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Giampa’s take: No wonder fans get frustrated


(Former Nevada boxing judge, Chuck Giampa, now a consultant who advises fighters, will provide his occasional analysis of officials and scorecards when he's not involved in an event. Here is his take on the controversial ending of the Timothy Bradley-Nate Campbell fight).

Timothy Bradley met Nate Campbell for the WBO Junior Welterweight Championship Saturday night at the Agua Caliente Casino in Rancho Mirage, Calif. The fight officially ended after the third round when Nate Campbell complained that he could not see due to a cut over his left eye that resulted from an accidental head butt.

The controversy started when Bradley was officially announced as the winner by a TKO. The official rule is that if a fight is stopped prior to the completion of FOUR rounds due to an accidental head butt, the fight is declared a NO DECISION.

Referee, David Mendoza, with an announced 11 title fights on his resume, was in perfect position when it was clearly shown that Campbell suffered the cut due to an accidental clash of heads in the third round. However, Mendoza stated in the post fight interview that although the cut was caused by a head butt, there was a punch thrown by Bradley after the head butt. He also stated that both fighters were initiating head butts.

It's no wonder that fans get upset with officiating! It doesn't matter who caused the head butt. All that matters is that the cut was caused by the head butt (even if a punch was thrown after the butt); that it was prior to the completion of FOUR rounds and that the cut fighter could not continue due to the cut. Mendoza's statement in the post-fight interview seemed vague in his explanation of his actions.

Based on Mendoza's statements, he was wrong and the fight should have been declared a NO DECISION. I actually had Bradley winning the fight after the third round, but that doesn't matter. Although Bradley fought well for three rounds, he should not have been declared the winner by TKO. Nate Campbell, although behind on my scorecard after three rounds, should not have a TKO loss on his record.

Both fighters were wronged because Mendoza didn’t understanding the rules. The reason fans get upset by some outcomes of fights is the lack of an official's knowledge by the rules. The inept officiating affects the records of the fighters who train diligently for their bouts.

I don't know whether the California State Athletic Commission and/or the WBO will review the outcome of this fight. I hope that the fight is reviewed. But Saturday night there were no winners, which isn't fair to either fighter, the fans and the sport of boxing.

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