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10: Reasons Floyd is great

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A weekly boxing list compiled by Michael Rosenthal. This week: Ten reasons Floyd Mayweather Jr. is great.

1. Skills: All it takes is one glance to see that he has special boxing ability.
2. Tools: His breathtaking speed and athleticism is what sets him apart from other good fighters.
3. Record (39-0, 25 KOs): He beat everyone placed in front of him; cant’ ask for much more than that.
4. Solid resume: Fighters such as Genaro Hernandez, Jose Luis Castillo, Zab Judah and Oscar De La Hoya were not pushovers.
5. Six alphabet titles in five weight classes: His rise from 130 pounds to 154 pounds has been impressive.
6. Margins of victory: He has had only a few close fights (Castillo, De La Hoya) in his entire career.
7. Hard work: Behind all the trash talk and dazzling ability is a guy who trains very hard.
8. Mental toughness: You rarely see him flustered in the ring; he’s supremely confident and focused.
9. Decent power: He doesn’t have one-punch knockout power but has stopped two thirds of his opponents.
10. Ability to push buttons: His big mouth is in part a marketing ploy and is one reason he’s compelling.

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