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WBC hyperbole train crashes again

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The WBC hyperbole machine is at it again.

The shamelessly self-serving sanctioning body has declared that Vitali Klitschko, it’s heavyweight belt holder, is the greatest puncher of all-time based on his knockout ratio (36 KOs in 39 fights) and the best fighter in the world pound for pound.


Sorry, I couldn’t stop laughing.

Listen, first of all, he hurt his last two opponents – Samuel Peter and former cruiserweight Juan Carlos Gomez – more with an accumulation of punches than one powerful shot. They both finished those fights on their feet.

What do you think Joe Louis would’ve done to Peter or Gomez? Or a young George Foreman? Or Earnie Shavers? Or Lennox Lewis?

Heck, Klitschko isn’t even the biggest puncher in his own family. Wladimir’s right is more devastating than anything Vitali has to offer.

And the WBC has the gall to call Vitali Klitschko the best fighter in the world?


Serioiusly, he’s better than Manny Pacquiao, who has defeated a string of Hall of Fame opponents? Or Juan Manuel Marquez with his resume? Or Bernard Hopkins? Or Shane Mosley? The list of fighters better than both Klitschkos goes on and on.

Once again, and I’m sure you’re getting tired of hearing it, the Klitschkos – both of them – are good heavyweights worthy of respect. They’re skillful boxers who know how to use their size advantage to win fights.

However, neither of them has beaten a very good fighter. Sorry, but that’s a requirement when you’re talking about biggest puncher and pound-for-pound best.

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