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Weekend Review: Cintron’s big night


Alfredo Angulo took many hard rights to the head from Kermit Cintron on Saturday in Hollywood, Fla. Photo / Javiel


Kermit Cintron: The boxing world was poised to write off the former 147-pound titleholder after his two brutal knockout losses to Antonio Margarito and a gift draw against Sergio Martinez in his last fight. How did he respond? With one of the best performances of his career against a then-unbeaten rising star from Mexico. Cintron outclassed his rugged, if relatively inexperienced opponent with his boxing ability and hard, accurate punches. He also quieted critics with a gutsy performance, willing himself to continue throwing punches even though he was dead tired in the closing rounds.


Alfredo Angulo: The 26-year-old former Olympian had been anointed by some as the next Mexican star. He seemed to have all the tools: boxing ability, good power, unusual toughness. In the end, he probably just didn’t have the experience. Angulo was as aggressive as ever but couldn’t figure out how to get to Cintron consistently and lost the fight – and his momentum – as a result. He’ll have to rebuild. However, don’t count him out. He has the ability and work ethic to bounce back and perhaps become the fighter he was expected to be.


Andre Berto: One thing common to the greatest fighters in history are memorable fights. Berto’s one-sided victory over Juan Urango on Saturday night wasn’t that. The welterweight title holder did more than enough to win, pitching a virtual shutout. However, the stage was set for him to turn in a spectacular – read: memorable – performance against a respected, if overmatched opponent on national television.


Juan Urango: The muscular Colombian is accustomed to dominating his opponents, as his record of 21-2-1 (16 knockouts) indicates. Thus, it must’ve been extremely humbling for him to be rendered so helpless for most of 12 rounds against the much-quicker and slicker Berto, particularly in front of the fans in his adopted hometown of Hollywood, Fla. Then again, he was all smiles after the fight. I guess his attitude was: “I gave it a shot.” And he already knows what it feels like to be routed. He had a bit more success against Ricky Hatton but still lost a one-sided decision.


Shane Mosley: The welterweight titleholder reiterated what he told’s Doug Fischer recently, that he wants to fight Manny Pacquiao so badly he’ll do it at a catch weight between 140 and 147 pounds if necessary. You can have Mayweather-Pacquiao or even Marquez-Pacquiao III. I’ll take Mosley-Pacquiao, which might be the most-thrilling matchup in years. These are two gifted boxers with blazing-quick hands and feet and a willingness to take risks in order to please the fans. What more could we ask? Let’s hope that their handlers are able to put the fight together.


Mike Tyson: Say or think what you want about the former heavyweight champion and boxing icon; no one should have to endure what he’s experiencing right now – the accidental death of his 4-year-old daughter, Exodus. It’s simply heartbreaking. And what’s worse, it seemed as if the often-troubled fighter had settled down at least somewhat, that things were going relatively well for him the past few years. A well-received documentary on his life was recently released and he had a bit part in a featured film. Then this happens. Our hearts go out to Tyson and his family.


Ruslan Chagaev: The Uzbek lost a reported $1.54 million when Finnish authorities canceled his fight against Russian Nikolai Valuev a day before they were to meet in Helsinki, Finland. It was the third time a rematch between the two was canceled since Chagaev outpointed the 7-footer in 2007. Now, Valuev, the WBA heavyweight titleholder, says he’s moving on. Chagaev reportedly tested positive for hepatitis. He denies he has the disease.


Chad Dawson: Glen Johnson gave Dawson absolute hell when they met last year, with Dawson escaping with a close decision. And Dawson apparently is willing to do it again. THE RING’s No. 2-rated light heavyweight and No. 3 Johnson reportedly are near a deal for a rematch. Dawson gave up his IBF light heavyweight title rather than fight relative unknown Tavoris Cloud, which opened the door to another fight against Johnson. Dawson has been criticized by members of the media and fans for “dodging” Johnson. This oughta shut ’em up.


Buster Douglas: “It’s like I made my mark, it’s proof that I existed on this planet. That’s a good thing. I’m really, really proud about that.” Douglas was reflecting upon his epic upset of Mike Tyson in 1990.

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