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10: Greatest fighters by decade


A weekly boxing list compiled by Michael Rosenthal. This week: Best fighter pound-for-pound in each of the past 10 decades.

1910s: Sam Langford — Small man beat the best big men of his day. Runner up: Jimmy Wilde.
1920s: Benny Leonard — Some still say he’s the greatest lightweight ever. Runner up: Harry Greb.
1930s: Henry Armstrong — Held titles in three weight classes simultaneously. Runner up: Tony Canzoneri.
1940s: Ray Robinson – Untouchable as a welterweight. Runner up: Willie Pep
1950s: Ray Robinson – Also one of the greatest middleweights ever. Runner up: Archie Moore.
1960s: Muhammad Ali – The Greatest really was the greatest at this time. Runner up: Carlos Ortiz.
1970s: Roberto Duran – Virtually untouchable as a lightweight. Runner up: Carlos Monzon.
1980s: Ray Leonard: His victories over Duran, Hearns and Hagler were epic. Runner up: Julio Cesar Chavez.
1990s: Roy Jones Jr. – At his best, he inspired awe. Runner up: Pernell Whitaker.
2000s: Manny Pacquiao – Sorry Floyd but you need to fight the best to be the best. Runner up: Floyd Mayweather.

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Doug Fischer contributed to this report