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Dougie’s MASSIVE Monday Mailbag



This weekend couldn't have broken better for Amir Khan. First Breidis Prescott gets handcuffed and embarrassed on Friday Night Fights, all but squashing any pressure for Khan to give him a rematch and then by all accounts he controlled Andreas Kotelnik fairly easily and now has regained a lot of his lost luster.

Looking at the 140 lb division I'm curious where he goes next? Ricky Hatton is a logical step that would gain him even more exposure and probably a stoppage win. But I have a hard time seeing him beating the likes of Tim Bradley, Nate Campbell, Kendall Holt or Marcos Maidana.

Perhaps the crude Juan Urango or the strong/skilled but vulnerable
Juan Diaz provided he gets by Paulie Malignaggi, but I'd also make him the ‘dog’ there. So at this point he's an alphabet champ who would be an underdog against the majority of an admittedly tough pool of challengers. His best move would probably be to drop back down to lightweight, hope Juan Manuel Marquez doesn't come back down himself after he fights Floyd Mayweather and most importantly avoid Edwin Valero at all costs. So am I being too hard? — Tom G.

You’re being a little bit hard, Tom, but you’re also being realistic. The only reason I think you might not be giving Khan his due is because you haven’t seen the Kotelnik fight yet.

I watched the entire fight and I didn’t score a round for Kotelnik until the 12th, when the young man was almost out of gas. There were a few competitive rounds — the second, the fourth and the 11th — but Khan was clearly in command for 90 percent of the fight and that’s saying something considering where his career was less than a year ago and considering how good Kotelnik is.

Khan boxed a near perfect fight against Kotelnik — he kept the titleholder at a distance, got off first, and he never stuck around to admire his work — and I have to give him credit for that. I’ll give him extra credit, in fact, because I thought it would be a competitive fight and it wasn’t.

I agree that fights against his fellow 140-pound contenders will be tough challenges, and I would probably favor most of them to beat Khan, however, after seeing his performance against Kotelnik I will not count him out against any of the top junior welterweight dogs. I can see him beating strong but plodding guys like Urango and Maidana, because it was evident in the Kotelnik fight that if you can’t match Khan’s speed and you can’t cut the ring off, you’re pretty much f__ked for the evening unless the kid runs out of gas or you land a lucky shot. Bradley and Holt are dangerous options for Khan because they can match his speed and they have better-than-average power. Campbell is dangerous because he can apply the same pressure that almost got to Khan at the end of the Kotelnik fight, but the lightweight vet hits harder and throws more punches than the Ukrainian. Diaz would be dangerous because of his pressure and volume, however, Khan’s blistering sharp shooting might catch “the bull” as he comes in.

Just because the iron-chinned Kotelnik went 12 with Khan doesn’t mean other 140-pound contenders can take the Bolton lad’s heat. I think Khan should stay at 140 pounds, where a UK maega-bout with Ricky Hatton awaits, unless Juan Manuel Marquez is willing to defend his world lightweight title against him. As great as I think Marquez is, his counter-punching style is tailor made for Khan.

I agree that he needs to stay away from “my son”.


Dear Doug,
I think Amir Khan is a disaster waiting to happen at 140. One shot from Ricardo Torres, Holt, Maidana or Pac would KO him IMHO. I'd favor the Bradley/Campbell winner over him. I'd also give Victor Ortiz a puncher's chance. Your thoughts?

Take care. — Patrick

Pacquiao is in his prime, he’s the pound-for-pound king and a first-ballot hall of famer — of course he would zap the 22-year-old title holder. Bradley and Campbell are far more seasoned than Khan; I’d favor the winner of that Aug. 1 showdown over the British star, too. If he did lose to either of those three fighters I wouldn’t consider him washed up, and I hope you wouldn’t either.

I also agree that hard punchers like Torres, Maidana, and Ortiz can KO Khan if they land a clean shot. However, I’m not sure they would land that shot if they fought him. And I’m not convinced that they can take his punches. I think Kotelnik has better a chin and far superior defense to those punchers.

Does Khan have some vulnerabilities? Yeah. Is he a potential disaster? No, I don’t think so.


I guess with one of the best trainers in the world coupled with the best sparring around you can take a chinny guy and train him to beat a grizzled, battle tested veteran like Kotelnik. Good for him and I hope he adds to this by taking on the best and not hiding like some other titlists do. Here's my wish list for 140lbs:

1. Khan-Witter/Alexander (Ones a puncher that he could out hustle. The other is even more inexperienced than he is.)
2. Maidana-Urango/Bailey (Do I even have to tell you why I want to see this?)
3. Hatton-Bradley/Campbell (Time to see if Ricky is really done)
4. Ortiz-Malignaggi-Diaz (Good way to see if Vic can rebound from his a$$kicking with everything intact.)

(p.s. I'm thinking Froch-Kessler or Froch-Ward coming out as the final two in the SMW tourney.) Holla Back! — Fleetwood, St. Louis, Mo

I think it will be Abraham-Kessler in the finals of Showtime’s 168-pound tourney, but I wouldn’t be shocked if both European badasses were upset along the way.

I like your 140-pound wish list.

Khan-Witter would be an interesting all-UK matchup. And for the record I think the 35-year-old Witter is going to outfox the very game and talented 22-year-old Alexander. However, I don’t think Witter will get a shot at Khan even if he brings the WBC title to the table. The switch-hitter has too dangerous a style for Warren, Roach and company to risk. If there’s going to be a big UK showdown at 140 pounds it will be Hatton-Khan.

Maidana vs. Bailey, Urango, Torres or any other 140-pound puncher is pure entertainment. I really hope Maidan’s next few fights take place in the U.S. (or at least on U.S. TV).

Hatton vs. any 140-pound standout not named Amir Khan ain’t happenin’.

I think Ortiz vs. the Diaz-Malignaggi winner is a good idea. I’m gonna give you Richard Schaefer’s cell number. Give Richie Rich a call and see if you can’t sell the Golden CEO on the idea.

From what I’ve seen of Ortiz’s sparring, stick-and-move boxers can frustrate him because he’s kind of methodical and flat on his feet. If ‘Little Mac’ beats ‘the Baby Bull’ this month, his confidence will be restored and I think Malignaggi is a formidable boxer when his mind is right. I might be in the minority (and that’s OK, because I am a minority) but I think Malignaggi-Ortiz is an interesting fight. If Diaz beats Malignaggi, I think he’d he also pose an interesting challenge to the Vicious One. Diaz doesn’t have the power that Maidana possesses, but the college grad will apply twice the pressure and twice the amount of punches. In other words, Diaz will test Ortiz’s fighting heart, which is what everyone is questioning after the way the Maidana bout ended and his post-fight interview with Max Kellerman.


hey dougie, layzie guy here. everybody needs to calm down when it comes to floyd. he has a 5 fight contract with golden boy. marquez is first then shane then pacquiao and then cotto and one of them will get a rematch. those are mega fights, and the only fights folks want to see. it's gonna happen cuz he needs the mullah, ya dig. and i hope one day floyd flips out and punches you right in the face. just kidding, but i do hope he gets in your face just so he can scare the crap outta you. maybe then you'll stop writting garbage about him. — layzie guy

I'd tell you get life in unflattering detail, but you go by “Lazy Guy” (no, I'm not going to misspell it), so I won't bother.

Listen up Lazy Guy, contracts don't mean s__t to Mayweather. He'll walk away from GBP as easily as he did Top Rank and Goossen Tutor if Schaefer and company try to shove hard fights down his throat.

It says here that Floyd will NEVER fight Shane. The reason, as far as I see it, is that Mayweather doesn't want to risk losing because even at age 37 Mosley has the ability to kick his ass.

You can hope Mayweather “flips out” and punches me in the face all you want. He has “flipped out” on me before (after a weigh-in, the day before his fight with Emanuel Burton in Detroit), back when he was a real fighter — but he did it from a hotel balcony, so what does that tell you? He knows who I am. He sees me at all his lame-ass press conferences. He could catch me away from the fight crowd Whenever I’m in Las Vegas if he wanted to. He's had many opportunities to get in my face and “scare me” over the years, and it ain't happened yet. I won't say it will never happen — he'll confront me face-to-face before he gets in the ring with Mosley — but I doubt it.


A longtime fan of yours, sir. Write a book someday and you can be sure I'll spend the money to pick it up. As it is, I am moved to respond in regards to the recent comment about Floyd, and, as you put it, “why Mayweather sucks”. It isn't that Mayweather sucks, it's the *why* I'd like to discuss, and get your educated and expert opinion on.

It's no secret Floyd is bitter to some degree, hurt, and retaining resentment and pain from how his childhood was — it is frequently discussed, by his fans and critics alike, and anyone with a similar upbringing would have the same kind of additude. I am not defending or condoneing that kind of behavior, but I would suggest that its the foundation for many of these decisions Floyd makes, which apparently hurts his legacy a bit, and his standing amongst the fans and experts.

I could suggest Floyd get over it, but I won't do that on your time. Rather, I'd like you to keep that fact about him in mind, (that motivation of feeling unappreciated and bitterness,) and then consider some things that I think are worth mentioning in his defense. Floyd is ducking Shane for a bad reason, to be sure. But not what his critics think. He's basically ducking him because Shane pissed him off years ago- by ducking Floyd. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the kind of guy who doesn't forgive and forget, I suspect. So all of the things I read that he is spoilt, arrogant, has a bad additude, etc.- I'm sure he has some perceived disrespect because of the chip on his shoulder, but all of it has it's foundations in things that were indeed unfair. And if done to another boxer, say, Pacman, people would speak of the unfairness that boxer had to experience. Floyd called out Shane- who I am also a fan of- and Shane wanted no part of him, until fairly recently.

When Floyd fought Oscar, Golden Boy even decreed what size gloves Floyd had to wear (as to be in Oscar's favor). This wouldn't upset you, Doug? Floyd looked for a fight, they were disinterested. For that fight to be a possibility *now*, and for it to be suggested that Floyd is somehow ducking, or cowardly, is unfair. Yeah, his motivation- if I am correct- to ignore Shane now just to say “how does it feel” might not be very sportsmanlike- but Floyd Mayweather Jr. did not invent this practice, either. Again, it seems different rules apply for “Money”. Anyway, my big point in this long missive to you, is the “why” you think Floyd sucks. Study his motivation(s) and you'll see it just comes from being ignored and disrespected until his fight with Oscar- whether it be from Shane, Bob Arum, whatever. If that guy got a hug as a child, he might have a more genial additude today. Regardless, as Floyd would say, “the facts speak for themselves”. Sugar Shane had his chance- he didn't want it a few years ago. No sense bitching at Floyd now.

Respectfully. — William Byron

I’ll answer your one question, Dubya B, and hopefully I won’t be as long winded as you were in your defense of Mayweather.

I think Mayweather sucks because he hasn’t fought a guy who had the ability to beat him in seven years (since the Jose Luis Castillo fights in 2002). I think he sucks because he proclaims to not only be the pound for pound best but G.O.A.T. I think he sucks because he has fabulous skill and technique and there have been at least five or six worthy challengers in the past five or six years who could have tested his mettle and talent — and proven his greatness if he had accepted those challenges — but he chose to dismiss them all for lame-ass reasons.

He sucks because he has repeatedly cheated the fans and himself of meaningful fights.

I don’t care about Mayweather’s upbringing. If you think Pacquiao or the late Diego Corrales, Alexis Arguello, and Arturo Gatti “got their hugs” during their childhood, you’re seriously na├»ve.

So you’re saying Mayweather is ducking Mosley because Mosley ducked him. OK. When the hell was that? When did Mayweather call out Mosley? In 1998 or ’99 when both guys were fighting on Boxing After Dark? In 2006, after Mosley scored back-to-back victories over a shot Fernando Vargas, not long after he looked like s__t against David Estrada and Jose Luis Cruz, and after back-to-back losses to Winky Wright? Did Mayweather’s promoters (Bob Arum and later Dan Goossen) or his advisor Al Haymon ever make a formal offer to Mosley’s promoter, Golden Boy Promotions? Was a fight site reserved, a PPV date set aside, and a guaranteed payday offered to Mosley like Mayweather had with Arum’s Antonio Margarito offer that same year? I don’t think there was.

I think the real reason Mayweather won’t fight Mosley is because Shane brutally knocked out the guy he refused to fight (for a guaranteed $8 million payday). Floyd’s not as stupid as he comes off in those Brian Kenny interviews.

You think Mayweather harbors resentment because De La Hoya dictated the size of the gloves they would fight in? If you’re correct, he’s more pathetic than I thought he was. He should be kissing Oscar’s golden ass for the payday and exposure he got with that crappy ass fight. If it’s so important for Mayweather to call the shots, he should have fought Margarito when Arum was offering that fight. Margarito and his team were willing to roll over on everything to make that fight happen. Mayweather could have asked for 18-ounce gloves and headgear and they would have gone along with it.

I agree that Mosley shouldn’t bitch at Mayweather. It’s a waste of time. That fight will never happen, just like the Margarito fight never happened, and just like a showdown with Cotto will never happen. Mayweather can call Mosley a cheater all he wants, but Shane never cheated the fans or his own legacy. At the end of the day Mosley fought Cotto and Margarito. Mayweather didn’t.

Dougie can be reached at [email protected], but seriously folks, if you’re a Mayweather apologist please save your defense of 'Needs Money' for the message boards