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Dougie’s MASSIVE Mid-Week Mailbag


I needed an extra mailbag to handle the overflow of feedback (both pro and con) from my “Appreciation” column on Shane Mosley and Floyd Mayweather and this week's Monday mailbag, so here it is. Enjoy!


I can see certain things from your perspective, but you're also mistaken on a few of your claims. Now, to clarify a few things and ask you a few of my own questions:

1. I am not a “Johnny Come Lately” Mayweather fan. The first Floyd fight I saw was on the Pernell Whitaker-Oscar De La Hoya undercard and attended the Mayweather-Jesus Chavez bout in San Francisco. So I'm pretty sure I've been on the Mayweather bandwagon as long as any Mosley fan has been behind Shane.

2. PPV sales don't measure how great a fighter is (exhibit A: Oscar De La Hoya). I just see where he's coming from. Juan Manuel Marquez is a Mexican, and Mexican fighters typically sell better on ppv.

3. I don't give Floyd a “pass” for “ducking” Mosley. This is Floyd's first fight back. I think everyone should be patient with all these proposed fights. Who's to say he won't fight Shane? He has a five fight deal with Golden Boy, so he's obviously not back for just one night.

4. Why does Mosley get a pass from his fans for not rematching Cotto or openly stating he doesn't want to fight Paul Williams? He doesn't want to fight Cotto in New York (I see where he's coming from) but is that any more of a valid excuse than Floyd saying Shane's not a ppv draw? I mean the guy LOST to Cotto. Why not take care of some unfinished business? Why such a double standard?

5. Mosley is NOT known by mainstream fans. The fact that any decision Floyd makes can cause such an uproar shows that HE is mainstream. When Shane Mosley does something the boxing world pays attention, but that's about it. If you had half of my brain you would know that.

6. You're just as big a Mosley nut-hugger as I am a Mayweather “nut-hugger.” The fact that you get so upset about this stuff just shows it.

To finish off, Floyd is not “my” fighter so I have no clue what he may be afraid of. And to answer one of your questions, I do want to see Floyd in against a skilled and experienced boxer-puncher. His name is Manny Pacquaio. — JY

Yeah, me too. Too bad Mayweather has “a problem” and “an issue” with Pacquiao's promoter (the same guy who carefully matched him for 10 years and helped create the illusion you cling so hard to).

Onto the “debate”:

1. I was press row for Mayweather-Chavez. That was in November of 2001. Those were the good ole days, back when Floyd fought the best fighters in his weight class. Seems almost like yesterday…. oh, by the way, Mosley fans, like myself, go back to the mid-1990s.

2. “…and Mexican fighters typically sell better on ppv.” Really? If that's true, why didn't he ever fight Antonio Margarito? Do you think Marquez’s PPV numbers compare with Mosley’s?

3. “Who's to say he won't fight Shane?” Um, HE IS! He's the one who won't even broach the subject, and not just with Brian Kenny. He has dismissed the notion of fighting Mosley to the boxing media at all of the pre-fight press conferences for his match with Marquez. We’ll see if he changes his tune IF he beats the lightweight king.

4. Mosley has not refused to fight Cotto or Williams, and he hasn't insulted the public's intelligence by coming up with bogus excuses, either. He has said that those aren't the fights he wants this year (his goal is either Pacquiao or Mayweather), but he has repeatedly told the boxing press that he would take those fights if his preferred matchups can't be made. THERE IS NO DOUBLE STANDARD. You cannot question Mosley's mettle and you can't even compare Mayweather's recent track record with his. Mosley fought Cotto. Mayweather didn't. Mosley knocked out one of the few welterweight contenders who was willing to face Williams. Mayweather didn't fight Williams or Antonio Margarito. Of course not wanting to fight Cotto in NYC is a more valid “excuse” than dismissing a fighter's PPV numbers. Mosley is saying he believes Cotto has a home court advantage there. The reason he believes that is because he actually FOUGHT Cotto there. Mayweather is dismissing Mosley and his drawing power without having fought him or even entertaining the notion.

5. You are absolutely wrong about Mosley's popularity. Mosley was known by casual fight fans years before Floyd was. He made a name for himself among hardcore fans in the late '90s and he broke through to the casual fans the same way Mayweather did – by beating Oscar De La Hoya. The only difference is that Mosley did it in 2000 when De La Hoya was still in his prime (and, as usual, Mosley's fight was entertaining and his victory was more definitive than Floyd’s). Mosley's ratings on HBO were on average higher than Mayweather's and his four PPV fights with De La Hoya and Fernando Vargas totaled 2.3 million buys ($114 million in domestic revenue). You and all the other Mayweather apologists can’t name more than five fighters in the sport with better PPV stats, so why do you persist in parroting Floyd’s ridiculous claim that Mosley is not a PPV attraction?

The fact that Mosley can get a “rebuttal” interview with Brian Kenny on ESPN immediately after Floyd's interview (which was part of the media circuit for the Marquez fight) should tell you all you need to know about his popularity and his influence in and outside the sport. Of course, if I had half of your brain I wouldn't be able to figure that out. (If I had all of your brain I guess I would believe Mayweather's bulls__t, too.)

6. At least my fighter HAS a pair of nuts to hug.


Very, very entertaining read. Good stuff.

Mayweather cries at night, I'm sure. — Rachel

Thanks Rachel.

I wouldn’t worry about Floyd. If he does weep at night, he's got that cuddly Mr. Ellerbe to hold him and make it all better.


For realz. u seem like a novice…….. floyyd is an unbeaten multi dimentional master. Mosely is one dimentional and straight forward. wich is why winky wright, (another one dimentional fighter gave mosely the BLUES 2WICEand wich is why vernon forests gave mosely the blues 2wice!!! mosely has severe problems with being overpowered, he has no answer for that. floyyd is still pretty, and its extremely hard to hit him….. there is no comparison. floyyd is undefeated. mosely has more losses than the oakland raiders footballteam.floyyd is the most accomplished out of all of them. if u are going to be a reporter, u have to grow up and be mature and not be affected by floyyds smak talking (even though tis true), u should not use your power of press to defame a legend… thats imature.. grow up!u and i can go colum for colum it u wish. — Camael

No thanks. Your impeccable logic and mastery of the English language intimidates me. You, my man, are the Floyd Mayweather of boxing columnists and I'm going duck you the way Shane Mosley avoided ‘Money May’ back in 1999.

Look, I'm a reporter AND a columnist. When I write a column I give my opinion. My opinion of Mosley is that he's a fighter that I respect and appreciate. My opinion on Mayweather is that he's a boxer (not a fighter) that I respect, but don't appreciate him.

If you appreciate Mayweather and believe he’s the truth, that's fine. I don't get it, but to each his own.


Did you appreciate Mosley's steroid use as well?

If you think his steroid use was a one time thing then I think I appreciate your naiveness as much as you appreciate Shane. I'm sure he was roided up for many of his fights. It's unfortunate no one cares about boxing, maybe if they did there might be some low level investigation into steroids in the sport. I'm sure Shane would play a role similar to that Sosa or McGwire.

“Mosley, who has always challenged the best fighters in the weight classes he occupiedÔǪ” that's a nice and clever way of avoiding the fact the he ducked Kostya Tszyu.

'I understand the fans who celebrate Mayweather because of his superb skill and ring prowess, but I don’t agree that technique alone is enough to elevate a prize fighter to the top of the sport.”

Agreed. Mayweather's complete dismantling of all his opponents and making look it easy is what elevates to the top. — Johnny

If anyone ducked Tszyu it was Mayweather (in 2004 and early 2005, when the Russian was the undisputed junior welterweight champ and Floyd was in the 140-pound division), not Mosley who leapfrogged the 140-pound division in late '99, when Tszyu was still on the comeback from his loss to Vince Phillips.

Get your facts straight, Johnny Come Lately.

“Mayweather's complete dismantling of all his opponents”? OK. Here’s the truth on the guy you think is the “truth”, he struggled with Emanuel Augustus and went life and death with Jose Luis Castillo at lightweight, which tells me if Mayweather had ever fought Mosley at 135 pounds, Sugar Shane would have whupped that narrow ass.

I don't appreciate Mosley's steroid use, but 'roided up or not, he'll still probably knock Mayweather out which is why your boy will NEVER fight him.


Hello Mr. Fischer,
I read your article “Mosley, not Mayweather, is worthy of fan appreciation” May 23, 2009, 11:47 and I felt so compelled to say the biggest THANK YOU that I could muster up. For the past few years I have felt exactly what you wrote in this article and appreciate the fact that someone, especially a columnist/writer, feels the same. Thank you for putting it in words. I truly hope Floyd will read this and wake up to the fact that he is cheating not only the fans of boxing but sport of boxing itself.

Thanks again. — Rick Yoshimura

I think Mayweather is cheating himself out of true greatness. I wanted to see Mayweather fight Margarito and Cotto because they would have been excellent style matchups and competitive fights that he could have won. That’s why I want to see him and Mosley in the ring. I would pick Mosley to beat Mayweather (probably by late stoppage), but I certainly wouldn’t count Floyd out. I think it would be a good, hotly contested boxing match that would entertain fans and be the kind of fight that wouldn’t diminish the reputation of the loser at all. It’s too bad Mayweather has to be so dismissive of the match. Either he’s afraid of Mosley or he just doesn’t get it (like his fans).

Anyway, I’m glad I articulated your thoughts and feelings in the column. That’s what columns are supposed to do (along with fanning the readers’ passions one way or another). A few years ago most fans and the media disagreed with the opinions of that Mosley column; now I’d say the majority agree with them.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. has never ducked anybody. Floyd has never said he would not fight Manny Pacquiao, never. He said it would be a hard nut to crack because of his personal issues with Bob Arum. But, in Floyd's exact words, “If he wants it, he can get it.” Thats exactly what Floyd said about fighting Pacman. Doesn't sound like he is scared to me. Freddie Roach has said in numerous of interviews that Floyd would be the toughest opponent for Pac.

As far as Shane Mosley… He is a cheater. He is a known steroid abuser. Shane Mosley is not a fan's fighter, he is a liar with no honor. I wish Margarito would of gotten away with the loaded gloves. It would of been karma for Shane cheating against Oscar and God only knows who else.

Why didn't Shane want to fight Floyd 7-9 years ago, when Floyd was more than willing? But, now since Shane is on the downside of his career, all of a sudden he is all for a Mayweather fight. Mayweather isn't ducking Mosley any more today than Mosley was ducking Mayweather 7-9 years ago. Shane couldn't even beat Cotto. And if you think Cotto would have any shot in hell at beating Floyd, I would have to seriously reconsider my opinion of your boxing knowledge.

I find it laughable when people say, “I don't like Floyd as a person.” LMFAO. People don't know Floyd as a person. Floyd is as humble and respectful as any fighter in the world. BUT, due to pressure by HBO to sell PPVs and tickets, he has adopted the loud, cocky, direspectful marketing ploy we see now. Go back to early Floyd post-fight interviews. The most humble guy you can ask for.

And Floyd is correct about Shane's drawing power. Shane has never been the A side of a promotion. Floyd has much more drawing power than Shane, easily. Not even arguable. Mosley couldn't get 5,000 people to come watch him fight Luis Collazo.

Why can't I compare Floyd Mayweather Jr. to all of the greats of yesteryear??? I think a prime 147 pound Floyd Mayweather Jr. beats a prime 147 pound Ray Robinson. Same thing goes for Ray Leonard. Floyd boxes circles around Roberto Duran at 135 pounds.

Thats all for now Dougie. I got $5,000 that say Mayweather dominates Juan Manuel Marquez come July 18. Put your money where your mouth is, im more than willing to! — Tommy

Of course you're gonna put your money on Floyd. He's a welterweight fighting a lightweight. That's problem with Floyd. He’s never taken a fight where he's the underdog.

Tommy, you are more than welcome to compare Mayweather to all of the greats of yesteryear and everyone else is welcome to laugh at you.

True, Mosley couldn’t draw more than 5,000 vs. Collazo. It wasn’t really a fight that fans were clamoring for, and it didn’t belong in Las Vegas. Mayweather couldn’t draw 1,500 to his televised sparring session with Henry Bruseles in Miami. Same deal.

YOU don’t know Mayweather “as a person”. Don’t blame his sh__y attitude on HBO. I interviewed Mayweather for the first time in 1997 and he was arrogant back then, before he’d even done anything in the pro game. He’s never been humble or respectful. And when he seemed humble in past interviews IT WAS AN ACT.

“Why didn't Shane want to fight Floyd 7-9 years ago?” Probably because Mayweather wasn’t on the radar back then, and neither were on a collision course with the other. Mayweather was an excellent 130-pound titleholder who was still proving himself against the likes of Diego Corrales and Jesus Chavez (2001), then struggling his ass off against Jose Luis Castillo for the lightweight title (2002), and then busy fighting 135-pound no-hopers like Victor Sosa and Phillip Ndou (2003). Mosley was the No.1 welterweight and the pound-for-pound king (2001), losing back-to-back fights to Vernon Forrest (2002), and then controversially beating De La Hoya again at 154 pounds (2003).

At what point “9-7 years ago” did a fight between Mosley and Mayweather make sense?

The fight makes sense NOW, this year or next. Mosley is far from on the downside of his career. He’s recognized by all as the No. 1 welterweight in the world. THE RING ranks him No. 4 pound for pound. Yahoo! Sports ranks him No. 5 pound for pound.

So what if Mosley didn’t beat Cotto? He had the balls to take on a young undefeated fighter recognized as the best 147 pounder in the world and in the eyes of many (your hero Floyd included) he won that fight, or at least fought Cotto to a draw.

I view Mayweather-Cotto as a 50-50 fight, and so does Floyd, which is why it will never take place.

True, Mosley has cheated with steroids. Like astute young boxing writer Gabe Montoya stated in his Monday Mailbag on, if Mayweather is leery of fighting Shane because of that past infraction I can respect that. But I can’t respect dismissing a fighter of Mosley’s accomplishments because of the number of losses on his record or the PPV buys he’s garnered.

Mayweather HAS ducked fighters during his career. If you really followed the sport you would know that. Time will tell if Manny Pacquiao joins that list.


Hey Dougie,
This is my second time emailing you. The first was about Roy Jones and I made it into your Friday mailbag, which, being the loser I am, was one of the greatest moments of my life. Anyway, after reading your Mosley-Mayweather mailbag the other day, it occurred to me that a lot of casual fans will just never realize the truth about Money May. I'm not a hater by any means, but his opposition speaks for itself.

This morning, however, I was handed a glimmer of hope by my girlfriend of all people. I watch the fights no matter what, PPV, premium, or basic cable, and once in a while she'll watch with me. While I was reading about Money's upcoming bout, she recognized him from his various mentions and appearances. She asked me why he is so cocky. I answered, well if you were one of the best fighters of all time, wouldn't you be cocky? She said, “If I was one of the best fighters ever, I would fight someone my size.” I laughed at this, such a simple idea, fight someone his own size…but she gets it.

She saw whatever was televised of the Mayweather/Marquez press conference. She saw the two fighters next to each other. And she, a non-boxing fan, saw it for what it was. A complete physical mismatch. Regardless of how good Marquez is, this should not be the fight Mayweather took. End of story. And now, I can dream of the day where everyone gets it, and Floyd will be looked at for what he is. An amazing talent that has basically pissed away his prime fighting people he knows he can beat instead of undertaking true challenges. Or, a better alternative, maybe one day Mayweather will fight someone his size. — Joseph

That’s a smart woman, Joseph, hold onto her like Ellerbe does Mayweather.


Mayweather is a natural junior welterweight who has been fighting up in weight because that is where the money and contenders are, most importantly the money. He even once went up to 154, and then fought at 148 pounds or so. (What other fighter fights at or below the weight in his weight class in every fight that he's in? No one.) But really it's all about the money (and in boxing it always has been). Is it distasteful that Mayweather makes this explicit? It shouldn't be.

Mayweather is facing Marquez. 1) Marquez is better than Mosley. 2) Marquez can bring more money than Mosley. 4) What other fighter comes back after a two year lay off and fights the #2 (who maybe should be #1 or #1a) pound for pound fighter in the world? Did Pac-man beat Marquez in the last fight? I certainly didn't think so. In fact, I thought the best you could have scored it for him was a draw, though regardless it was a great great fight, which is really the most important thing.

Mosley is likeable. So what? He's pining after these big fights because he knows that he's not worth the money himself. He needs Pacquiao or Mayweather. I mean I think a Mosley and Mayweather fight would be very exciting and interesting, but I completely understand why Floyd isn't taking it (because it doesn't make as much sense for him as these other fights on the table), as well as why Mosley is trying to hype it and back Floyd into the corner. I'm certainly not convinced that Mosley is a tougher match-up than Marquez. Did you see him against Mayorga? Can we say lackluster? And Mosley wants the fight, he's going to have to continue to win and wait, because there are two or three guys clearly ahead of him in the pecking order in terms of the money they can bring in. (Pac-Man and Cotto to say the least.)

The real article to be written is about how Bob Arum is trying to set up a fight between Pacquiao and Cotto (instead of the Marquez-Mayweather winner) to line his own pocket book, because in a Cotto fight, he gets both sides of the purse, rather than splitting it with another promoter, and if Pacquiao wins then he gets his big Pac-Man-Mayweather fight, and if he doesn't win, then he gets a somewhat smaller though still big Cotto-Mayweather fight and a rematch between Pacquiao and Marquez.

(P.S. What's happening to Mayweather is the same thing that happened to Hopkins when he “lowballed” Adamek. What's Adamek getting now? Nothing. He's not even on television. Let alone $500,000. And Hopkins gets slammed? Hopkins was doing Adamek a favor.

And why do Hopkins and Mayweather get slammed for anything they do? Because they are black, brash and people don't like them. It's not that people don't like black people, they just don't like certain types of black people. (Barry Bonds, Hopkins, Mayweather, George Foreman before he became the George Foreman of George Foreman grills, etc . . .) It's not explicit, but it is present, most certainly in sports, and especially boxing, where black athletes are routinely referred to as “thoroughbreds” without batting an eyelash. I've definitely never heard of any other athletes being compared to horses.) — Ben

Oh good grief, I guess it was only a mater of time that the race card would be played by some casual fan whose only connection to boxing is through it’s high-profile African-American boxers. You’ve “never heard of any other athletes being compared to horses”? Really? Do you really follow any sport? I don’t think you really follow boxing. If you did, you’d know that fighters are compared to horses (and other animals) all the time, usually in a complimentary manner. Boxing and promotional clubs are commonly referred to as “stables”. I know this is distasteful to some, but hey, boxing is not a Politically Correct sport. Personally, that’s one of the things I like about boxing. To paraphrase a line from my recent column on Mosley and Mayweather, if being PC is so important to you maybe your sport should be figure skating.

If people don’t like Mayweather, Hopkins or Bonds, it’s because they’re assh__les; not because they are black. Nobody embraces or likes white people — athletes or otherwise — with similar personalities.

Anyway, onto easily your countering your many “points”:

Hopkins was not “slammed” by the media for “low balling” Adamek. One writer, Dan Rafael, got on his ass a little and’s boss scribe gave B-Hop’s promoter, Richard Schaefer, the opportunity to give their side in the very same blog/column. Get over it. Stop being so damned hyper-sensitive.

This line made me laugh: “The real article to be written is about how Bob Arum is trying to set up a fight between Pacquiao and Cotto (instead of the Marquez-Mayweather winner) to line his own pocket book, because in a Cotto fight, he gets both sides of the purse, rather than splitting it with another promoterÔǪ”

You want me to write an article on how Arum is thinking like a promoter? LOL. That’s not really a news flash, buddy. It’s more unusual when a boxer, like your boy (and yes, I know that’s not a very PC term), behaves like a promoter and not a fighter.

Did I se Mosley against Mayorga? Yeah. I saw him almost kill the Nicaraguan in the 12th round.

This line tells me you’re not a real fight fan: “I mean I think a Mosley and Mayweather fight would be very exciting and interesting, but I completely understand why Floyd isn't taking itÔǪ”

This line tells me you don’t know a left hook from a fish hook: “I'm certainly not convinced that Mosley is a tougher match-up than Marquez.”

Really? Do you think Juan Diaz could back up and hurt Mosley? Do you think Marquez could back up and hurt Antonio Margarito? Do you think the lightweight champ could cold cock Mayorga the way Mosley did?

If you do, I’m really wasting my time debating you.

Look, genius, if Mayweather is a “natural junior welterweight” like you say he is, then he should be able to come down to 140 pounds to fight Marquez.

Marquez might be better than Mosley in a pound-for-pound sense (barely), but he’s not more effective than Shane is fighting at 147 pounds. And he hasn’t proven to be able to “pull in more money”. Marquez’s PPV total (for the Pacquiao rematch and the Barrera fights) is 625,000 buys. Compare that to Mosley’s 2.3 million.


Hey Doug,
Thank you so much for correctly pointing out Mayweather's reluctance to fight the top guys. There have always been several exciting fights for him to make — even in the lower weight classes — that he just ducked. It's good to see this being pointed out. His technique is amazing, but I and a few others, NEVER had Mayweather as the top p4p guy because of his lack of quality opponents.

Great article.

Cheers. — Tom Luffman, Jr.,, (Having a Delmarvalous time in Delmar, Maryland, USA)

Thanks for the kind words, Tom. However, I hate to inform you of this but by reading my column and agreeing with my views on Mayweather you are now officially a racist. Sorry.


First off let me say this you are a hater of Floyd Mayweather Jr. period. Your Bias against is worse than the bias his fans has. Also many of you are bashing him for fighting Marquez but its okay for Marquez and Pac Men to fight again the man who many boxing experts feel he lost to in both fights. This guy is a top pound for fighter who gave Pac Men two of his hardest fights in recent years. As far as him fighting Shane Mosley it may happen and if it does I feel Floyd if he still has the skills and has not lost a step will beat him easily with sharp clean counter punching and superior defense. As good as Shane has looked his defense is suspect and a accurate punching Mayweather will pick him apart. Just sit back and watch how everything plays out go back to being a journalist, because to be honest Floyd loves how you guys pile it on and then make you look like fools. Oh and the comment about him beating a drained Corrales no one says Pac Men beat a drained Oscar. Check yourself hater. — John D.

I’ll be happy to check myself if you Mayweather nut-huggers check yourselves. You guys love to cry “Hater!” to anyone who doesn’t believe that Mayweather is Ray Robinson with mutant powers but at the same time all you do is repeat what Floyd says like it’s Gospel and hate on everyone else in the sport.

Oh, another annoying thing about you guys is that you don’t seem to have a concept of weight classes unless it’s an example of Mayweather going up in weight.

The difference between Marquez’s fights with Pacquiao and his fight with Mayweather is that Juan Manuel and Manny fought each other at featherweight and junior lightweight — the weight classes that BOTH fighters occupied at the time those bouts took place. Marquez’s bout with Mayweather is at welterweight, a division he’s never fought at before (he’s never even fought at 140 pounds) and the weight class that Mayweather has occupied since late 2005.

That’s great that you believe Mayweather will outbox Mosley. Maybe he can. It’s certainly possible. Too bad you appear to have more confidence in this belief than the fighter you follow.


Great blog. As a true fan of boxing I also appreciate the recognition of Shane Mosley in this sport. He is a fans boxer and fills in the void of whats missing in boxing. A fighter with CLASS, heart, and skill. Some people get blinded by his speed and power, but the class and heart is what separates Shane from the others in this money hungry sport. A fight with Mayweather is what I have been wanting for so long. I hope Mayweather can come to his senses and give the fans a fight that they truly want to see. Again thanks for the blog. — Muciano

Thanks for the kind note, Muciano. By the way, this email confirms that you are a “hater of Floyd Mayweather Jr., period.” Sorry about that.


Mr Fischer, I have appreciated your articles in the past. This one is great also! You are correct in saying that Mosley is in the same class as Hearns and Leonard and Duran and Benitez. He fights them all regardless of a loss, and that makes a great fighter. All fighters lose. Protecting a record against losses is smart but it will not earn Floyd much of a legacy. Great article. — Mark Giolli

Thank Mark. You are now officially a Mayweather Hater AND a racist. I don’t know why your opinion makes you a racist, but it just does. Welcome to the new world order.


Your Floyd Mayweather story was right on the money, so to speak. I find it absolutely hilarious hearing Mayweather talk about how he's an all-time great and has nothing left to prove. The man lives in la-la land. He might be the best, but I don't think a fighter in history has ever been considered great without fighting the best opposition. Floyd walks away from a fight with Margarito and Cotto, and he somehow thinks he has nothing to prove? At junior welterweight and welterweight, he's proven practically NOTHING! How can he expect to be considered great by beating Baldomir and Judah? Baldomir was a tough but limited fighter, and Judah has become an underachieving trialhorse. That's not a hall-of-fame resume for a welterweight. He can shoot his mouth off as often as he likes. Until he beats a worthy guy, I'll laugh at him. — Paul

So will I. And I’ll laugh at his fans, too. Of course, I’m a hater and a racist, that’s what I do. At least after being a “minority” for most of my life I finally seem to be among the majority.

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