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10: Barrera’s biggest victories

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A weekly boxing list compiled by Michael Rosenthal. This week: Marco Antonio Barrera’s most-important victories.

1. Erik Morales II: W MD, 2004, Las Vegas – Exacts revenge after losing the first fight in their epic trilogy.
2. Naseem Hamed: W UD, 2001, Las Vegas – Dismantling of then-unbeaten and favored Hamed lifts him back to elite status.
3. Kennedy McKinney: TKO 12, 1996, Inglewood, Calif. – Six knockdowns, absolute war. Barrera establishes himself as a young star.
4. Erik Morales III: W MD, 2004, Las Vegas – Wins yet another thriller to take 2 of 3 from his arch rival.
5. Rocky Juarez II:W UD, 2006, Las Vegas – After a close first fight, wins handily to prove he has plenty left.
6. Eddie Cook: TKO 8, 1994, Las Vegas – Went from Mexican prospect to legitimate contender
7. Johnny Tapia: W UD, 2002, Las Vegas – Solidified his Hall of Fame credentials with an easy victory over a then-hot fighter.
8. Daniel Jimenez: W UD, 1995, Anaheim, Calif. – Won his first major belt.
9. Robbie Peden: W UD, 2005, Las Vegas – Unifies a title (junior lightweight) for the first and only time.
10. Rocky Juarez I: W SD, 2006, Los Angeles – Toughed it out against a hot young prospect.

Note: Barrera fights Amir Khan on Saturday in Manchester, England, on Integrated Sports pay-per-view.

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