 pounds, his usual weight for the welterweight limit.

Juan Manuel Marquez, the reigning lightweight champ, tipped the scale at 142 pounds, just two pounds over the junior welterweight limit.

Since the fight was made in May of this year there has been speculation as to how much the fighters were contracted to weighin.

The Mayweather camp maintained that it was a welterweight bout with the usual 147-pound limit, which heavily favored their fighter, while Golden Boy Promotions, Marquez's promoter and co-promoter for Saturday's fight, claimed that the fighters agreed to a 144-pound catchweight.

Obviously, Team Mayweather was right, but it was a costly choice for Mayweather to come in over 144 pounds, according to Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer.

“The weight limit for the fight was 147 pounds but there was a stipulation in the contract that Mayweather would have to pay a substantial penalty for every pound or part of a pound that he weighs over 144 pounds,” Schaefer said. “Mayweather's advisors are upset that they have to come up with that money.”

Schaefer would not divulge the dollar amount to the media but he said it was “a significant number” and that 100 percent of it will go to Marquez.

Rumor has it that Mayweather had to pay $250,000 for every pound over 144 pounds.