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Dougie’s Friday Mailbag

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Hey Doug,
I read your mailbag all the time, and this is the first time that I've decided to write in. I was outraged when I first heard of Margacheato and his loaded wraps at the Mosley fight, but now that it has been confirmed that he did have the components for plaster in those pads, I am sick to my stomach with disgust. Now more than ever, I am convinced that he used those same loaded wraps in the Cotto fight. For him and his trainer to have no regard for another human being’s life is disturbing to say the least. I also feel that a one-year ban is nowhere near enough punishment, and I feel that he should have his license revoked for life, and be fined heavily. I went to the website for the California State Athletic Commission looking for an email address in order to implore them to impose the harshest penalty they can on him and his trainer, but I did not see one, just a phone number and address. Do you happen to have an email address? And what do you think should happen to Margacheato and his trainer? — Diane, Cleveland, OH

I think what the California State Athletic Commission did — revoking Margarito and Javier Capetillo’s licenses — was the harshest possible punishment they could have given them, aside from also fining them a percentage of Margarito’s purse from the Mosley fight. They aren’t “banned for one year”. Their licenses have been pulled and they can’t participate in professional boxing anywhere in the United States. What the fighter and trainer can do is make an appeal to the CSAC in one year to get their licenses reinstated but with the evidence from the lab report on the gauze inserts that Capetillo used I seriously doubt that the Commission will do so.

I think both are out of the U.S. boxing scene, permanently.

It makes me very sad, because I’ve gotten to know Margarito and his managers (Sergio Diaz and Francisco Espinoza) over the years and I believe they are good people who aren’t out to cheat their way to success or maliciously hurt other fighters.

I didn’t know Capetillo as well as them (he doesn’t speak English and unlike Margarito, he isn’t the friendliest guy around). I always thought he was little crazy, but I never thought he was a sick-enough bastard to put plaster-coated gauze into the wraps of one of his fighters. But I was wrong.

If Naazim Richardson had not busted Capetillo before the Jan. 24 fight and Margarito used those loaded gloves on Mosley, I think the trainer and fighter would deserve to be prosecuted for attempted murder. Thankfully that did not happen. Hopefully, we’ve seen the last of Capetillo in the States. And hopefully, my gut is right and Margarito did not know what his trainer was doing. I’d like to think Margarito could eventually come back with a different trainer, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. The TJ Tornado had his 15 minutes of fame (after the Cotto fight) and now it’s over.

I could give you an email for the CSAC, but they’ve been so stressed out and inundated with calls and emails since this awful mess started I just don’t feel right posing it in a mailbag so they can get even more. If you feel as strongly as you do about the situation then you shouldn’t mind sitting down and writing an old-fashioned letter to the Commission.


Alright Dougie,
I was just wondering what you think about the possible future match up between Amir Khan and 'your son' Edwin Valero?

Frank Warren must be drinking some real strong herbal tea I reckon because that long haired madman will severe Khan's head quicker than you can say “Breidis Prescott”. Khan's still young. Put him in with someone like David Diaz a strong tough rugged type, who's got plenty of guts and heart
and is a natural lightweight, that's a good test. What do you think?

In the recent Barrera victory Khan's boxing did look more improved under Freddie Roach, but I noticed he still likes to stand in front of the opponent and throw lot's of rapid punches (which makes him very exciting ) but it just takes one shot from Valero, who's also very awkward as well as possessing devastating power. Amir should learn his trade against tough borderline contender guys instead of this unhealthy obsession for a world title at a young age, his time will come. — Ryan, Manchester, UK

I agree with you. Khan is 22 years old. What’s the rush? I think Khan has a lot of potential. I was one of the few members of the media who didn’t crap on the kid after he got stretched by Prescott, and I’ve seen how hard he’s worked to improve his game at the Wild Card gym, but based on what I know about both fighters, I believe Valero — who also has excellent speed to go with his crazy strength and power — would take the budding British star out in one or two rounds.

I also agree that a slower, less powerful veteran like David Diaz — who is rated No. 3 by THE RING — is perfect for Khan’s next step. Valero is too freakin’ dangerous.


I'd have to agree with Don King for once in his protest he’s staging on Marco Antonio Barrera’s behalf. Unfortunately, King usually launches a diatribe of this sort when his fighter loses, so his claims will fall on deaf ears. Seriously though, I was asking my brother during the fight why they didn't stop it earlier. Why would they allow the fight to go past the fourth? What also makes the stoppage (although completely necessary) suspect is because Barrera was having his best round. In fact, when the ref stepped in, MAB had Khan on the defensive. Should have been a NC.

And why do we keep giving Floyd so much attention? He is irrelevant. Boxing does not need him. He is by far the most talented boxer, but has not handled himself like a champion or even a hungry fighter. HUGE fan until he bought out of his contract to avoid Margarito. Nuff said. — Ronald

Mayweather is far from my favorite fighter, but like I’ve said before I have no problem with his return as long as he’s fighting a worthy opponent like Shane Mosley, Manny Pacquiao, or Miguel Cotto.

I think King and Barrera have enough of a case to protest the ringside doctor’s decisions, however, in my opinion, Khan would have embarrassed the first-ballot hall of famer even if an accidental headbutt hadn’t produced that awful gash on his head. The way Khan was boxing he wasn’t giving Barrera a chance land anything that could have turned the fight and at 35 the Mexican vet didn’t have the speed, reflexes or brute strength to simply impose himself on the lad.


Heya Dougie,
Sounds like the Kelly Pavlik-Arthur Abraham matchup is finally coming to fruition around November, pending them each winning a tune-up fight in the summer. I’m obviously excited about the matchup, but I can’t help be annoyed at their promoters’ insistence on milking another tune-up out of their paying fans. Why can’t they just be happy with putting on the best and most lucrative middleweight fight out there? I mean, do they really feel it’s worth a possible Judah-Baldomir or Morales-Raheem type upset? I say make the fight in June or July. They’ve already had their tune-ups – Pavlik with Marco Antonio Rubio and Abraham with Lujaun Simon.

As for the possible Edwin Valero vs. Amir Khan matchup, I hope this exciting hardcore fan’s fight gets made but I can’t imagine Frank Warren putting his potential cash cow against a relatively unknown knockout artist. I don’t think Warren is interested in watching a replay of Khan-Prescott with another Khan roller-skating routine culminating in a canvas face plant in under five rounds.

For this Friday’s quality ESPN matchup, it’s Eddie Chambers’ fight to win. Fast Eddie will box circles around Sam Peter to a clear cut UD. There is little left of Peter after Dr. Ironfist and Dr. Steelhammer’s surgeries.

I’m looking forward to more of your great sparring reports from the Wild Card Boxing Club as May 2nd approaches. I hope you can report on how Pacquiao handles someone with Hatton’s roughhouse clinch-and-hit style so I know how much money to put on the Pacman. It was one of your SoCal Notebooks from last year that got me to put money on Afolabi two weeks ago, thanks Dougla$$! — JL, San Diego

You are most welcome, JL. More Pacquaio gym reports are on the way. Pacquiao sparred six hard rounds with Urbano Antillon on Tuesday and the undefeated lightweight applied relentless pressure the whole time. There was also a fare amount of grappling, so Pacquiao is preparing for what Hatton plans to bring to the ring. I think he’ll be ready for the Mad Hatter by fight time. Gabe Montoya of was at the gym Tuesday and wrote a nice report on the sparring session. I’ll drop mine sometime this weekend or early next week (I waited for photos of the session from Miguel Salazar).

I agree that tonight’s heavyweight showdown is Chambers’ fight to win — and I favor the little guy — but it will still be interesting to see how he handles a power-puncher who is 42 pounds heavier than he is.

Valero-Khan is the perfect fight for “my son”, not for the British lad. Bob Arum is a genius. If he wants to make an eventual showdown between Pacquiao and Valero sooner rather than later he needs to get the Venezuelan KO Artist a huge fight and story line for the HBO “Countdown” or “24/7” shows. With Khan he would hand Valero a beatable kid who can sell 20,000 tickets in the UK, where the ‘V-nom’ wouldn’t have to worry about his U.S. medical suspension. Arum would also start a revenge storyline for Freddie Roach, who happens to train both Khan and Pacquiao (and supposedly thinks Valero’s an easy fight).

I agree with your thoughts on the Pavlik-Abraham fight. Why put it off? Does anybody not named Bob Arum care about Pavlik vs. Sergio Mora? Who the heck is Abraham going to fight? One of Mora’s sparring partners? Who cares!? The two best middleweights need to get it on before Abraham outgrows the 160-pound division.


What's up Dougie,
Man, I just read an article that this fool wrote talking about how boxing needs Fraud Mayweather to come back. I say, why? It's like you said last week unless he is willing to fight a meaningful fight he has no business back in the squared circle. Most of the big dogs at 147 are booked with Cotto-Clottey & Pacquiao-Hatton already scheduled. Andre Berto is not ready yet. Unless he wants to fight Paul Williams win or lose against Winky (I was laughing as I wrote that). So if he really wants to come back in July he needs to fight Shane Mosley, f##k a tune-up. Bottom line, boxing doesn't need “Fraud” unless he's going to show the fans that he's serious. Remember when he got booed in Fresno? — Miguel, LBC

I do recall that night in Fresno. He was fighting Victoriano Sosa and he actually dropped a few rounds while stinking out the joint. I was very high on Mayweather when he was a 130 pounder. I thought he could have competed with the all-time junior lightweight greats. I thought if he fought the lightweight version of Shane Mosley in ’98 or early ’99 he would have out-pointed Pomona’s finest. But Mayweather’s fights at 135 pounds (Emanuel Burton, Jose Luis Castillo and Sosa) changed my mind on that prediction. I couldn’t compare him to great lightweights of the past when Vic Sosa was able to compete with him. No way. He was still damn good, just far from great. Too bad Floyd was just at 140 pounds. He had potential in that division.

Anyway, if he could still make 140 pounds, I’d love to see him fight Juan Manuel Marquez. I don’t think that fight makes sense at welterweight. Marquez, who I think could still make 130 pounds, is too small.

At welterweight, all the guys you mentioned would test Mayweather, in my opinion, including Berto, whose speed and natural strength advantages give him a shot against the veteran.


On Sunday I saw him jog from his car, through the hotel lobby and into the lift (still in hospital gown).

He's fine (after the best fight of the year. Marquez-Diaz had nothing on it)

Bernard Dunne, No 1.

Yours. — Kevin Byrne

I’m glad to hear that Cordoba is doing OK.

I disagree that Marquez-Diaz had nothing on Cordoba-Dunne, but I won’t argue with you. If you’re Irish and you were in the O2 Arena the night your lad won, I’m sure that was the greatest fight you’ve ever witnessed.

I agree that Dunne is No. 1. Not because he beat Cordoba, but because I was told that he sat next to the former titleholder’s bed at the hospital until 5 a.m. Sunday. You have a champ worth cheering for with Dunne.

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