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Adamek, Hopkins break off talks

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Negotiations for a proposed fight between Tomasz Adamek and Bernard Hopkins in July have broken off.

Hopkins, a partner in Golden Boy Promotions, offered the world cruiserweight champion a flat fee of $500,000 to fight the former four-time title holder at the 200-pound limit but Adamek and his promoter, Main Events, turned it down.

Adamek wanted a 60-40 splite of the profits, which would’ve earned him considerably more than a half million. However, Hopkins wouldn’t budge.

The sides ended talks when it became clear they were too far apart to ever reach an agreement.

“If I were Adamek’s promoter, I would definitely want him to fight a 44-year-old legend because it would open doors for him if he wins,” said Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy. “He would break out of the $300,000, $400,000 purse range and become a huge star. It would open the door to huge fights.

“And if he loses, he lost to Bernard Hopkins. It would be a similar situation to Kelly Pavlik (who lost to Hopkins).”

Kathy Duva, owner of Main Events, told that the flat fee didn’t take into account that which Adamek brings to the table, including THE RING and IBF titles, and a strong fan base in New Jersey, the proposed site of the fight.

“The only offer they made was to give us $500,000,” Duva told “I didn't even take that seriously. They wanted all the control even though they were going for the champion, the guy who sells all the tickets and the guy who isn't 44.”

Schaefer said Hopkins, who has been dictated to for much of his career, has earned the right to do some dictating.

And if Hopkins never fights again, Schaefer said, that would be fine.

“At this point of his career, I think he can dictate a little bit what kind of terms he wants and feels he deserves,” Schaefer said. “No hard feelings. You just move on. ÔǪ Will Bernard fight again? If the right opportunity comes along, he will fight. And if not, if the Bernard Hopkins masterpiece is complete, I love it.

“He had an amazing career. If his victory over Pavlik [in his last fight] is the icing on the cake, I say great. It couldn’t have ended in a better way.”

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